Finally. Our second son, Linus Theodore aka “Moose”, joined the family on October 8th.

This week in review is going to be picture heavy and text light. My brains are still trying to work correctly after the usual fun chaotic, sleep-deprived, exhausting whirlwind otherwise known as childbirth and then trying to figure out a new normal now that there’s an additional family member. Thus far: hectic, crazy, and pretty much totally nuts. But also very, very perfect.

I ended up being induced on Tuesday, so off to the hospital Scott and I went, early in the morning. I labored most of the day, the doctor finally broke my water later in the evening (which she wasn’t too keen on doing quite that early), but it ended up working perfectly and by that night, we had a new wee boy to call our own. Well, a giant wee boy. At my last ultrasound 3 weeks ago, they estimated him at 6 lbs. some ounces. So I lovingly packed newborn gear in the hospital bag, only to have none of it fit that broad shouldered, over-9-lb. chunk of a boy. Well done, sonographers. Well done.




Linus was born rather late (almost 9pm), so Pete didn’t get a chance to meet him until the next day. He is a proud big brother, and very protective. He made a special hat at school the day before, which he wore for the occasion, and brought some kitties to see Moose as well. He was all about checking him out, but did not request to hold him until he got a little more comfortable the next day. Since we got home he’s all about his baby brother, so: so far, so good. I’m waiting for the backlash to start, though, I won’t lie πŸ˜‰




The hospital sends up sparkling juice for toasting after you have a baby, which we put off until the next evening when Pete was hanging out. I ordered some apple pie to go with, but uh – it was kinda gross. The apples were still hard! Pete was the first to discover this fact.




And then finally, time to take the little guy home. The nurse came down, and did the obligatory “check the carseat” thing. After she left Pete matter-of-factly informed us that she was just checking to make sure we had a Subaru. Heh.


Pete stayed home on Thursday, to be with us on our first day back home. This was… kind of a mistake. For one, it took forever for the discharge orders to go through, so we didn’t get out until the afternoon (instead of the originally scheduled 9am). And he was kind of a spaz in the hospital room, the ‘mommy suites’ there are TIIIIINY and weirdly narrow (?), they reminded me of a cheap old motel. Not exactly pleasant. And to boot: in a room like that, a little guy gets bored fast.

SO ANYWAY LONG STORY SHORT: Friday he was shipped off to school as usual. Scott and I did some… important things? (omg I am so tired that I can’t even remember what we did, but it kept us busy?), then had a nice long lunch downtown with Linus. The beauty of newborns is that they sleep like ALL THE DARN TIME, which is perfect for having a long lunch at Merchant and pretending we were on a date πŸ™‚ I wasn’t able to imbibe on the cocktails (sad face), however this spot is well known for their inventive cocktails, so Scott ordered one. It was whiskey based and had several types of bitters dashed in, lemon juice, and house-made honey pecan syrup. Uh, and had nuts floating in it. Weird looking, but Scott said it was good.


After the long lunch we picked up Pete from school early. The look on his face when he spotted us coming down the hall (he happened to be coming back from a bathroom trip), you guys, and he then ran over to help carry the baby carrier so he could show off that brother of his to his classmates, OHMAHGAWD. I die. Cutest thing ever.


And that’s about all I got. The weekend has been a blur of trying to settle in, get Linus back up to birth weight (almost there, he’s a good eater that kid), work on chores, run errands, deal with sleep deprivation… The usual new baby thing. When the guys left for Pete’s soccer game, I took advantage and… didn’t take a nap. I should have taken a nap. Instead I took some photos of the new little guy, so I can get some baby announcements out soon.

We love him to bits, such a sweet baby. And I think (I really do think!) that this one is going to look more like his mama’s side of the family. Maybe. We’ll see…




Next week, my friends! Will see you then – have a great week.



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  1. Gosh, I love this, and your family, and I’m so over the top thrilled for you all!

  2. Stopped for a nice posh lunch on the way home from the hospital WITH A NEWBORN. You are my hero.

  3. Heavenly days. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos!

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