Week in Review… kinda.

Hi, I’m tired and trying to finish up a wedding post, so instead of the weekly update tonight I’m just giving a quick recap. You’ll see 862 photos from the 4th of July soon enough; to tide you over I thought I’d give you a few random bits of stuff I have on hand.

Here is my child making a Derp-esque face during his preschool 4th of July parade.


Perched on his hat in this picture is about one-fifth of the amount of confetti streamer stuff from his popper fireworks. That kid loves those little champagne bottle things, no lie.


Also my son likes to steal my phone and take pictures of his scabs. I have about 20 more like this to prove it.


He takes pictures of other random things with my phone as well. Like the rocks in our landscaping, his buddies, his American flag, and when I steal his watermelon.


It finally got HOT here. For the past 3-4 days, we’ve had highs in the 80s and a nice fog of humidity has set in. Which, generally I’d be angry, but considering it’s July and I’ve spent half the summer forcing myself to swim in chilly pool water with overcast skies – I will gladly take this. So anyway, lots of time at the pool. It’s been glorious.


I chaperoned Pete’s class trip on Friday, we went to a local beach and chilled for the morning. Liliana asked me to take a photo of her ‘happy snowman’, who has giant jaggedy teeth and a vaguely melty face and I love you, little lady, but that thing is kinda creepy.


We had family photos taken this weekend, by the ever-talented Solars (they are road-tripping the Great North and stopped in Madison for a day). They taught Pete this ‘magic finger’ thing and he keeps requesting me to poke his face. Like, a lot. Fun times.


I’m supposed to be in Indy for a meeting but long story short: I’m not there. Which is fine by me, I like sleeping in my bed and being harassed by a 3-foot preschooler and floating in the pool all evening. I mean this in the kindest way, but: I’d take Madison over Indy any day 🙂

Have a good evening, kids. Will have a real update sometime later in the week. In the meantime: I’ll keep plugging away on wedding ceremony images. Tell me this isn’t a better use of my time, I dare you:



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