Week in Review 31 March 2013

Mumble mumble words blah-blah-blah. Yeah, tired whatever. Here’s what you’re gonna get.


Good Friday I got off work at noon. Had lunch with some coworkers, then headed home and got busy decorating eggs.





Saturday was pretty chill, stayed home and cleaned and Pete and I spent A LOT of time in the kitchen. Used up some brown bananas by making banana bread, finally did something with the cranberries kicking around the back of the freezer (cranberry orange bread, quite tasty). We chopped/prepped all the veggies and fruit for the week, and he even helped with dinner. With the age of 4 comes great responsibility, I have decided, at least in the kitchen. This weekend he learned to carefully crack an egg in a bowl and pick out the little bits of shell, and worked on his knife skills too.


We had grand plans for Easter – early egg hunt, Mass, Easter brunch at Graze. Except Scott was up alllllll night the evening before sick as could be. He dragged his poor dying, old-man body to Urgent Care as soon as it opened on Sunday, then filled his Rx and went straight back to bed. So Pete and I were left to our own devices most of the day. We didn’t make it to brunch, unfortunately.



To say his collection of ‘buddies’ is getting out of hand would be an understatement. He keeps about a dozen of them in his bed at all times (toddler-sized bed, too, so: good luck finding him in the middle of the night), he drags varying characters to and from preschool and on errands and insisted on taking At Least 4 of them outside for his Easter photo. Good gracious. Takes after his aunt Tinnie for sure.



In the afternoon we went on a hunt to find dad a smoothie. And also Pete a smoothie. And heck, as long as McDonald’s was the only place open with that sort of thing, why not spend some quality time in the playground area.


Scott was feeling a wee bit better by dinner (YAY! We kinda missed that dork), and considering (1) Pete and I had been subsisting on jellybeans and Reese’s mini cups all day and (2) brunch time had been over for oh about 4 hours at that point, we decided to hunt down some take out for dinner. Nothing like some tom kha, squash curry, and pad thai to close out a lovely Easter.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday (or Passover) this year! Next week I’m out for work for a wee bit so we might not have much of an update. I would like to say at least I’ll have a good tan, but I don’t see that happening in Salt Lake City.


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