Week in Review – 11 August 2013



Tuesday night I promised Pete we’d go to the pool after dinner, and he changed into his swimwear and everything, but then I felt like I wanted to die (aka: the usual) and luckily he rolls with the punches pretty well, so we stayed inside instead. Want to see a photo of Pete with his hair in pretty piggy tails? From us doing each other’s hair while watching So You Think You Can Dance in the comfort of my bed?


Well, enjoy it. Because the next day Scott took Pete in for a ‘trim’ and the lady at the cheapie salon hacked away at my poor dear boy’s hair. This was in no way in retaliation for the piggy tail photos, as I’ve done that plenty and Scott’s not the vindictive redneck type, and admittedly: my child probably needed a bang trim if nothing else. BUT. The front is weirdly blunt but with some chunks a little longer, shorter on the sides but with more wispy chunks around the ears and well, at least it looks okay from the back.

It’s annoying because I spend more time randomly fussing with and swiping at his hair than I ever have in my life, in an attempt to keep things from looking totally off the rails. NO MORE CHEAPIE SALONS! The end.


Needless to say, he wears a lot of hats now.

Saturday we went to the State Fair! Bring on the people watching!



Highlights? The grilled cheese in the WI Products building.


The Sky Glider – they wouldn’t let me on because I’m pregnant, LAME, so instead of relaxing off my feet from up in the air, I had to hoof it to the end of the Sky Glider ride on the opposite side of the park, to meet the dudes. Yeah, THAT’S BETTER FOR PREGNANT WOMEN.



The 25-cent cups of flavored milk from Herb’s milk barn (banana, root beer, and cherry YUM).


Cream Puffs! Okay let me be honest: I think they are fine, but I don’t want to die over them. Plus they are so insanely messy! We still get one though.





And finally: Giant Slide! Pete remembered it from last year, so he was pretty excited for it.


The Giant Slide is how we end our visit to the Fair, so after that we headed back to the car and made our way to Milwaukee to have some lunch.


And that’s how we ended up at International Exports. AKA, The Safe House.




We figured out the secret way in pretty quickly. And then we were officially spies.


Lots of fun to explore before our table was ready. Heck, AFTER our table was ready.


Um, that’s Burt Reynolds in the bathroom and take it from me, don’t try to touch the heart. I took Pete to the bathroom and decided to be all brazen and touch the heart that was, I mean really, asking to be touched to see what happens, right? And this huge BANG! noise went off and an air blast came up from the floor below me (and I was wearing a dress, my friends, so it was my Marilyn moment. In front of a 4-year-old. And I’m 7 months pregnant. Toooootally not humiliating). AND THEN an alarm started going off, just for good measure. HAHAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY! I mean, maybe 5 years ago it would have been hilarious. Instead Pete shot out of the bathroom in a panic, found Scott, and started nattering on about scary things happening in the ladies room.

I hate you and your overabundance of chest hair, Burt Reynolds.


And that’s that, my friends! This morning I met up with some old Lawrence friends for breakfast (they were in town for the Great Taste). The guys ran to New Glarus Brewing for the annual limited release, only this time they gave out swag to the folks in line (Pete got a stuffed animal, they offered him a “swirl” (why does he still mispronounce ‘squirrel’ this way? It’s kinda funny) but he knows Scott hates swirls, so he chose a cow instead. Scott got a pretty sweet bottle opener and coasters and stuff. And I had to promise to tag along next year, so there’s that.

I got a bunch of sewing done and some long calls and a little cleaning done, so it was still a productive day.

Next week is going to be rather calm, so I’m looking forward to it for sure. Hope everyone had a great week! See you again soon 🙂



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