Week in Review – 21 July 2013

Soooooo I just spent the better part of the last 2 hours on Pinterest, Facebook, and catching up on my blog reader. Clearly: focused. And I have a long dr. appt. tomorrow, and Pete and I have to be out the door nice and early, so anyway: I guess it’s time to get this finished up.

Not a ton to report this week, other than the fact that it was HOT, 5-6 days in the 90s and humid. Friday I headed to Hilldale after work and picked up some things at its Sidewalk Sale. Downtown there was Maxwell Street Days, but I wasn’t in the mood to deal with that sort of crowd in the heat, so stuck near home. I found some nice cheap Bucky gear and these cups (below) for half off, they are basically green sippie-cup sets that you put on the old canning jars everyone has kicking around their cabinets. We wanted to get some for Pete but didn’t want to really pay for them, but at half off? Heck yes, the second child now has them.


Saturday we got things done around the house, Pete and I hit up yard sales again (two were ‘meh’, one was JACKPOT, I love it when you find that magical spot with tons of things you want and in great condition and dirt cheap). Then later in the afternoon my photography meetup group had a ‘picnic workshop’ at a local park, which about 20-ish members attended. I brought the guys, because families were invited, but only one other lady brought her kids and one brought a husband and no one brought picnic food, soooooooo, errrr… Thankfully we just brought drinks and a few snacks so I didn’t feel too out of place, although it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Plus, for a portrait workshop, we didn’t really get a lot of posing/shooting tips or practice. Like, pretty much none. But I fired off a few of the girls playing in the lake, so it wasn’t a complete waste.


PS – we brought sour beans! I will always think of Mahni when I hear the term ‘sour beans’…


After the ‘workshop’, we headed over to a Thai place and had dinner. We ended up switching dishes – the crispy duck in a pineapple Sriracha sauce that I ordered? I wanted to die from the heat level. Tasty, and usually I love hot, but LAWDY. More up Scott’s alley. Meanwhile the panaeng curry Scott ordered was super mild, so Pete and I took claim and devoured it.

Pete prepped for his Thai meal by making a smothered hotdog with a milkshake chaser on my phone. ‘Merica, heck yeah!



Sunday the guys ran errands and I made a good dent in wedding photo editing. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, my friends. When the guys got home, Pete was kinda tired but still wanted to do the pool. So I promised we’d do it after he relaxed for a little bit, and he and I headed to my bed to hang out and watch cartoons. And he totally passed out. Uh, he never sleeps in our bed and he dropped naps altogether several months ago, but whatever clearly it was needed.


I dosed a little but then dragged myself out of bed to get us ready to spend some quality time at the pool. I stepped outside to take off my chipped pedicure before doing anything else, and about 2 minutes into polish removal was greeted by a downpour. Surprise! It proceeded to rain steadily for hours. And while that ruined pool plans, we did get other things done. Like make a TON of freezer jam, like seriously the supply should last us for the rest of the year no problem, more than likely through to next spring.


I also got a lot of baby crap sorted out (mostly clothes I recently started re-hoarding) and cleaned up the crown jewel of my yard sale finds this weekend – one of the fancy-pants baby swings, plug-in (no battery), like-new condition, only $30. I also picked up a ton of clothes at said yard sale, everything a quarter. See?? Told you I hit the jackpot.

I gave away most of Pete’s clothes and things (with the exception of KU gear and a few other pieces), so it’s been a slow re-stock pretty much from nothing. Oddly enough, I’ve noticed my tastes in baby clothes have drastically changed. With Pete, I snapped up lots of ‘little man’ clothes, refusing anything babyish, dressing him more like a wee college dude. This time, I find myself going in the opposite direction. Soft sleepers and sweet little rompers, lots of basic stripes and simple patterns and wee little forest animals galore. Weird, huh?


Oh, and I got the giant bouquet Scott brought me back from the market actually split up into multiple vessels and out around the house. One thing I LOOOOOVE about our Saturday market is that you can get full bouquets of flowers for dirt cheap. A giant thick bouquet of local flowers for three bucks, can’t beat it. And now all our rooms have nice little vases of them.

And yes, the one in the photo is in my most favorite flower ‘vase’, my vintage urine specimen bottle that Beah gifted to me. She bought several at a retired doctor’s yard sale. She gave all of them several washes in the dishwasher, and uses her ‘bottles’ as juice glasses for her kids. Heh.


So yeah, that’s kind of it. The front that brought all the rain also brought much cooler temps, we dropped about 20 degrees in a few hours. Temps in the 60s calls for roast chicken and veggies for dinner (so much for the planned grilling). Even with the chillier temps, we still celebrated the fact that it was National Ice Cream Day by heading out later for some ice cream for dessert.


The End! Yep, that’s it. Now it’s time to finish up a few things for tomorrow and head off to bed. Have a great week everyone! See you again soon 🙂


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