Week in Review – 21 April 2013

Cold, cold, cold.


It’s sad when you are so overjoyed at high 40s and no rain, that you go out for a long (brisk, windy) walk in sweatshirts, as if that’s going to do much about the cold… Which has been the case this week a few times.


The week was mostly rainy and chilly and hell, it even snowed on and off all day on Friday. Blah. Saturday morning the Farmer’s Market moved back to the Square, and we absolutely planned to go, but it was wet and wind chills were in the teens, so we skipped. Instead we headed to Stoughton. One of the guys in my photography group here mentioned that there would be Star Wars dudes at the library there, and Pete was much more excited to check that out than vegetables at a Farmer’s Market. The library had several craft stations set up as well as the Star Wars characters there, so Pete made some yoda ears and a lightsaber and had fun with all the other kiddos there.


He was scared of the characters at first. We went to the basement level and colored for awhile, until one of the storm-trooper looking dudes came downstairs and chatted Pete up. He warmed up nicely to them after that, even following that poor guy around like a love-sick puppy dog.


We planned to check out the rest of downtown Stoughton after the library outing, but it was cold. Like, way colder than our sweatshirt-clad selves were ready to handle. So that was short-lived.


We stopped at Crema Cafe for lunch, as long as we were on the east side of town (which we pretty much never frequent unless we are hitting up the airport).


Much love for this place. It’s teeny tiny, but great. (1) Awesome coffee (it was actually a coffee shop only before branching out to breakfast/lunch several months ago). (2) I love the toy bags they have at the ready to keep little ones busy. (3) Food is delish as well.


Yummy, yummy. I love the fact that salads are served over greasy hashbrowns as your brunch sides. Scott and I both got scramblers (his was some spicy thing, mine involved lots of fungi and truffle oil). Pete got the gobblette kids meal, which was turkey with goat cheese and tart cherry relish. I won’t lie, he and I switched plates about halfway through the meal and I didn’t complain. He told me mine had ‘yummy meat’ but considering how much he usually avoids mushrooms, I didn’t dare correct him.


Afterwards we checked out a few of the boutiques in the shopping area, and then headed to Toys R Us near out house to blow off some energy.


We checked out the Lego sets, played with the trains, and just generally ran amok. The bikes were a hit there. Must be time to get the big-boy bike for a certain someone’s birthday in a few months.


The guys ran some errands, got tons of groceries. Then later when Scott went to make dinner, he realized he forgot to buy a few ingredients. Oops. Since it wasn’t raining (score!) we took a walk up to the Firehouse Subs for dinner. It was a chilly walk. Pete always insists on stopping to stare longingly at the pool on our way. Sorry kid, that thing isn’t going to be open for awhile.




I barely slept that night and woke up Sunday with a nice, nasty cold. Joy. We stayed in most of the day. We did head to the mall for a bit to run off some energy and got some smoothies (sweet sweet heaven to my throat). Then back home, to finally have that dinner Scott promised the night before. Smoky Avocado Linguine, it is sooooooo good. We make this like once a week in the summer and never get tired of it.


And that’s about it. A few photos while Pete and I talked later in the evening, and off to bed for all of us.




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  1. Cute post. Love the Star Wars dudes photo.
    Thanks for linking my Smoky Avocado Linguini with Black Beans, so glad you like it! Me too, I make it often…
    Lori Lynn

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