Week in Review – 28 July 2013

You guys, I am so sick. I mean not dying sick, just summer-cold sick, but I’ve been this way for a week and this dumb virus/bug/whatever shows no sign of vacating my body, so it’s supremely annoying. Plus it can’t seem to decide if it wants to reside in my chest or my sinus cavities, switching places every other day. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, YO. And to add insult to injury, I was flossing yesterday and A LITTLE PIECE OF TOOTH POPPED OUT OF ONE OF MY MOLARS. Seriously, that happened. Ugh.

AND THEN – The Onion announced they were stopping the print version in Madison with this week’s issue. So: week officially ruined.


Thankfully, things got better when the weekend rolled around. I may still be waking up half a dozen times in the night, gasping for air and having miserable coughing fits, but darn it – I found Saveur’s The Heartland edition when we did some shopping at Metcalfes, and that’s worth a celebration. There was a huge spread on that humble state known as Kansas, with several articles and tons of recipes. I bookmarked most of the recipes from the article about a Lawrence potluck at William Burroughs’ old house. And I won’t lie, I find it a bit refreshing that in the article on the Drummond Ranch (in the Oklahoma section), not one mention is made of the probably well-meaning but WAY overexposed Internet powerhouse in their family.

Anyway: go buy it. It’s a really good issue and I have a feeling I will be recreating Megan Garrelt‘s lemon cake soon.


Also on the agenda this weekend: taking in a ballgame with coworkers. We had the ‘tailgate’ tickets, which included all-you-can-eat ballpark food and soft drinks. The resourceful ones in our group upped their tickets for a mere $4 to include free beer as well, and then figured out a way to squirrel away as many as possible in the one-hour time limit. Plus oddly enough, people were randomly handing out free beer tickets, so they acquired several of those as well. No one was sloppy drunk, however I will say it dawned on me quite early that I would be the DD for us 😉

I really miss beer.

ANYHOO: the game was fun. The weather, not so much. It was in the 50s and then it started raining, and yeah we kinda gave up. We fled back to the tailgate tent and hung out there for a little bit until we finally decided to just head home. A soaking wet 4-year-old and wheezy pregnant woman do not enjoy that sort of weather.



That about sums up Saturday.

Sunday! Meh, we did stuff around the house. Nothing terribly exciting. Scott did make his ‘famous’ chicken sandwiches for lunch, so that was awesome. Just sliced leftover roast chicken, mayo, and lime pickles on multigrain bread, but man it’s good.


Yes, that is the 2011 film version of Footloose on TV in the background, do not judge. I watch really bad stuff on the Roku when home on the weekends, okay?

We did get a little shopping done. It’s kinda funny, I feel like we never noticed how much time we’d spend ‘shopping’ before moving, we’d run to KC and hit a few shops, or head over to the Legends, and we were on Mass St. constantly. Anyway, we ran up to Greenway Station to pick up a few things at World Market (a fairly good bottle of lemonade as well), and did a quick circle of the shopping area. Some decent stores, but it’s pretty small so we weren’t there long.


Then we headed to REI, where we really blew some money. In our defense: they were running a good store-wide sale at REI, and if we have learned nothing else: nice cold-weather gear is essential when living in the great North. I got new Reefs flats, Scott got new winter boots, a fall jacket for Pete, and a new backpack that we plan to use as a baby ‘bag’ (baby bags, they are kinda overrated, we learned this after our first kid).

Boys, you guys. They are pretty weird. A girl child would have appreciated looking at shoes with me, instead Pete chased me around with lizard swimming goggles and an air pump that he charmingly pretended was a gun.


We did try on some shoes, Pete is dying for a pair of those weird toe shoes. Uh: no, dude. Then while Scott perused the backpacks (seemingly forever), we played caterpillar/butterfly off in the corner, pretending the sleeping bags were chrysalises. Do not call them ‘cocoons’, by the way. Pete will correct you. He learned about bugs a few weeks ago and is a TOTAL KNOW IT ALL OMG. I was schooled on what flowers bees like, as well.

Then someone came over with a sales associate to actually buy a sleeping bag, therefore ruining all our butterfly fun.


It appears that getting ice cream has become our summer Sunday tradition, because we celebrated all that materialistic spending by stopping for ice cream 😉 Actually I just got a drink to soothe my poor sore, dying throat. Because I think it is seriously going to fall off. Again. Because this cold will just not go away and UNCLE I SAY.


Huzzah. Hopefully when I check in next week, this darn thing is done and I’m ready to party again. Have a good week everyone! Take some extra Vitamin C if my disgusting germy self has been anywhere near you this week.


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