Week in Review – 25 August 2013

Hi! I gave myself a deadline of 10pm to get this thing typed up, so away we go.

The week was rather busy. Three doctor’s appointments. Also, my office held our annual Stelly Day on Friday. What is Stelly Day, you might ask? Well, it’s our office field-trip-meets-team-building day. I missed it last year because I was kinda new and my journal was super-crazy and I couldn’t afford a day away from the office (boo). I was determined not to miss this year, hugely pregnant on an insanely-hot day or not.

After a breakfast and awards, we all headed to campus for the rest of the morning. First tour: The US Forest Products Lab. I have driven past that place several times and had no idea what was done there, and long story short: a lot of research. They’ve come up with a lot of great things there (pre-fab housing back in the day, several green building advancements, and nanocellulose are a few to note). Plus their buildings are made up mostly of wood (SHOCKINGLY) and are not only beautiful (that second image below is one of their experimental research labs) but smell really good 🙂


Next up, we walked over the UW Dairy Barn for a tour. They house 84 cows there, and let’s just say that the stalls where the cows are kept are much more comfortable than the areas where the humans are kept 😉 Temps no higher than 70 degrees and gel-filled mattresses to stand on? Uh yeah. We got a steamy-hot Visitor’s Center and some paper booties to protect our feet from poop. I picked the wrong day to wear flip-flops, that’s for sure.


I will say, I was pretty psyched to see a fistulated cow up close and in person (that link there compliments of my journal’s kiddie-mag counterpart, BTW). And then took a photo from very far away because that is just not pretty up close, folks. Still neat though.


After that tour, we headed over to Babcock Hall to have lunch and then some ice cream GLORIOUS ICE CREAM. I got this one with butterscotch ice cream PLUS a butterscotch ripple. Because too much butterscotch can never be a bad thing.

PS – that’s their ‘mini’ size cone. It’s huuuuuuuge. Thank you, Babcock, for your magical giant mini cones of delicious ice cream.


After lunch we were released for the day. Which would have been awesome, but I had Pete’s pre-orientation orientation to take him to (that’s what I’m calling it because there is another one next week… yeah), then we had to fly out of there to make another doctor’s appt. for me where I stuffed him full of snacks and even pulled up Netflix on my phone in the hopes that he DIDN’T TOUCH ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT IN THE ROOM, PLEASE LORD IN HEAVEN DON’T LET HIM BREAK ANYTHING. GAH. Well, at least we were home by 4pm, that was rather nice.

Saturday and Sunday consisted of lots and lots of cleaning and stuff. I got busy unpacking more baby crap, organizing closets, and a little cleaning. Cooking/baking was my nesting when I had Pete; I made dozens and dozens of lovely freezer meals and baked goods, filling our rather large deep freezer all the way to the tippy top. This go around, all of the closets are giving me fits, so some of them got their come-uppance this weekend. Look at my lovely bath closet now! All be-basketed, with tags even. Aaaaaaah. My darling husband does not get the joy of the freaky nesting jitters, but he still was lovely and scoured the house top to bottom for me. With a ‘buddy’ tagging along the entire time, doing things like pretending the vacuum was an evil robot that needed to be blasted. Poor darling, long suffering man of mine.

And that, my friends, is why I don’t clean with Pete around. He is, ah, how do I put this nicely – well, a pest. A charming pest (to me anyway), but still a pest.



Once the house was bright and shiny and some closets well organized, we celebrated by hitting the pool (hot hot HOT weekend, guys) and then heading out for pizza. To Salvatore’s in Sun Prairie, in fact. Earlier this summer, Madison’s James Beard-winning chef referred to this joint as his favorite place to eat in the city, so we vowed to get over there at some point. It did not disappoint. I told Scott that he better fetch that fig/blue cheese/bacon number for me sometime when we don’t have Pete in tow. Pete’s a healthy eater and will try pretty much anything, but I wasn’t going to chance wine-soaked fruit and blue cheese today because he was a little wimpy (nap-less child that he was). Their pizza pies are big and they don’t have a separate kid’s menu. Which actually I kinda appreciate, but anyway.


Maybe because we kinda skipped lunch, or because we were so busy today, but we all snarfed down that meal. House-made burrata with heirloom tomatoes to start, then the Farmer John pie (smoked cheeses, portabellas, bacon, caramelized onions, plenty o’ shaved garlic, and topped with basil and cracked pepper. YUM). I love that this place uses mostly local ingredients and items as well. Wisco-pop, local milk, and a menu built around what the chef finds at the farmer’s market. Awesome. Well worth the drive and getting a little lost trying to get back home 😉


We promised Pete some ice cream but it is so ungodly hot dairy just did not sound appetizing, so we sliced up a yellow watermelon instead. Best Watermelon This Summer, hands down. Perfect end to the day.


That’s it, friends. Next week is busy too (including the real actual orientation for Pete’s school, yeah I dunno I am confused as well). So we shall see you again soon enough – cannot wait for Labor Day weekend. We’re staying put, so it should include lots of quality time at the pool and some grilling. Wahoo.



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