Week in Review 24 March 2013

Just a warning: this is the Lamest Post Ever. EVAR. My pictures for the week consist of varying levels of sick Pete.


To be honest: he’s been sick for weeks. He gets a fever, lethargic, snuffly; then better after a few days. And then back in the same boat the next week. Finally I took him in to see the doctor this week, after a high fever that we just couldn’t shake (I mean, not much a doctor can do for a cold, but this was getting kind of ridiculous). Turns out: he had a raging sinus infection, probably had been brewing for awhile. Eeks. So this week was kind of a wash. I picked him up from preschool early, twice, and then spent two more days working from home. I think he’s finally on the mend as of today. TODAY. This little sinus infection sure was persistent.

As a bright spot to the week, Friday we received an early Easter package from my sister Anne. It perked the little guy right up. Lots of little treats, his favorite cookies and glow sticks and cars, and a nice thick card from Charlotte with lots of new pictures.


It was nice to have something that put a smile on his face.


Oh, and along with the sinus infection came random bloody noses. Which happened a lot in his sleep. Yeah, gross. So anyway, I had to spend some quality time with Photoshop to clean up the bloody streaks on his fresh-from-a-bloody-nose-nap face.

You’re welcome.

Saturday Pete was still feeling pretty yucky, but we took the time to put the window clings (also from Anne). He loooooooves them. We have to keep the folding step stool by the front window, because he likes to climb up and move them around whenever the mood strikes.



Aaaaaand that’s about all I have to share. The Jayhawks eked out 2 wins in the tourney, and we’re (thankfully) on our way to the Sweet Sixteen. The team just seems unpredictable this year, so I was really worried that (1) we would be THAT #1 seed that finally goes down to the #16 seed, (2) when we played UNC in the 2nd round, we’d lose to Ole Roy. Neither happened, so honestly at this point I am feeling pretty good. We could go down in a ball of flames in the Sweet Sixteen and I will not want to just DIE from embarrassment. And that’s pretty much all I’m asking for this tournament 😉

Have a great week, hopefully WARM and sickness free! It feels good to finally have a healthy Pete back at our house, I must say. Missed that goofy smile.



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