Week in Review – 28 April 2013

Ugh, why is it that we’re so busy on the weekends that it is ALWAYS like 11PM when I finally get to updating this dumb thing?? I want to go to bed. Grrr. One of these weeks I’ll be on top of things…

Warmth! It’s been beautiful. Warmed up this week, hardly any rain, and by the weekend we were ready to enjoy it. Friday after work we (all three of us) met up with some coworkers downtown for a few drinks. Pete didn’t run around like a crazy person nor did he seem to get bored at any point, although I think I have to thank Chris for that, he downloaded several train games on his phone just for our spoiled rotten child, and let him sit on his lap and play while we were there. We left around 7pm, and had a late dinner at the Roman Candle (would have been a normal dinner, but it took like 45 minutes to get our pizza. Weird). Anyway. It was kind of a late night for us but fun.

Saturday we headed out to the market kinda late, assuming we’d still miss all the CrazyLegs traffic. Um, think again. Drove right into it, stuck letting all the runners past and streets shut down all over the place. Eventually though we found a parking and hit up the Square.


Scott did the shopping. Pete and I hit up his favorite cookie vendor (he always goes for the rainbow cookie, which has enough food dye in it to give Scott a small heart attack) and then spent a good amount of time watching the runners from the fence at the starting line.



After everyone was out of the gate, we ran around the Capitol and lawn until Pete was ready to drop. We lost Scott for a good long while, but by some miracle he found us when we were clowning around at one point.



Pete was ‘dying’ after all the running, so we stopped for a smoothie before heading back to the car. He was so excited, you guys. The kid is a smoothe junkie. He carefully decided on blueberry, I got a mango-strawberry-something (wicked sore throat with this cold), and he stood and waited patiently (see that blonde little mop at the bottom of the picture…).


Okay not super-patiently, because the siren song of the kettle corn booth next to the smoothies was too much. He didn’t want any to eat, but was fascinated with how they made the stuff. Scott and I took turns holding him up so he could watch. Clearly it made quite the impression, as he recreated it later at home. In the bathroom (at first I found him in there with the toilet scrubber acting it out in the sink, OMG KILL ME NOW THE GERRRRRRRMS, but after disinfecting the place I let him go at it again with his choice of other gear). He played in there for an hour.


And yo, back to the smoothies. It took about 15 minutes, but finally ours were ready (there was quite the line there that morning). He was so happy! Blueberry smoothie nirvana! So euphoric that he insisted that we stop in the street and I take a picture of him with his smoothie. He even chose that rather manly pose himself.


So, we’re heading to the car. He’s happily slurping away. But we’re getting ready to cross a busy street to get to the parking garage, and he’s so engrossed in his smoothie that he’s not listening when I tell him to loosen his grip on the darn thing and hold my hand. So I grab his smoothie and stoop down to get him to face me and listen.

And I drop his smoothie.

I should mention, they pack those things full. The styrofoam is stretched to its very limit in those little cups. So when that sucker hit the ground it was like a blueberry grenade. A-SPLODEE, all over the sidewalk and street and our pants. There was no saving it.

Now, Pete is usually even-tempered when food-related calamity happens. He’s spilled yummy drinks and lost the ice cream from his cone and spilled snack all over the floor, and as long as we can keep him from trying to Hoover it off the ground, he’s not that upset. But oh, Mommy took his smoothie and THREW IT ON THE GROUND! His face crumpled and he sobbed into his little hands all the way to the car.

Needless to say, when we got to the car and I got him calmed down a bit, I gave him my smoothie. Even though my throat was damn near falling off. It was not blueberry, but it was okay, and Pete even told me he still loved me and I was forgiven.

With the crisis averted, we hit up Brennan’s on the way home to sample a bunch of goodies and stock up on cheese. They were having a “choose our new cheese curd flavor” event, so there were more than the normal samples out, plus balloons for the kids. We stocked up on whips and cheese curds. Yay, Cheese!


After going home and playing in the bathroom for over an hour (see kettle-corn making photo from above), we coaxed Pete out and ran to Sofra Bistro for brunch. Middleton is super-close to us, so it was close and we read it was good. Ooooh man, and was it ever. Great pancakes (and I don’t really like pancakes), and the Albanian sausages are totally addictive.


We ran around downtown Middleton to wear off our meal, hitting up the Mustard Museum (always a hit) and racing along the train tracks. Pete wanted to wait for a train but that would have been forever, so we finally talked him into leaving.


We just happened to park in front of Bloom Bake Shop, so I made a point to run in and pick up some cupcakes. Totally locally-sourced bakery, which can’t be easy (how does one get local vanilla?). We had the cupcakes for dessert and they were THE YUM, mine was basically a cinnamon roll in cupcake form and I am dreaming of getting another.


Later Scott ran some errands, while Pete and I hit up the park near our house. I was determined to wear him out GOOD this weekend, as he’s been kind of a pain to get to bed lately. We stayed there and played for about an hour, then came home and prepped dinner. Scott grilled chicken, and Pete played with the neighbor kids. Then off to bed with him, and sure enough: zonked out instantly. I WIN.

Sunday was way more low key – chores, chores, chores. It was BEAUTIFUL outside, so we took advantage and cleaned the cars inside/out and the garage as well. I also went through all of Pete’s toys and deep-cleaned the living room. We opened all the windows and just: bliss. Warm, sunny spring days are so amazing.

Later we went out and got some drinks (at Sonic), then took a nice long walk at Picnic Point. We haven’t been since the fall when the leaves were changing, it was weird to see it so bare. Can’t wait for it to get lush again so we can go and have picnics in the shade.




Aaaaaand that’s pretty much it – we went home and grilled burgers, had a late-ish dinner, then off to bed with Pete and get ready for Monday. I’m off to bed shortly to get over this nasty cold (that I should mention I have had OVER A WEEK AT THIS POINT, GAWD), then start all over again tomorrow.

Doots out.



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