Week in Review – 20 October 2013


I have a feeling these updates will be short, sweet, and to the point in the coming weeks/months. It’s hard to feed and/or soothe a baby and get this sucker finished up for posting…

This photo defines the last week for us and typical fall in Wisconsin.


In other words: the chill has set in, and the rain has arrived (and my apologies for only showing you a dirty driveway to make my point; I literally had 30 seconds of free time to take a shot of the leaves/wetness and that was the best I could do, having two kids is TRICKY WORK I TELLYOU). I’ve learned to take the forecasts with a grain of salt, as a 10% chance of rain could mean rain all day, and and vice versa. Pete had a field trip to the pumpkin patch with his class last week, the forecast that day said no rain chance until maaaaybe the evening. When I got to school with him, he was the only one without rainboots and a slicker. And sure enough: it rained allllll day long, needless to say poor Pete’s shoes were soaked and so was his coat/hat. Giant Parenting Fail on our part. So you better believe that I joined all the other parents in sending him to school the rest of the week with his rain gear regardless of the forecast.


Other than that: not a lot to report. I’ve been trying to keep everyone on a schedule as best I can and stick to it, so that things aren’t so crazy when I head back to work. For now, we’ve been doing pretty well – Scott handles Pete in the morning and I tackle baby duties and hit the shower/make myself presentable, then Linus and I take Pete to school. We ran about 10-15 minutes later than normal last week, which isn’t bad given that I’m getting half-hour bursts of sleep overnight (that baby, he likes to get up every hour).

Thank goodness I can then come home and nurse a cup of coffee and take my time with chores between baby feedings while catching up on Gossip Girl on Netflix. Also thank goodness for that husband of mine, who generally goes to bed uber-late and therefore has taken the first leg of baby care, until 2am some nights. The only reason I am still hanging in there.


We finally started venturing out with baby this weekend. I’ve made a few stops for groceries with Linus, but otherwise: I’ve stuck close to home with him. This weekend though, we decided to hit the pumpkin patch, as it’s getting late in the season and the next several weekends are busy. So we bundled up and headed to Appleberry Farm, only to have rain start to fall just as we pulled into the parking lot. Yes, that happened. 0% chance of rain at the time, I should add, it wasn’t supposed to be a possibility until much later in the day. But we were there and darn it, we were getting pumpkins and donuts and cider. So we ventured out into the rain.




The hayrides out to the field were obviously not happening in the rain. Staff was instead bringing pumpkins back to the front portion of the farm and piling them up there for people to pick through. Pete was dead set on a “ghost pumpkin” so we dug around in the wet piles of pumpkins until we found one that fit the bill. I carried that sucker around, since Scott had the baby and Pete wasn’t exactly going to lug around a 15-lb pumpkin. We grabbed some cider and cider donuts in the store and paid for our pumpkin, then headed back to the car.

For being there such a short time, I was a muddy mess. Mud all over my jeans, my shirt, my coat, and the baby blanket I was carrying. Thank you, giant muddy pumpkin.


Once home we made a meal out of the donuts and cider (no, really. That was our lunch. No complaints here).


We spent a good chunk of time putting up the Halloween decorations that Anne and Charlotte sent, Pete played with them for a good hour after application. πŸ™‚


Then time for soccer! Linus and I tagged along, even though it was still cold, and still raining. Pete’s soccer team keeps dwindling, by the way. They started with a roster of 8, and every week fewer show up for practices and games. This week there were a whopping 3 kids there. Which: hey, more play time for Pete! Also note how our home field is down in a valley of sorts. I totally fell (wearing the baby, no less) going down the grassy hill in the rain to get to the field. The irony is that I just chastised Pete for trying to run down the hill (and falling on the way). Scott would probably point out as well that: he told me to take the paved path and not the grass.


We made it almost the entire game and then Linus had enough of the cold and wet. I walked him back to the car where we blasted the heat and rocked out to Katy Perry. Also I get the feeling he is already sick of the camera, given that I got The Hand and then when that didn’t stop me, he played dead.


And how IS that baby doing? Well we’ve survived this week, so that’s a good sign πŸ˜‰ He’s a good eater, except from the bottle (so much for pumping and leaving feedings to Scott to handle; it takes the poor guy forever to get the baby to choke it down). He is a good sleeper… during the day. Hopefully that changes soon-ish. He doesn’t spit up ever (no really: I saw him spit up ONCE, while still in the hospital), but while that makes it seem like he has an iron stomach, he seems kinda sensitive to what I eat. His hair is weird, like ombre weird: a light, sandy brown in front that slowly darkens to a dark brown in the back. The sides seem curly-ish, but the top and back is definitely stick-straight. He makes those sweet newborn mouse noises practically nonstop, while eating and while sleeping and most times in-between. He fusses softly when hungry or wet but doesn’t really cry for those things, which is nice. He snuggles so nicely with his mommy and looks like he might get my brown eyes as well. All in all, I’d say he’s a keeper. Let’s just work on that sleep thing, though.


Pete sure seems smitten.


And that’s that, friends! Will be back next weekend with more random words and pictures and such.



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