Week in Review – 22 Sept. 2013

Holy moly, where did September go seriously? I had to do a double-take when typing the date up there…

This week! Has been insane. The usual doctor appts. and usual work/preschool hectic-ness, plus every single evening booked up. Sports, practices, appointments, school obligations (including YET ANOTHER meet-n-greet at Pete’s school). That is pretty much a recipe for nervous breakdown for the anti-social types like me and Scottie, and yet somehow we survived. To celebrate, instead of feeding my son a healthy snack prior to soccer practice, I took him out for ice cream.

We hit up Michael’s because I had a free kiddie cone coupon, which is a good thing because that pumpkin shake they were touting? Get ’em while they last? I got one. It was awesome, seriously tasted like pumpkin pie.

It was also $7. Ouch.

In true Pete fashion, he dropped his cone on the dirty dirty ground about 5 minutes after it was handed to him (again: woohoo for free). He as usual laughed it off, and helped me with my shake. I also took about a third of it home for Scott to enjoy. If I’m paying that much for a damn shake, we are all going to enjoy it. LAWDY.


So. We took Pete to his first soccer experience on Friday too. I am not a sports person and never played any organized sports in school. Scott did, but still knows very little about soccer. So when an e-mail went out from P&R, asking one of the parents to please step forward to be the coach, we were both kinda sweating getting stuck with the gig. Thankfully: one kid’s dad is Brazilian and super-duper into soccer (duh), so he’s coaching. As an added bonus: he is the coolest, most mellow dude, so the kiddos all already adore him. SCORE.

Anyway: soccer. First practice, Pete went in knowing what I could tell him about it in the car one day (basically: you play on a field! You use your feet to kick the ball into the net, no hands allowed! And they call it a ‘Goal’ when you score!). He was… well, surprisingly decent. My kid isn’t exactly a sports kid, t-ball barely held his attention, swimming he’s kinda ‘meh’ about, and any ‘sports’ we’ve played at home has received a tepid response at best. But soccer! He listened carefully, he worked intently during drills, and when they had a scrimmage at the end he scored the first 2 goals. Huh. So apparently this is something he actually enjoys, I mean at least this week anyway.



Saturday it didn’t rain, so after the guys got back from swim lessons, we were off to the apple orchard. We were going to try an organic-ish orchard on the west side this year, but when someone referred to their apples as “rotten frankenapples” (which: HA!), we decided we’d just stick to the good old Eplegaarden.

Apples are at their peak here so it was a good time to go, lots of varieties. We still stocked up on McIntosh mostly. I don’t bake a lot with apples but Pete and I can polish off a bag-ful in no time, so it makes sense to get a good snacking apple.


Also note that he is not pointing at the apple sign, but instead had just spotted the horses through that wee window.



Pete enjoyed himself a bunch more than last year, helping with the picking and finding just the right apples to snack on along the way. Then he dropped one of those ‘prized’ apples before he was done eating it, and when I told him it had to stay on the ground it was like THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HIM IN THE HISTORY OF HIS YOUNG LIFE. Tears! Sobbing! Totally inconsolable! That is, until he found another giant apple to gnaw on for awhile. GOOD THING WE WERE IN AN APPLE ORCHARD. I mean, seriously kid.




After filling our bag to the brim, we did the usual “how big this year” shot and headed back to the barn for a caramel apple sundae. Because apparently the dozen or so apples we snacked on around the orchard were not enough for us. Then we ran amok a bit more before finally heading back home.



I really do love that orchard.

Sunday we started the day with an apple Dutch baby, and can I say? It was aaaaaah-mazing. I was really tired and basically forgot to adjust my settings when taking shots, because it was such a puffy, lovely beautiful thing straight out of the oven! Alas, my photos were waaaaay underexposed. Gah. So instead you will just have to look at this photo of the deflated last slice and try to imagine when it looked like when the thing was whole and poofed about an inch over the side of the pan. It was glorious I swear.


Then Sunday Pete had his first soccer game. They play 3-on-3, which seems to work well (herd of parents helping some of the kids notwithstanding). Pete did pretty well, scored 3 goals for our team and was the only one to go toe-to-toe with The Phenom on the other team. Seriously, this kid on the other team was like a mini Pelé, even I was intimidated by him. Running circles (LITERALLY) around everyone else on the field and he had the ball-handling skills of a kid years older. Too bad he was on the opposing team, is all I have to say 😉


And that is about all I have to share today. Yaaaaay, soccer and apples! Boooooo, crazy-expensive shakes! This week promises to be a bit more calm, so I’m excited to just relax in my bed and watch bad TV in my yoga pants and not attempt to make conversation every afternoon and evening with random and complete strangers. Woohoo!

Have a good week, everybody!



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