Week in Review – 18 August 2013

Here is the great irony of this evening: I planned on doing a really quick, short post and then focusing on other things, because I feel like this Sunday evening update has become somewhat of a monster and I really just wanted an evening to finish up a few sewing projects, or go through the baby boxes in the basement, or HELL JUST VEG OUT AND WATCH SOME TV IN BED ALL RELAX-Y LIKE.

Aaaaaaaand we got back from our usual Sunday evening “Sundae Sunday!” to discover: our power is out. The whole neighborhood is out, in fact. So instead we spent the next several hours searching down candles (uh, how is it I have so few candles these days? We had to raid the ones from my Christmas boxes in the basement) and doing the bedtime routine in the dark – FYI, baths and brushing and bedtime in general is a lot more tricky when without power, at least when your child is 4 years old and therefore at that age where he is equally curious and freaked out by not having electricity. So after many conversations about How Electricity Works AND Why This Doesn’t Mean Ghosts Are Coming To Get Us, we finally coaxed him to bed. Aaaaand I just went to tuck him in and found him sleeping under a tunnel of blanket with his buddies surrounding him, glo-sticks firmly clutched in his hands. Take that, ghosts.

LONG STORY SHORT: after finally getting our electricity back, going around blowing out/collecting candles and re-setting clocks and checking on lights and pulling together some things for tomorrow: my evening is pretty much toast. Yay. Joy. Might as well just do this thing because what the hell. We’ll try for something short again next week. And the rest of the laundry/dishes/other-random-clean-up-things-that-are-now-apparent-that-the-lights-have-come-back-on will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Anyhoo! Onward.

I officially hate food. First trimester was a nightmare, I had nonstop morning sickness. Second semester it was still around, but seemed to hit in waves and I actually had days where I had dry-heave attacks less than a dozen times a day, so was positive for a rockin’ third trimester. Um, no: thus far, most days I feel like I want to die, when I attempt to eat even just a few bites. Gross. But smoothies seem to upset my stomach the least, so it’s been a smoothie diet around here most days. I am a regular at the smoothie place near my office and make a lot of them myself as well (and have mastered the art of masking the spinach taste). They tide me over to the evening, where I usually feel much better and can go back to snarfing down FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD to my heart’s delight. And Pete, certainly, does not mind running out to grab a smoothie with his dear old mother. And by “grab a smoothie”, I mean: he sucks his down and then steals mine. Rude.


Of note this weekend: we had the hospital tour. I signed us up for the ‘family tour’, which is geared towards kids under age 10. They pretty much base the entire tour around explaining how the whole “new sibling” thing and “mommy in the hospital” time will work, which was awesome less for me to deal with 😉 They also offered to have all the kids try out holding and changing the baby. Of note: all of the girls were happy to do so. All of the boys refused to even hold the thing. And Pete was especially bummed because it was a doll and not a real actual baby.


Two random bits from the tour: the kids all got “when it’s baby time” coloring books. Some of the illustrations are rather… interesting. Also: the tour guide was very proud to show off the new birthing rooms, which offer the water birthing tub as an option. God bless all the women who do that, but: I don’t think it’s for me. In the brochure they list off all the possible complications (infection! water in the baby’s lungs!) and yeah no thanks. Plus the tub looks like those ones they pimp out to grannies in the late-night TV commercials.


After the tour, I agreed to sacrifice my guts in order to enjoy PIZZA GLORIOUS PIZZA – as long as we were out and about, might as well run over to Sun Prairie to try Salvatore’s, which is on our summer bucket list. Except: they don’t open until 3pm, which we realized after hitting their parking lot (perhaps we should have researched before heading that way…). Oh well, another day. So we hit up Ale Asylum instead and Pete and I split one of their small pizzas. It was worth the horrible nausea, in case you were wondering.



OMG, it finally got hot here. This weekend temps finally warmed up to the low to mid-80s during the day, so we made sure to hit the pool. It’s supposed to stay that way all week, so I foresee many more trips to the pool in the evenings.


The Batman towel has now officially trumped the pirate towel.


Sunday we took Pete to catch a matinee of Planes. It is pretty much Cars, but with airplanes, right down to the goofy sidekick/buddy and the gruff old-timer. Hell, Dane Cook as the lead even sounds exactly like Owen Wilson (who voiced the lead in Cars). But it’s a cute movie, and Pete liked it. “Not quite as much as Tin-Tin“, though, he informed us. Ooookay then. I still think a trip to the EAA museum is in our future, he sure thought the Corsair was awesome.


Other than that: Sunday was all about naps and playing and pretty much just taking it easy. I got smoothie freezer baggies ready for breakfast/lunch all week and we worked on Pete’s school paperwork. Immunization records found, all school dates marked on our Google calendar. Lordy, can I just say? Catholic schools have a lot of “no school” days, at least this one does. Thank goodness I’ll be on maternity leave for part of the school year so won’t be randomly burning vacation days.

Pete dragged out is old Halloween costume and now it’s Vader Madness around here. Just a warning to anyone that sees us in the next god-knows-how-long that this is going on.



We also went out and knocked out that school-supply list. We thought we were sooooo smart doing it now instead of waiting a few weeks when school starts. Ha. HA. Uh, no: the stores are sold out of a lot of things. I found myself desperately digging in a huge pit of Crayola markers for the 10-count Classic set we were ordered to have (in duplicate, no less, so I had to find two of ’em; that took awhile). We were able to find everything but the Husky pencils and the very-specific-must-be-this-brand-and-size pencil case.


And then we made dinner (roasted summer tomato pasta, I DIE IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG). And then went back out for our favorite of the summer traditions, the Sunday Sundae. And came home to no electricity, the end.


Mmmmm, sundaes…

Have a good week, my friends. May your electricity stay powered.


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