Week in Review – 10 July 2013

I am in no mood to do this but, for posterity’s sake, I’m doing it. Let’s get it over with.

A week ago today (LAWDY, long week!) – Pete’s class had a super precious 4th of July parade thing at the end of the school day. I had an appt. and then met Scott there to take in the grand parade. Basically the 4Ks decorated their bikes/scooters and rode them in circles while blowing whistles. With Neil Diamond’s “America” blaring from a boombox behind them. So while I make fun, it was rather entertaining.


Thursday was the 4th! We stayed close to home this time. Pete was pretty jazzed for fireworks; we blew through all the popper-things by 9am, and he spent the rest of the day asking when it was going to be dark, when when When WHEN OMG KID, NEVER IF YOU DON’T STOP ASKING.




The rest of the day was pretty low key. Pete and I ran to the grocery store to pick up sides to go with the grilling we were doing later in the day (and some lady randomly gave him a little wee American flag, which he was so proud of and spent the entire day dragging everywhere). We headed to our pool, which was pretty darn dead for a holiday weekend, so we spent a good chunk of the day there.


Scottie made a pie. From scratch. Totally from scratch. Did I mention CHERRY pie?? He came home from the market the weekend before with a ton of Wisconsin sour cherries, so OBVIOUSLY we were making pie. A word to the wise, though: we have a cherry pitter, and it still took HOURS to pit the cherries, and my fingers and counters were nicely stained. So think hard before attempting on your own, my friends.

Anyway, he made the filling a few days ahead, then the lard-based pie crust and baked it off on the Fourth. Unfortunately we don’t have any cherry cookie cutters, so we let Pete pick the shapes for the decorative top. While Scott usually mans the grill and does dinner (and the man makes a mean breakfast hash), I have to say that if you ever need a from scratch cherry pie, he’s the one to call. It was Aunt Arnita levels of awesome, and anyone who has sampled her cherry pie knows that is quite the compliment.



After dragging ourselves back home from the pool, Scott fired up the grill. We had brats, dogs, and the usual sides. Pete and I split a bottle of fancy grapefruit soda which was… well, not that great. More like plain old sparkling water with a hint of citrus. Pete never gets soda though and thought it was the best thing ever, so I was more than happy to let him polish off the bottle.


By then it was 8:30p, the sun was still setting, but we headed out to set off fireworks anyway. We were kinda sick of being pestered about it and Pete was getting tired anyway.


Wisconsin is pretty lame in the fireworks department, not much beyond small fountains, and yet we still had a wee sparkler accident. No matter how many times we told Pete not to touch the end when it was done, he gave it a try. And learned the hard way that it wasn’t a smart thing to do 😉 It was a teeeeeeny burn but I was a nice mom and made him an ice lovey all the same. Which he spent more time sucking on than applying to his ‘wounded’ index finger.


Oh, yeah – the guys found a train firework. Pete was beyond stoked. And that thing had some speed, too.



Sorry about my lame attempt at ‘sparkler writing’ photos. It was definitely not dark enough out for them to come out properly. Anyway, there you go. Holiday, recapped.

Friday I had off work, so chaperoned Pete’s class trip for the day. Fridays are beach days, and this time we took the bus to B.B. Clarke Beach. AKA, the teeniest, tiniest beach you have ever seen in your life.




I took a sneaky-sneaky picture on the bus of Pete clutching my bus card. Four year olds do not need to pay a fare, and it eats at his ego that he doesn’t have a card to swipe like the five year olds, so he insists on holding someone else’s as to appear ‘cool’. Oh lordy, it starts so young… When the kids got back to the school they had a water fight outside, and true to his klutzy nature: it took Pete approximately 15 seconds to wipe out on the sidewalk and rip open scabs on his knees. Awesome.

And then we had to leave. So instead of sticking around for the kids’ pizza lunch afterwards, I cleaned him up and took him to my salon appt with me. But not before stopping for a Happy Meal on the way. He rarely gets them (pretty much every time he does, you see it on the blog because it’s a MOMENTOUS, more than likely boo-boo-related occasion), so that kept him nicely occupied.

Also some day he is going to read this, and it’s all going to click as to why he feels an odd compulsion to get McDonalds anytime something bad happens to him.


Saturday we had family photos done, and otherwise our weekend was pretty relaxing. We cleaned the house, tidied the garden (Pete’s first batch of radishes were a success!), and did assorted random things around the house (and did a LOT more swimming).


Oh, and made veggie burgers for the freezer. And a side note: anyone know what these blocks are called in the left photo? My parents gave Pete a set of them last year, he has played with them on and off but for the past several weeks he has built things with them every single day, sometimes sleeping with his creations, I mean the kid is obsessed. It’s like a precursor to Legos, except not quite so small and they don’t hurt nearly as bad when you step on them (total win!). So anyway, we need MOAR, if we could only remember what in the heck they are…


Also other random side note: Pete loves watermelon. I took photos of him eating the stuff about a dozen different days and figured I better put some on the blog for posterity. That kid can devour an entire watermelon in one sitting, it’s actually rather impressive.


Saddest lamest end to a blog post EVAR! But it’s done, and that’s all that matters 🙂 See you again in another 4-ish days, same blather different day… Enjoy the end of your week, all.



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  1. Those blocks are called unifix cubes.
    Sometimes my preschool teaching background comes in handy 🙂

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