Week in Review – 14 April 2013

Ummmmm. So I took care of photos and uploaded them earlier today, like in the afternoon even, and then when it came time to get on here and type stuff up suddenly I was more interested in farting around on the Internet, reading up on celeb gossip (why was Clint Eastwood at Coachella? When did Justin Bieber’s life turn into a parody on the level of Derek Zoolander?) and scaring myself with paranormal stories (don’t read about Robert the doll, like ever) and listening to Pandora… Anyway. Now it’s almost 11pm and I am still trying to force myself to get this post done. So away we go.

This week was my one-year anniversary at my job! Which doesn’t even seem like it is possible already, I still kinda feel like I just started there… I made PB&J bars to take to work and my society sent me flowers for the occasion, so it was a good day all around.


Too bad the flower shop can’t spell.

Saturday we checked out a new doughnut spot in town – well, new to us anyway. And dare I say: better than Greenbush. I think Scott’s Pastry Shop is the new go-to doughnut place for us.


There was an antique store next door and I seriously wanted to break in and steal that awesome olive dish. Perhaps I will have to go back during normal store hours and snap it up.


The goods – there was a seating area in the shop but it was small and looked to be full, so we took our treats home to enjoy. Scott got a turtle fritter (apple fritter with turtle-esque toppings), and I got a MASSIVE German chocolate cinnamon. We all shared that puppy, it was huuuge. We split a few others so we could all get a taste, but the be-sprinkled long john was all Pete’s. He wasn’t sharing that prize.


Of note this week: I introduced Pete to the joy that is known as the Shirley Temple. He loves helping me mix them up (he’s a little heavy-handed with the OJ, but otherwise does a fine job) and I think he feels like a grown-up with his own glamorous little drink. Reminds me of my brother Paul, that was a child who loved his kiddie cocktails (shaken not stirred, as he was also a wee bit obsessed with 007 at that age).



Saturday night was DATE NIGHT! Dinner at Brasserie V, where I got to enjoy a huge cone o’ frites and Scott drooled over the insane beer list (dork alert). The place is tiny and cozy and cheerfully LOUD, so I think we could easily come back with Pete. I was still pretty much too chicken to bust out the real camera, so there’s one lone quick shot of Scott’s second beer, which was warm and flat and smelled strongly of molasses. Not exactly my style of beer but pretty much the only thing in my camera’s (discreet) line of sight.


After dinner we headed to Sundance to catch a movie. It’s Film Fest week and the Sundance theater participates, but we didn’t buy any advance tickets (and the rush ticket line was long), so we went with a ‘normal’ film instead. Next year we’ll have to try to score some tickets to Film Fest, though.

Afterwards we had ice cream, after picking up the Doots. It wasn’t exactly in the plans, but when we picked him up he was very insistent that he was HUNGRY and could we not go home but maybe do ‘something else’ due to his intense hunger? Yeah we get the hint, buddy. The best part is that the ice cream pretty much melts away while he spends his time playing with the Melissa and Doug ice cream sets in there.

Anyway, it appears that will be a new date night tradition.


Sunday we slept in a bit (no Pete until 7:30a!), had breakfast, and glared at the light covering of snow outside. Sigh. April is definitely a wet season here, it rained all week and pretty much the same scheduled for next week as well. Makes it nice for getting home projects done, but it doesn’t help the cabin fever. Cold and moisture aside, we braved the elements and checked out the impromptu ‘petting zoo’ set up at a nearby garden center. It was packed, but fun.


Llllllllllama. This dude, he was sneaking up on everybody and sticking that long neck out to steal from their feed cups. I am pretty sure he mistook my camera’s lens for a feed cup. I felt like I was shadow boxing him for a sec.



That’s about all I gots, folks. The camera got shoved on the console when we got home and that’s where it still sits. Hopefully next weekend is drier. At least slightly warmer. So we can get out and actually do things.

Have a good week!


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