Week in Review – 9 June 2013

It has been a crazy, weird week. Trying to prepare for an upcoming trip to KC, busy at the office, lots of appointments, and Pete’s last week of his current preschool. That was a toughie. We had his Parent/Teacher conference this week, on Thursday night. The main teacher in his classroom, Dalia, is pretty close to Pete; he usually sits next to her at lunch and they share their veggies, she will lay next to him at naptime if he’s having trouble falling asleep, and he starts every day at drop-off by beelining to her for a big hug. I’ve found him on weekends sometimes mopey, and when I ask him why, it’s usually a “I miss Miss Dalia”.

Anyway, Friday she was going to be in Chicago taking a test for her teaching certification therefore would miss his last day at school, so we had our sad good-bye after the parent/teacher meeting. She started crying, then I started crying because I’m a sap like that. Pete couldn’t quite wrap his head around not seeing her anymore and just kept hugging and beaming at her and saying he’ll see her soon. Gah. GAH. The new school is going to be great but I still feel so awful. Parenthood just gets you coming and going sometimes, doesn’t it.

His last day happened to also fall on his birthday, so the rest of Thursday was spent decorating his school cupcakes, preparing the pinata, and getting ready for the Pete Day of Awesome that was ahead. This is the first year where I think he really ‘gets’ what it is to have a birthday. He’s been asking about it and talking about it for weeks. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep, and kept coming out of his bedroom when he thought of some cool new thing that he thought would happen once he turned four. Like: when he is four, he can use any of our toothbrushes that he wants, because he is four. Uh, no. But keep living the dream, man. And for god’s sake GO TO BED SO I’M NOT STUCK DOING THOSE STREAMERS AT 11PM.

Newflash: indeed, I did not get them done until 11pm.


Scott had a fun time filling that pinata 😉

We did the usual birthday traditions: steamers over the doorway, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and now the birthday crown (a newcomer this year, we’ll see if I can talk Scott into wearing it when his time comes). Pete was so excited to see those streamers. He hopped out of bed and ran back to the very edge of his room and I was totally not ready for the fact that he would turn around and then come running full-steam at the doorway. So my pictures suck, sorry. Four year olds! They are unpredictable.




I picked him up from school a little early, so we’d have time to say good-bye to his buddies and teachers and pack up all his things. Then we went home, got Scott, and headed out for some Putt-Putt.


Vitense Golfland is right off the Beltline, so we see it on our drive to school every day. Every day for the past several months, Pete has told me that he wants to go for his birthday. So: go, we did. He even brought his own putter, from his cheap plastic set at home, because “when you are four you bring your own clubs”. Okay, then.

This place is pretty nice in that they have several putt-putt courses and they are interactive, with slides and play areas built into the greens, so the little kids are as entertained as the older ones.





They have an indoor course in addition to the outdoor ones., which will come in handy this winter… Pete still did a quick run through it to check everything out in the “Madison” themed indoor course. Fun Random Fact: did you know Oscar Meyer is headquartered in Madison? True story. Weinermobile sightings can happen sometimes when running around town, Pete gets quite the kick out of it when it zooms past on city streets or when we see it cruising along the Beltline.


After putt-putt, we headed home for the Official Birthday Extravaganza. Make-your-own pizza, peanut-butter-chocolate cake, and presents. HOLLA. Pete was in heaven.






Anne’s gift was by far his favorite. A giant cupcake bag, filled to the brim with cars, be still that four-year-old-boy heart. Those cars are getting a lot of love.


Bedtime was rather late on Friday.

Saturday Pete and I skipped the market, and just hung out and played cars. Later we took him out for his birthday dinner – the second request for his birthday, other than putt-putt? Buffalo Phils for his birthday meal. So off we went to the Dells for some train-delivered grub.


Weirdo alert.


Every once in awhile, my husband makes some spectacularly stupid decisions. This weekend he did TWO VERY NAUGHTY THINGS (I mean, he doesn’t beat me or anything even remotely scandalous like that but made some dumb decisions without consulting me first AND THEN forgot about our date night AND THEN he just asked me to delete the specifics, even though they aren’t actually THAT BAD, jeez you dork, but because I am a nice wife I did so. Just text me if you want the kinda boring whiny deets BECAUSE HE CAN’T CENSOR MY TEXTS MWUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Ahem, anyway. Needless to say I was less than impressed. Pete and I spent quality time that evening taking photos with his streamer wall (still not allowed to take that down) and with his newest buddy, Mr. Broccoli.




Eventually I stopped hating my husband and got over it. After having a ‘date night’ with our credit card and the Internet. Man he should really make me mad more often, it’s kinda nice.

Sunday was. Well, a weird day. Lots of catching up on things. We finished buying Pete’s school supplies for his summer 4K class. He had a long supply list – they take a lot of ‘field trips’, like every Tuesday they go to the library or zoo, Wednesdays they go to the downtown Farmer’s Market and activities on the Square, Fridays they go to a beach for swimming/picnics… So we had to get sunscreen, bug spray, beach towels, etc. as well as actual school supplies. I want his summer, spoiled thing. Then we went home and did some stuff inside, because it was rainy and dark and kinda dreary all day. A good one to just go back to bed.


My parents’ dog ran way while on a potty break last night. My parents have had Pokie FOREVER, and he’s now deaf and blind, so: kind of a really bad situation. He is certainly “one of us kids” and my parents were beside themselves (oh, and also one of their cats passed away this morning, because WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS), so we kids rallied and were all texting, messaging, and calling each other all day for updates (and those nearby helping hunt for him). They found him! He was hit by a car but is okay and at this point, back home basking in the love he’s more than likely getting. Hopefully he learned his lesson from this little ‘adventure’ of his.

Before we got the good news on Pokie, after a weekend that was fun but also tiring, at times disappointing, and nerve-racking (::cough-Pokie-cough::), we decided to throw in the towel and have ice cream for dinner. I didn’t get a picture, but at one point Pete (who usually plays in the toy corner while we adults enjoy our ice cream) came over with a wide swath of blue ice cream in his hair. He told us he had an ice cream accident while dancing.


And that was that. EXCEPT NO – on the drive back this was the scene about half a block down from home:


Yellow tape, and about a dozen police cars (and a few dudes in those all-white haz-mat suit things). Turns out they found a decomposing BODY in the little wooded area by our place. DEAD. BODY. We walk by there all the time! Pete always asks to run around in there but thank goodness, I don’t let him (because I assume there are lots of ticks in there). Pretty sure it was probably an unfortunate soul that froze there last winter, we live in a nice neighborhood, but still. MAN. What a weird way to end a weird week.

So that’s all I have to report. I think, jeez, I HOPE. I sincerely hope everyone had a nice, long, non-weird weekend! Next week I have a few appts., chaperoning for Pete’s school, and we’re off to KC. Fun times ahead. Have a good week everyone!


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