Week in Review 2 June 2013

Ta da! Still alive. Just super busy and haven’t had so much as a moment to glance at my Minneapolis photos. Which is vaguely frustrating but then again? Meh, I’ll get to it…

So anyway.

It has been an interesting week, some of that thanks to the Beez man. We got him a cheap little play rug while in Minneapolis (thanks to IKEA, the Walmart of Sweden) and he’s smitten. Most nights we find him half-asleep on it, or full-on passed out. We also got some veggie stuffed animals there for someone else, but he’s taken to the broccoli dude and told us he is “just borrowing it for now”. Riiiight. So it’s a cat and broccoli party in his bed every night.


Oh, yes, and then there was Saturday morning where he went to pick out clothes to wear to the market and I was dumb enough to think this could happen unsupervised. He opened every drawer to assess his options, and above is the result; thankfully we found him standing on the other side of his room. Time to make sure the thing is tightly anchored (we weren’t sure on placement when putting in his room and forgot to do so earlier, which was obviously a dumb move).

We got to the market a bit later than planned that day. Scott headed right to the market portion while Pete and I resumed our Gluttony Tour of Food Carts. First up: Venezuelan empanadas. Pete ordered a strawberry chocolate and I got the ‘everything’ (beef, beans, plantains, rice, and cheese). This place is rather popular so we had a bit of a wait, but then we were off with a bag of steaming hot fresh empanadas in hand, on the hunt to find a beverage.


And ran into Cows on the Concourse before getting to the smoothies cart. Eh, what can you do. So we wandered for a little while, bought some milk from a vendor, and found a spot to enjoy our breakfast. Pete’s was a MESS, I won’t lie – he decided the best way to tackle his empanada was to nibble the crust away along the outside first. Which is brilliant, when there is molten chocolate inside, right? Right. He had more spots than the Holsteins by the end.

The empanadas were totally delish, though. Pete helped me finish mine because it was FILLLING. Then he splashed his milk down my front and arms. Yay. We were quite the pair.


We wandered the Cows on the Concourse for a bit, checking out the food, the goods, and the cows, and playing games (PARACHUTES OMG!!!! Pete wouldn’t play that one but I was not going to pass it up, so I made him watch me play for awhile). Scott eventually caught up with us and took in some of the fun.



We could not leave without getting some grilled cheese, too. Just as good as at the Fair. Scott and I were laughing because hello, it’s cheap white bread, some butter, and WI (surely: cheap?) cheese. But these are so good and super addictive. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.


It was a busy day downtown, as they were having a classic car show on State Street as well. So we went to check that out when done with the cows.


Scott got coffee and Pete got even more food. He’s going through a never-full phase. At least I hope it’s just a phase.


At that point it was lunchtime, so we headed back to the Square and got lunch at our favorite spot. The morels have been plentiful this year in Southern Wisconsin so you’re seeing them in several restaurants right now – I got some morel mac n’ cheese for lunch, which Pete and I split (sooooo rich, we only got through half of it).


Later that day we attempted to go to our pool, but it was a failed attempt. Pete and I tried to go earlier in the week, but the water was FREEZING (there were still people, like parents and KIDS swimming in this frigid water, which boggles my mind). Anyway, the water was way too cold. Again. So we let Pete ‘water’ the pool for awhile to keep him occupied, and that was about it. Someday, it will be warm enough to actually get in, I have faith.


Sunday we caught up on the usual things, and then set out to get our garden started. First a stop at the nursery near the office, then off to work on our plot.


Scott found a GIANT rock in our plot when digging the soil for planting. Like, landscaping-rock huge. How it got in there is beyond me.


Two tomato plants, several broccoli, French breakfast radishes, and two types of heirloom carrots. We’ll see how we do this year.


The water hose wasn’t hooked up and we learned our lesson last year, when our plants looked rather wimpy after planting. So while the guys planted I ran up the street to Walgreens and got a few gallons of water. We didn’t want to drown them though, either, so my dear husband improvised with a Solo cup he found in the back of the car.

Then home we went, grilled burgers and had them with a nice salad. Then cinnamon rolls for dessert – I wanted to make a big batch, to have in the freezer (plus I need some for Friday, when a certain someone turns four years old; birthday cinnamon rolls for breakfast are a tradition in this family).

Anyway, Pete helped every step of the way. The kid is obsessed with baking programs on TV and still makes us elaborate pretend meals, heck his favorite games on my phone are the baking ones. So needless to say he was in heaven with all the mixing and rolling out and sprinkling and rolling up/cutting.


That’s it, kids. Hope everyone had a good week!


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