Week in Review – 23 June 2013

This picture was taken like 4 days ago but he looks so little compared to the other pictures, it is weeeeeeeeird. How does that happen where your kid seems to age a year in a matter of days? Scott took that shaggy kid in for a haircut this weekend, maybe that’s the culprit behind the bizarre aging…


Anyway. Hello again it feels like I was just writing this thing! Because it was a short week for us, we had a lot of catching up to do. For one, we had a delayed Father’s Day. Kinda isn’t the same when you are rushing out of hotels and seeing family at warp speed and then back on the road, you know? Pete and I surprised Scott one evening with gifts from that almost-Portlandia-level of Hipster Paradise known as The Underground Butcher, dessert from Bluephies (or “Doof-eeees” as Pete affectionately calls it), and the most awesome card Pete has ever created. The one arm way longer than the other and badly traced handwriting and weird fingers-over-mouth face, what in the world is going on there? Why don’t I get cards this amazingly bizarre?


I rented some lenses for the shoots last weekend and tried to get Pete to sit nicely for a few photos before I shipped them back, but he was less than enthused about the idea (judging from his reaction).


And this face.


Yeah then I got this after about 10 minutes of coaxing and finally gave up.


So that kinda sums up the week, other than the hurried evenings trying to catch up on everything else possible, like laundry and grocery shopping and all that fun sort of thing. Saturday I think we were all wiped out after the time we had, so it was nice to just have a free day with no plans. It rained a lot, so we pretty much just stayed inside and took multiple mini-naps and watched cartoons and worked on our arm strength, stuff like that.


Sunday we vowed to do at least SOMETHING, so when the sun finally came out we decided to take advantage. We checked in and weeded the garden at work (it was kinda muddy so I wouldn’t let Pete inside, so he instead ‘gardened’ a bare spot on the lawn instead).


We also headed to the pool, for the first time in forever. It’s been rainy or chilly and then the heater broke at the pool, so needless to say our previous trips to the pool have been few. We went today, though!

As a sidenote, here is Pete’s Bigfoot Sighting Photo impression.


And then away we went! The heater was fixed (recently, because we were just there a few days ago braving the freezing ass cold water), and the water is slooooowly warming up. Still kinda chilly, but TONS better than before. Certainly didn’t stop us from hopping in (thanks to the 80s and humid day we were having).

Also for some reason he insisted on the batman mask. It took the thing getting soaked for him to finally peel it off.





After our swim we went home and just hung out while Scott made dinner. I kept Pete busy with toys and the camera to distract him from dessert – we picked up a nice mini lemon pound cake and whipping cream earlier in the day, and then when we got home I got to work slicing/sugaring the strawberries Scott picked up at the market. Strawberry shortcake seemed like a good way to welcome the summer finally hitting, however Pete was a bit impatient and couldn’t stop attacking the strawberries and cake before dinner…



Finally we got through our dinner (DELISH) and on to dessert, glorious dessert. Oh, it hit the spot.


Aaaaaaand that’s about it. Kinda boring, that’s okay though because the next several weekends are jam-packed. Just happy to have the rain seem to slow down and finally have a nice, real summer upon us.


Peace out, see ya next week peeps.



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