Week in Review – 15 Sept. 2013

Can I just say? This kid’s bedroom looks like a bomb hit and he can do it in record time. Which, I guess is okay because now he is old enough to pick up after himself, but DEAR LORD. Playing ‘Transformers’ should not mean that every single thing from the shelves, closet, and bed should be pulled out and integrated into the story, man.



It was my birthday on Saturday! And I discovered that Google will give you a personalized doodle for the occasion, which was a nice little surprise and yet vaguely unsettling.


I started off my birthday by doing a 5K with several coworkers, in honor of our boss (he found out he had cancer recently). A few of the ladies went all out and wore tutus. I walked it with a few of them (because: DUH, obviously I am in no shape to run much of anything) but was proud of myself for keeping up easily with the rest of the pack and not going into labor on the race route. All those (okay fine, 3-ish days a week) ‘workouts’ spent walking on high incline on the treadmill actually were vaguely productive, who knew.


It’s hard to get us all to actually focus on a camera, I know.

After the race I headed home to meet up with the guys, who had just returned home from Pete’s swim lessons. They put up a few decorations and got donuts, GLORIOUS DONUTS. So we feasted and I opened my ‘gift’ (pretty much the same gift every year, basically a “we’re taking you shopping for whatever you want”, and don’t you know I loooooooove it). And then we all changed and headed out for the day.

First up: farmer’s market. We were kinda late for the downtown market, so hit up the Westside one instead. We found lots of pretty eggplant (we made this pasta dish with them tonight and mmmmmmm, so good). Pete found cabbages (organic, no less) that were larger than our heads.


After that, we headed downtown for some brunch and people watching.


There was a 30-minute wait at Graze, so we walked the Square a little bit, stopping at our favorite smoothie cart to get something to drink.


Our timing was pretty stellar, because by the time we had wandered back and were a few buildings down from Graze, we got the call that our table was ready.



A special shout-out to Aunt Anne and Miss Charlotte: you know this kid like no other. That Transformer thing you sent has been with him nonstop, ever since he screamed while opening the package. I think you guys now rival Santa Claus as far as adoration.

Back to Graze: it was a great brunch. Scott had their signature burger, and Pete and I split an order of frites and the sausage with fennel/potatoes/apples and eggs. He single-handedly put away most of the sausage. Definitely worth a re-visit, this spot.



On the way home we stopped at Conscious Carnivore, the new butcher shop in town (an offshoot of Black Earth Meats). They had just opened the day before and were doing business at a nice clip, so it’s definitely someplace that should be around for awhile. Scott picked up some bacon and brats, and Pete and I picked a local soda from the case to split.


I honestly didn’t think the bottle would make it home in one piece, he insisted on holding it, but he held tight and didn’t shake it, so we all survived the drive home. We popped it open on the front porch and enjoyed the nice day while we sipped away. It was a bit on the sweet side (we got Black Cherry) but eh. Not too shabby other than that. We’ll have to give a few more flavors a spin in the future.



That evening we had a cheese tray for dinner and of course: cupcakes for dessert. Pete picked out the cupcakes, not me, I would just like to point out for the record. Sadly you will not see an image of me wearing the birthday crown, that’s the beauty of being the official photographer in the family, mwuaaaaaah-hahahahaha. I know what I’m doing, my friends.


My minion totally looked like Hitler, am I right? Or is that just me that sees it?

Sunday was really low key. I wanted to go to the apple orchard, it’s peak season early around here so tons of orchards are bursting with several varieties. But Sunday was cold and rainy so that wasn’t going to happen, boo. Instead we did some cleaning, laundry, the usual. Scott did the grocery shopping, and Pete and I took the extra time to try out some of the new baby gear. Including the Beco. Pete insisted on trying it with one of his kitties, then was all “hold on a second I’ll be right back”. Then beat feet to the pantry.

And then I remembered how much he loooooooves this old photo of Scott eating tacos over his wee little newborn head. Sure enough, he proclaimed that we were “out of burritos” (please excuse his stupidity when it comes to Mexican food names) so he filled a bowl with kettle corn. Close enough.



In the afternoon the boys took me to the mall, HELL YEAH THE MALL, so I could get a new purse. They were even nice and left me alone so I could concentrate on the task at hand. It was still super hard. Let me just admit this now: I have not bought a new purse in over 5 years. I used to get a new everyday purse once a year, on my birthday. But the past several years it was instead diaper bags, camera bags, and other gear; to be honest I kinda get overwhelmed easily when purse shopping, too, so I just kinda gave up. No new purse in a long long time, and that old raggedy thing I have been dragging around for 5 years was not looking good (the fake pleather stuff on the handles was falling off and I broke two of the zippers).

After oh, I don’t know, an hour? of seemingly endless and pointless wandering, I found one that Would Do. Purse shopping is exhausting. So I got an iced coffee on my way to find the guys so we could finally leave. And when I got home I about died. Because the new purse, the only one I saw that was worth perhaps buying, it is pretty darn similar to the old dying number. I can be a creature of habit to an embarrassing degree, you guys.


And that’s about all that’s worth noting this week. Oh! Wait, there is this. At brunch, I showed Pete how we can take forward-facing photos on my phone, which is quite handy for selfies. He attempted it later with his dad, but it was a bit of a fail. I die laughing every time I look at it, Scott’s side eye really makes the photo.


Also in AWESOMENESS NEWS: the awful horrible haircut from hell is finally growing out, and with the growth the curls are also re-emerging. THANK THE LORD.


Okay kids, that’s all I’ve got. Have a good week, will check in again soon!


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