Week in Review – 7 April 2013

Hi, again. Welp, I made it – a crazy week that included several appointments, the neverending paperwork being faxed around from physicians’ offices to schools with me as intermediary (dude, why does Pete’s school need his records signed AND personally filled out by hand by the pediatrician, seriously?), and a quick work trip. I seriously spent more time traveling than I actually spent in Salt Lake City, no lie, I had the worst flights in the history of business travel. The first day was a looooooong day in airports but at least I had a travel buddy – Pete was worried about me navigating the airports alone and sent Persuader along. Such a gentleman. We took many, many crappy shots with the bad camera on my phone and sent them all along to Pete throughout the trip so he wouldn’t be too concerned about his dear old dumb mom traveling without his help.


I got back in super-late on Saturday, so pretty much Sunday has been about catching up on things around the house. I did a massive purge of the closets and packed a ton of stuff that I dragged down in the basement, did mountains of laundry, and still had a little time to goof around with the guys. Pete dug around in his clothes stash and found a super-large pair of PJs (hand me down from his cousin Dylan). He totally looked like a teletubby in them, but insisted on wearing them over his normal clothes and dancing, and then wearing them to bed later. Weirdo.


It got into the 50s today and was sunny, so the guys hit the park and we also had watermelon on the front steps to celebrate. Pete is a watermelon guy (your typical kid). He ate most of the entire watermelon, all by himself.




Later we headed out to one of the trails for a long walk, and stopped at Sonic for drinks on the drive home, to toast the warmer weather. Thank goodness Sonic migrated up here, the first warmish day of spring would not be the same without a Sonic limeade.


That’s it, dudes. Time for me to get ready for work tomorrow and hit the hay. Have a great week!


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