Week in Review 8 Sept 2013

I am doing this early this week, for the first time in ages. Partly because we don’t have much to do this weekend (BLISS), partly because I didn’t take very many photos, and partly because I am just plain lazy and would rather be laying around like a proper beached whale this evening. 😉

This weekend was the first “real” one of school, so no more daycare for Pete! He also shot up a little bit. We decided to measure him this weekend, after he complained of achy legs earlier this week and the fact that he was eating us out of house and home. Sure enough – up 3/4 of an inch in a month.

Friday was Scott’s birthday, and Pete was pretty excited to prepare for it. He insisted that we decorate the dining room and put up streamers on our bedroom door. Pete woke us up at an ungodly hour in the morning to help dear old dad through that birthday door and I made the usual cinnamon rolls for the occasion. Which I accidentally crowded in the pan, so the middle ones weren’t quite done… Oops. The corners were still good, though, and it just meant a quick re-bake Saturday morning so we could have cinnamon rolls all weekend as well.


Scott has been begging for a finger guillotine for years and years, and even though the thought of it makes me cringe because all I see is shredded fingers, we got him one anyway. Along with a Safety Glove. I warned Pete about the dangers of the darn thing and why a safety glove is a must, and he gave Scott a nice lecture on using it. Also the birthday card he made for Scott depicted the dangers of not using his glove. Let’s all hope Scott heeds our warnings or I WILL PUT THAT DAMNED MANDOLINE IN TIME OUT, OH YES I AM SERIOUS DON’T THINK I WON’T DO IT, YOUNG MAN.


Apparently not even your knees are safe when using a mandoline, at least in Pete’s eyes.

We picked up cupcakes from Cupcake A Go Go on the way home, and that’s what we did instead of cake this year. A wise choice, they were fantastic. And even though I am very tired of seeing bacon on everything, I have to admit Scott’s chocolate whiskey bacon looked pretty darn yummy (my brownie cookie dough wasn’t too shabby, either).


Pete made Scott wear the birthday crown while we sang to him, which I didn’t really have in mind for us adults but uh, whatever. He ‘complained’ but I don’t think it really bothered him all that much 😉


Saturday night we had a date night, for the first time in MONTHS. Much deserved. We hit up The Coopers Tavern, which we’ve wanted to try for ages. Turns out it’s pretty loud in there, so mental note: it’s okay to bring the Loud One. We got frites and then bone marrow to start, then Scott had mussels for dinner and I ordered the lamb curry. A nice long meal and a long, uninterrupted, adults-only chat with that lovely man, can’t beat it. Although I’ll be honest: by the time the entrees hit the table I was too full to eat it. Darn tiny squooshed stomach. I well, I got to take a lot of curry home to eat for lunch this week at work.


Sadly: my tummy is a bit of a brat this pregnancy, and things didn’t sit too well, so we ended up heading home immediately after dinner so I could lay down for a bit (poor Scottie, I think he thought I was going into labor, and frankly for a few minutes I was wondering myself, my insides were NOT happy with me). And as lame as it sounds for us to be laying around in bed reading/watching TV when we are supposed to be out on a date night, I admit: it was kinda nice to just curl up on the bed for a little bit in the lovely quiet.

After a little bit I felt well enough to go play again, so we salvaged the night by hitting up Barriques on Monroe and hanging out there for awhile. And I have to say: I’ve tried Barriques in Fitchburg before (with coworkers) and we almost went to the one in our neighborhood, but I do think that Monroe location is a million times better. They are open later (lame old ‘burbs), are in a way cool neighborhood, and the atmosphere is rather cozy.


Sunday we didn’t have any plans, not a one. I did drag the guys out to Savers (a local thrift store) to find some bits for Pete’s Halloween costume this year – he wants to be a Transformer and I am a total snotty “it must be homemade” kind of parent, so wish me luck because helloooo: the difficulty level for this one might be a wee bit out of my league. In other news, we were looking through old photos and when Pete saw the California roll costume I so lovingly made him years ago, he was all “oh I want to be that again, let’s just do that”. Um, I hate you. You wouldn’t even sit nicely for a photo in the thing, after I wasted many an evening pulling it together. Whyyyyyyyy oh why did I just throw it away instead of moving it for potential younger siblings…


Anyway. On Sunday, other than the trip to Savers, we never even left the house. I also finally gave up and let Pete play with the marshmallow gun Aunt Anne sent him last year. He hasn’t seen that thing in at least a good 8-10 months(we hid it up high on a shelf last winter, because he was getting a bit crazy with it) but has been asking about it every day lately, and I figured it was worth a try to see if he could be decent with it (well, as decent as a kid can be with a toy gun). Anyway: so far, so good. Although the marshmallows weren’t working out. It was only a high of 73 today but it was humid, I think that kind of made those suckers expand too much to push out the gun. Oh, well. Better not to ammo the kid up, anyway.


And that’s all I got, folks. Have a great rest of your Sunday, peeps! See you again next weekend!



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