Week in Review 17 March 2013

Ugh. Let’s just get this over with, I’m tired of being up half the night on Sundays while I finish up household stuff after typing/editing/etc. this old thing out/ (And yes, I realize the rational response is some side eye and “uh, then don’t do it no one will even notice”. I AM STICKING MY TONGUE OUT AT YOUUUUUUU.)

Where was I.

OH, yeah. This week! A week of… well, nothing exciting really! We are officially over winter. For real this time. Snow piles still abound and it snowed 2 days last week. Blah. Meanwhile back in Lawrence, it was quite lovely (judging from all the Facebook posts). I just keep telling myself that I will be enjoying a beautiful summer while they swelter away, marinating in their own sweat in that searingly hot 100-degree weather and unbearable humidity. SO THERE KANSAS, YOUR PAYBACK IS COMING.


(Gawd, can you tell I’m tired and cranky tonight? Yeesh. Brighter attitude coming, I swear.)

One lovely highlight this week was when some of my coworkers and I took a … longish… lunch and went offsite to watch the Badgers game. The Badgers beat Michigan, and then beat Indiana handily later in the weekend. I think they will have a good run in the tournament.

That evening we headed to Brocach for fish fry. Quick warning: my white balance in there was WHOA NELLY SO BAD and there is no way to fix that without some serious editing, so I went the lazy route and made my pictures B&W. Which isn’t as exciting when we are talking food photography, so bear with me.

Anyhoo: the place has serious character and a great fish fry – they immediately bring out a plate of rye bread, slaw, and pickles to tide you over until the main dishes get there. That was most appreciated with a hungry 3-year-old in tow. The fish itself was great, they make a fantastic German potato salad (made with roasted fingerlings and caramelized onions), and the kid’s meal comes with a sundae complete with a chocolate syrup happy face. Total win.


Saturday I came down with a sore throat/fever/icky-cold combo, more than likely from the Pete man (who is still rocking the sniffles and hacking cough from his latest bout of illness). So we stayed in all day, the guys leaving me to run errands so I could get some work done and take a nice, glorious nap. Naps! I never get to nap anymore, so it was very much enjoyed. Also I woke up feeling like a normal person, so I celebrated by getting some baking done, Scott lit a fire in the fireplace, and we made popcorn for dinner. Okay, maybe that isn’t as glamorous as I am pretending, but still. I felt at least a wee bit productive instead of like I wasted the entire darn day.


Sunday was not going to be wasted like Saturday, oh no. I had the itch to get the heck out of town and had just watched a program on PBS on Wisconsin Dells, so it was off to the Dells we went. Yes, in the dead of winter. To the Waterpark Capital of Wisconsin. We are nothing if not brilliant.

If you have never been, just know that the Wisconsin Dells is Wisconsin’s version of whatever-tacky-gaudy-tourist-trap-your-state-has. It’s full of souvenir shops, homemade fudge shops, a casino, and several large theme parks (waterparks mostly). And also Buffalo Phil’s.

What is Buffalo Phil’s, you ask? Why, only the main reason we ran off to the Dells. It’s a huge restaurant, connected to a giant arcade/pizzeria/fun house/thing. It’s cowboy/country themed, and also randomly, one of the large dining rooms has several large model trains on tracks that deliver your food.



It was a 45-minute wait for a train-side table, so we wandered the arcade for awhile. It was, well – a giant arcade. About what you’d expect. Pete is still at the age where he doesn’t realize you can actually put quarters in a machine and play it, so he was content to bounce around and try them out for a few minutes before dashing off to something else. Also I would like to just point out: there was one of those mechanical crane machines and it was full of mustaches. MUSTACHES. Guys: the mustache thing, you know that “hipster fad” is finally offically dead when you are in a cheap arcade and see an old lady in a NASCAR shirt trying to win one out of a stuffed-animal-crane-machine FULL of the things.


After running amok in the arcade, we headed back to the restaurant and bided the rest of our time by walking around and then taking several spins on the motorized train. Also there were a lot of cowboy mannequins sitting in random spots – that girl playing on the motorized buffalo? That’s a mannequin behind her sitting on a stuffed buffalo. This was kind of a weird place. I am sure you have gathered that already though.


We were escorted to our seats in the train room, and Pete was in heaven. We strategized our visit and ordered our drinks/food with a healthy break in-between, so we could hang out and enjoy the trains as much as possible.



A ticket was tucked in with our check, which gave a free ride on the train in the arcade. SWEET. It made leaving the restaurant a lot less painful for Pete. We made our way back to the train ride and I placed myself at a spot in the fence to take photos. And Pete totally wiped out after being let in, he was so concerned about getting the lead train. Poor dude. It wouldn’t have been so funny except there was no one else in line, so I’m not sure who he was trying to beat for the best spot.


After leaving we drove around a bit and took in the town in all its gaudy glory. Actually I won’t lie, we’ll probably come back this summer when everything is open again. A few places have piqued my interest.


Our next quest was for ice cream before heading back home. Except, pretty much nothing was open save for a cheese shop. Their giant sign read “Cheese – Sausage – Fudge – Ice Cream”, that’s promsing, right? But no, actually. Half the place was closed up due to construction they were doing to the building, and while they did have a small case of ice cream, it didn’t exactly look… fresh. And there was nowhere to sit and eat it. So we settled for some drinks and starburst at the gas station on our way out of town. Meh, close enough.


Doots was still pissed about the ice cream though.

Scott made a nice lamb stew for dinner (yummmmmmmmmm) and Pete played with his trains most of the evening, delivering us all sorts of meals and drinks and desserts.


And that about sums things up. We’ve been working on our brackets (yay for Selection Sunday!) and bemoaning the fact that we didn’t exactly factor in March Madness when we gave up booze for Lent. Ummmm, we might just be breaking our Lenten promises next week. We’ll make it up later I PROMISE!

Have a good week, all! Hopefully it’s sunny, warmish, and free of snow. We are due to get another snowstorm tomorrow. Trying to not think about it…


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