Week in Review – 4 August 2013

Hiya. Still dying of a chest cold here. But you know what? Aside from the weird stabbing pain in my lower left side whenever I cough (darn weak abs), and the fact that I am pretty sure I bruised a rib on my right side from coughing as well, things are looking up – I only woke up with a coughing fit once last night, and my breathing isn’t so shallow when I lay down, so things are looking up! Should be up to my old tricks in no time 😉


It was a pretty busy week for us. A lot of things seem to end with July. I had my last chaperoning gig at Pete’s school; this time on a Tuesday, which is library and zoo day. We ended up skipping the zoo (fine by me, yo) and just spending a little more time at the library. The kids were all happy to take the additional time to crowd around and check out Aiden’s snake book.


This week also marked Pete’s last T-ball practice. All summer they have spent working on the basics, and this was their first real ‘game’ – parents vs. kids. The kids won, I think the final score was 24-1. Spanked ’em.



Finally: this was Pete’s final week of pre-K summer school; he’s off to daycare for a month until real pre-K starts in the fall. His class ended the summer with a ‘circus’ for all us parents to enjoy. At first I kinda laughed at the grammatical error at the end of the program, but you know what? It was pretty appropriate. It was an hour-long of watching a bunch of 4- and 5-year-olds individually perform tricks and put on skits, my friends. AN HOUR. I was pretty happy to see that ‘grand finally’ group rendition of the Chicken Dance.


Pete was line leader for all of the skits. This was a Great Honor that he worked hard for all week, and then, when they were walking down to the lunchroom and were standing around waiting to start the Circus performance, the kid behind him kept bopping Pete in the back with his stomach and finally Pete turned around and socked him in said stomach. Er, ooops. By the time I got there for the performance, I was greeted with a sobbing Peter. I should point out that the kid he hit was no worse for the wear and had (thankfully) forgotten about it already, so it wasn’t so bad that Pete lost his line-leader privileges (although he did have to switch ponies with the victim as his punishment), but he was so humiliated by the whole incident that he could. Not. Stop. CRYING. Goodness, the drama of pre-K you guys. The entire production was actually delayed a few minutes while the teacher tried to calm him down. Fun times. Luckily he eventually sucked it up and led the class out, so we could get that whole thing over with already.


Whew, and that takes us finally to the weekend. This weekend was a busy one in the state, we had 3 choices of things to do: WI State Fair, Mustard Day in Middleton, or Fire Fest in New Glarus. Considering we can do the state fair next weekend and aleady hit up Mustard Day last year, we went with Fire Fest. It was a wise choice.

We love New Glarus. I know I have said this a bajillion times, but I wish it was a little closer because we’d live there in a heartbeat. Love that quirky little Swiss village (plus our favorite brewery is there, and an awesome meat shop, AND they have a Brennan’s Market so we are sure to survive just fine). It started at 10am, so (city folk that we are) we showed up a little before that, to beat the crowds. Um, the ‘crowds’ consisted of just fireman and their immediate families there at 10am. Heh. So we partied like a local for a little bit and frankly, even a few hours in, there weren’t any crowds. Awesome. Pete got to enjoy all the activities to his heart’s content, bouncing in the bounce house forever and putting out fires and touring the ‘safety house’.



There were some crazy lines for the fire truck rides, but that’s to be expected (how many people can you cram in a fire truck? Answer: not many). I got in one line and Scott/Pete got in the ‘faster’ one. We timed it perfectly it turns out – they rode the old 1933 engine around town first, then met up with me in line and were lucky enough to have the spot in line to get the front seat on the big newer engine for their second ride.



Then we had some lunch (mmmm, good weiners and brats at Fire Fest) and headed home after one more marathon session in the bounce house. Definitely something I see us doing for several summers to come; Pete looooooved it.


And that’s about it. Sunday was all about catching up on errands, projects, and getting in a nice nap. Bliss.

Have a good week everyone! Will check in again soon 🙂


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