Week in Review – 29 Sept. 2013


Here is the part where I am supposed to write words, but: (1) I am tired which is shocking news, I am sure, since I whine about it every week; (2) I have a few other things I really should be focusing on right now, like oh: getting ready for the work week; and (3) I am one of those lucky people who gets reactions to shots so here I sit, 4 days after my flu shot, with a giant, searingly hot bulge on my left arm at the injection site and it is ITTTTTTTCHYYYYYYYYYY, DEAR LORD HELP ME. Totally distracting.

Where was I… ah yes! So we’ll just start this off by admitting that I pulled out my camera a staggering 4 times this weekend. And twice I used it only because it happened to be in my hands, on its way to a safe spot to put away, and I was all “meh what the hell let’s take some photos for posterity”.

First time: we hit up the Monroe Street (Neighborhood) Festival on Saturday. We got a really late start, thanks to me taking a nap in the middle of the day like some sort of princess. That hasn’t happened in ages, I was due, mmmkay? But it did mean we didn’t head that way until 3pm, and by then most things were winding down. Lame. So we cashed in Pete’s last ‘free cone’ coupon from Michael’s (weather is still summery here, up into the 70s during the day, so still ice cream weather I say!). Then we stuck around for a little bit to enjoy the music on site.

This neighborhood is so cute, seriously. And Monroe St. reminds me more of Mass St. than State St. does, honestly. Monroe St. has the quirky stores and good restaurants and coffee shops, while State St. is pretty bar/club oriented. Plus they have these little orange flags at every intersection, which you grab and use to cross the street; orange flags = traffic has to stop for you. Sweeeet.





And then it start raining, womp womp. Ran for the car and headed back to the comfort of home.

It really was an easy-going weekend, which is why the camera never really got picked up. I worked on baby clothes, and the usual crap around the house. Froze some goodies, made a mad-run to Trader Joes to stock the freezer even more, and started work on Pete’s Halloween costume. He has requested to be Optimus Prime this year and I’m sorry, but I’m not paying fifty bucks for something I’m going to have to layer so much that it will look stupid (and besides: who wants to be Dark Side of the Moon Optimus? Bring back the 80s!), so I’m making his costume yet again this year. Put in a few good hours with some cardboard, an old steak knife, and my trusty glue gun. Things are coming right along, so this project hopefully won’t be the end of my sanity.


Um, then at some point on Sunday I was folding laundry and Pete decided to take over the bed (ever my shadow these days, he knows darn well all the changes that are a’coming). Well, I brought up my camera to put it away, but what the heck let’s have a mini photo session. God knows I’m not going to have a lot of chances to do so in the near future.

Also yes, he’s in his PJs. At 3pm. All of us were, we kinda only changed when it was time to go to soccer. That’s normal, right? Right? Yes? No…?




And then SOCCER! Not as good this time, but he did defend the ball nicely a few times and I think he made a goal at some point.


I was just proud of myself for showing up (although I was a bit of a whiner, sorry). I got this way at the end with Pete as well, I did not want to leave the house at the end of things, like EVAR. I am tired and nothing fits my stomach and I feel like I’m walking funny and my guts, people: they hurt. HURT. Also: throbbing arm of DOOOOOOM (see above). So I’m not exactly in the mood for company. But I am glad I did go, because lo and behold! After the game I was approached by one of the mommies on the opposing soccer team, who as it turns out is Lisa, and she came by to compliment me on my blog. And of course in my naturally charming state, I just kinda looked at her bewilderingly (because: someone other than Muzzy reads that thing? Huh!) and I never really formulated much of a response. So let me take the time to say now, whenever she gets to this post: thank you, Lisa, and I love your blog as well. Sorry that wasn’t articulated any any way in our actual real-life meeting where I just kinda studder-responded all socially-awkward-like and probably turned five shades of red, as I am known to do in new-people situations. I BET YOU ARE DYING TO RUN INTO ME AGAIN AT THIS POINT AREN’T YOU 😉

Okay dudes that’s all I got. Have a good week, we are in for our last warm one before fall hits, so I am taking full advantage by spending as much time outside as humanly possible. Will see you on the flip side.




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  1. That black and white pic of Pete sitting in the bed frame is adorbs. Love.

    The end sucks, and you should whine (because you can’t wine), but there are tiny, squooshy baby snuggles at the end.

  2. That black and white pic of Pete sitting on your bed frame is adorbs.

    The end sucks, and you should whine (because you can’t wine), but there are tiny, squooshy baby snuggles at the end of it. Which only helps minimally when you’re going to the bathroom…again.

    • That would not be so funny of a comment, except: I just was thinking about how I can’t wait to go to the bathroom at normal intervals, like a normal person. And not have to do that leeeeeeeeeeean faaaaaaaaar forward thing… 😉

  3. But I am, I am! I understand your bewilderment as you were accosted by this goggle-eyed goon who was so tripped out because I’M ABOUT TO MEET SOMEONE FROM THE INTERNET. Now it’s you AND that dealer from craigslist!
    See you on the field . . .

  4. Reblogged this on Black Panty Salvation and commented:
    You know you’re a blogger when you meet someone and introduce yourself by your blog name. “Hi! I’m Black Panty Salvation!”. Gah. How embarrassing. But how fun recognizing this fellow Madison blogger’s son from Arlo’s soccer game this weekend? I had to say Hi and go all fangirl. And now look – my husband is in her picture that is on her blog that I read. Madisonception.

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