Week in Review – 30 June 2013

OMG, I am so tired (no lie). I am going to try to run through the ole’ update as quickly as humanly possible. Please try to refrain from cheering too loudly over the fact that you don’t have read my incessant blathering too much this week.

So! Like several areas, we are getting our fair share of rain. Last count, we were almost a foot above annual average for precipitation. That’s a lotta rain, people. So anyway, since last weekend it has rained almost every single day, with all the fun things that come with it (like flash flooding and seemingly getting stuck in the hardest part of the rain just about the time I hit the parking lot at work. Because: OF COURSE. Umbrellas are pretty much useless in a driving, blowing rain, no matter how short the dash from the car to the front door).


I keep forgetting to make Pete’s four-year wellness appointment (go ahead and give me that crown for Mother of the Year now), finally got him in this week. The problem: his new physician is booked until late August, so I had to squeeze him in with whoever can see him at this point. One of the pediatricians had a cancellation the following day, and while I hated to spring it on the dude that quickly (I knew he was getting shots), I went ahead and booked it. Then realized the next day was a field trip day so yaaaaaaaaaay SURE LET’S JUST MAKE IT DIFFICULT.

When I picked him up from school, about 4 of the kids were also still there. I asked his teacher if she knew where they would be about 1pm when I’d come by to pick him up, and one of the little girls looked up concerned. “Does Pete need surgery?” she worriedly asked. Heh. I assured her that no, no surgery, just his 4-year wellness visit. Her eyes got huge, then she yelled “OH NO HE’S GETTING SHOTS!”. The remaining kids in the room all started talking at once, at various levels of concern, fear, and sympathy, talking about the Dreaded Year Four Shots of DOOOOOOOM.

Pete played it cool until I got him to the car, then he lost it and sobbed for a good while because SHOTS THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE ME HORRIBLE BOO-BOOS CALLED SHOTS MOMMY AND I DON’T WANT THEM NOOOOOOOOO.

Thanks, little dudes. No, really. There was much reassuring that the shots are not that bad, more like a long pinch, there is no blood and no boo-boos and it’s really nothing to worry about. You know, the Big Lie every parent tells their scared child.

SO ANYWAY: Wednesday I left work extra-early so that I could drive to the Zoo and find my son’s class, then take him to his appt. He insisted on wearing his Batman mask the entire time, which had random residents popping him to say ‘hi’ to Batman in room 18, and everything went well. Until the shots. He was brave and happy when the nurse stuck him, but she was a wee bit slow and there was more than one shot to be had, so there was much begging and pleading for her to please stop. Yeeeeeesh. Did I mention she was slow? Cause LAWDY, but she was slow. She told us we were done and could leave, then left the room herself. Pete asked if we could stay for a minute. Then curling up in my lap, hid his face in my shoulder, and cried his eyes out. And then I died, because: poor little dude.

Afterwards I took Batman out for ice cream for being so semi-kinda-brave. Ish. Okay fine yes: I’m a sucker.


Tuesday Pete also had his first t-ball practice thingie. Scott picked him up and I met them there after I got off work, just in time to find them playing on the playground, waiting for me to get there. Er, I missed the whole thing, oops.


It was already late so we decided to just do dinner out. Several food carts park at the ballfield, so we perused. And decided against them, but not before Pete had his heart set on some sweet potato fries. So we got a small order, and shared them on our walk down to a pizza place in the neighborhood.



Okay I love this (Midvale) neighborhood. If it wasn’t so expensive, we’d move there in a heartbeat. Even their little neighborhood garden is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


Those sweet potato fries were YUMMMMMMM, good. We went to Luigi’s for pizza, and got the Disco booth. SCORE. It was our first time there, and the pizza was pretty good. Plus their kid’s menu is only two bucks. TWO BUCKS. That’s like 1987 prices right there, my friends.


After our meal Pete decided he could no longer move, and after trying to make him walk (with a very pronounced limp), we realized it was probably those darn shots. And yeah: Pete had the hot rash and was super-sore for days and had zero appetite for a few days, too. That mean old tetanus shot. No wonder those other kids tried to warn him.


Our weekend was pretty chill. Saturday we got a lot of little things around the house, including finally planting some herbs.


Scott went off to do some shopping after dinner, and shortly after he left, Pete and I hustled out to the Focus and went to get some ice cream. Priorities, people.


Okay fine, in truth I had to pick up a few things at Walgreens and while we were there, we got some novelty treats. But it sounds more fun to make it sound like it was intentionally an ice cream run 🙂


PS – I am addicted to these things. They are in the devil. I was a nice wife though and bought two of them, one for me and one for Scott. We snarfed them down after Pete went to bed, snarfing them down in bed while watching Fringe on Netflix. Because we roll like that.


Pete enjoyed his treat out on the front stoop – the most ginormous drumstick sundae thing I have ever seen; half of it ended up on the lawn.



Sunday was a bit hectic, I helped with a few chores in the morning and then showered and ran off to UW campus. I second-shot a wedding with the very talented Becca Dilley, a wedding photographer based out of Minneapolis (she’s originally from Madison and comes back for weddings occasionally). It was insanely fun and she has the most impressive rolling bag full of envy-inducing equipment that I have seen yet.

The boys, meanwhile, had a Man Day. They went to the Capitol, lunched at the Dane, perused State Street, then ended up at Memorial Union terrace where they ran around for awhile.


The weird thing is that about half an hour after Scott posted that photo above to Facebook, I took the shot below from the cocktail-hour balcony overlooking the Terrace.


Obviously they were stalking me.

So now I’m home, Becca was dear and released me right before it got dark, so I was able to get home and pack up for tomorrow so I’m ready for the week ahead, and I was actually able to get this typed before 2am. My feet feel like they are going to fall off but otherwise: no worse for the wear. Not bad for a 6-month pregnant old lady. Also I held my pee for 2.5 hours while shooting the ceremony and helping with portraits, which means I automatically get into heaven when the time comes because HELLO THAT IS A MASSIVE SACRIFICE OF MY BLADDER ALL FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S SPECIAL DAY. Sainthood, bring it.

That’s all I’ve got, kids. Have a good week. I’m going to bed, for reals.



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  1. I dig your zeroscaping off your stoop. DIY or did you consult with someone local?

    • I like it too, unfortunately it is the work of our townhome’s management company! I wish I could send along a name; if they come back to do any follow-up work (animals have already eaten several of the hostas, which blows my mind but that’s beside the point) I will update again and give you the name of the landscaper! 🙂

  2. Um, dude–you’re having another bambino? Congrats! 🙂

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