Week in Review 12 May 2013

Hi ho, another week!

But this week is terribly different, and that’s thanks to the fact that ramps season is here again. So we grabbed several bunches at the market and have had good breakfasts and some lemon-ramp spaghetti. Leftovers are good with fried eggs, yo.


Okay maybe that’s not quite as exciting as I am pretending. But it’s better than saying it was just another week of work and the other boring stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

Scott and I upgraded our phones, that was a big thing. Especially for Scott, who was still rocking the Razr (circa 2004, yes the CANCER PHONE, from Mr. Only-Organics-For-Our-Health. Heh.) Anyway, Pete was excited because NEW TOYS OMG. I downloaded a few games for him, and the ‘[whatever food]-maker’ ones seem to be a giant hit. I downloaded pizza maker, doughnut maker, and cupcake maker and he’s obsessed. Then we got the bright idea to just load them onto my old smartphone and keep it charged up as Pete’s own personal phone (minus actual cell phone coverage), so he plays on it to his little heart’s content. And takes lots of screen shots of his creations.


Saturday we just kinda stuck to home. The guys ran errands in the afternoon and I did one of those Total House Scrub-Downs while they were gone, because I am uber-weird about having a clean house on Mother’s Day. When the guys got home we took turns taking showers/baths/getting cleaned up, then went out the door: Pete to his monthly “pizza party”, Scott and I off for a date night.

We hit dinner at the Dane, then saw the new Great Gatsby film. I’ve been dying to see it, like for what 7 or 8 months now? I mean, aside from the fact that it’s America’s Great Novel and I (like most) adore the book, I also love that time period, love Baz Luhrmann’s work, love pretty much every actor cast in the major roles, and have been waiting six months to see the darn thing thanks to it getting pushed back from the late 2012 season.

Reviews were kinda mixed, but I liked it. A lot. Even though every time I see Leo on screen, I see him as all jowl-y and scowling like he was in J. Edgar. Have you seen J. Edgar? Well, if you haven’t let me just give you a piece of advice: Don’t. It was horrible and Leo’s version of Mr. Hoover forever made him unpretty to me.


There’s no unseeing that after you are forced to stare at it for hours.

Anyhoo! I loved it, even if a few things annoyed me. No “Her voice is full of money” line. They kinda re-wrote the end portion with Daisy to make her a bit more sympathetic at the end and that kinda kills the whole “people with money destroying the man” and instead makes it a bit “well, Tom is an a-hole but Daisy’s just sad”. And the floaty words thing the director added was kinda distracting.

But! I think Luhrmann really nailed the spirit of the book and the acting was spot on. Even old forever-fleshy-faced Leo; he was a perfect Gatsby (much better than Mr. Suave Robert Redford, although admittedly Mr. Redford’s Gatsby was pretty darn handsome).

We got home a little late and all of us pretty much dropped into bed. The next morning the boys ran out and got doughnuts, our favorite Mother’s Day tradition (also good for Father’s Day). Pete cried when he heard that he had to wait for me to emerge from bed to have doughnuts, so I hustled down to the table rather than taking my time. Poor guy, being a 3-year-old is so darn hard. He still put on a happy face for me when it was time for me to pick my doughnuts ๐Ÿ˜‰


I got a lovely card, my usual Pete-picked circus-clown colored bouquet (which I split up so we could enjoy those eye-searingly bright flowers in all the rooms), and some photo books I’ve been drooling over for awhile.


Everything I have read so far about Artifcat Uprising is true – the print quality is fantastic, colors are perfect, and the books themselves are just so darn pretty. Their communication is a wee bit lacking (like: hey, it would be nice to know you ship books separately and don’t give itemized invoices and don’t send all of the necessary shipping info, but at least their customer service responses are super nice). But overall, I love my books and am ready to get started on a few more.


Later we packed some sandwiches and Scott made my favorite salad (this one, YUM best of all time) and off we went to have a picnic. Which is also something I demand every Mother’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚ We were going to picnic at the Zoo but it was close to closing and the lure of swings was too much, so we went to Vilas Park next door instead.



Real actual metal slide, weeeee!


We ran all over that park, seriously. And since we were in the neighborhood, we headed to Bluephies for dessert afterwards. They were giving out Mother’s Day Emergency Kits to all the mamas. Kleenex, a wee bottle of locally made vodka, and several half-price Bluephies coupons for future use. Rock ON. They really know what a mommy needs.


And then, when we ordered drinks and asked to just see the dessert menu, we were presented with the following to view the dessert choices.


But of course, because at Bluephies it can’t just be a normal old menu. It’s gotta be on a kitschy ViewFinder in 3-D, mofos! We did get a ‘normal’ menu as well so we could read about additional choices, but it was hard to choose after seeing them in that darn ViewFinder.



We settled on a big slice of key lime pie and the Dessert Sushi, which was a sampler of their cookie dough egg rolls, Butterfinger wontons, homemade custard, and Gail Ambrosius truffles. Uh, YUM. Also I felt like I needed to run about 10 miles after all that.



That’s it! Back home, usual Sunday night stuff, and here I am at midnight finishing this thing up, yet again ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope all the mommies had a wonderful day today! Kiddos can be a handful and they make you way more broke than you used to be, but man: they are pretty darn awesome. Having Pete was the coolest thing we’ve ever done, hands down. Thank goodness for that little weirdo.



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