Week in Review 10 March 2013

Whoa, nelly – thanks, time change. Totally thrown off, every last one of us. Pete took a nap at 5:30p, no problem. Went to bed a mere half hour ago. I’m sure that’ll make for a fun Monday morning. And Scott and I are totally hanging out like it’s 8pm even though it’s about 10:30p and YIKES I better just stop blathering and get this thing typed out and done. Right, okay then.

Welllllll – you will be shocked to hear that people in our household were sick, yet again. Wednesday I got a call to pick up Pete from preschool, he was running a fever and just a sad little mopey thing. So we headed home and he napped on the couch while watching his most favorite of shows still, those darn bananas in pajamas.


So we hung out at home, and Scott helped a bit with the whole caring-of-the-child until trivia time. Unfortunately, Pete and I were not destined to have a normal evening. He had a sore throat and tummy problems still, and in a valiant effort to rush him from under 3 blankets on the couch to the nearest bathroom as quickly as possible, I twisted my ankle while running with him (thanks for leaving that row of wooden blocks the exact same shade as the carpet alllll over the floor, dude). BOOM, we both hit the floor, and I most conveniently also body-slammed the wall on the way down. I am sure it was quite the sight to see.

Thankfully (I guess), hitting the floor kinda stunned Pete, so he was able to stand up at my coaxing, and run off to the bathroom while sobbing sadly into his little hands with no accident/sickness on the floor (WIN), while I attempted to stand up (FAIL). In the end: we both have some wicked bruises to show for it, my ankle was swollen (and I hobbled around for days), so I just kinda threw in the towel and let Pete have ice cream for dinner. While lying on the couch. Watching endless cartoons. I am a great mother I know.


Scott stayed home with Pete on Thursday so I could limp into the office and get some work done. By Friday we just sent him to preschool even though he seemed a little mopey; he was fever-free and MAN but we are running out of sick days at this point, so we all gotta just suck it up. By Saturday morning, he seemed a bit perkier.


While he seemed in a better mood, unfortunately the weather was not so awesome. Rain rain rain, the entire weekend. As in, all day and night. Blaaaaaaah. While I welcome the warmer weather and getting rid of as much snow as possible right now, all that rain kinda makes for a dreary weekend.


On a positive note, with the rain came a brief return of the curls. If there’s one thing that screams summer and warm weather, it’s that kid’s curly hair.


Saturday night was date night, YAY! We dropped Pete off at his monthly ‘pizza party’ and headed out for some sushi. I’ve been to Edo a few times without Scott and he was none too thrilled to miss out on good sushi, so that’s where we headed this go around. After a nice long dinner, we… went to the mall. Yep, the mall. We thought about a movie, but there isn’t much playing right now that we want to see. It was raining, which meant walking around downtown was out. And anyway, when we go to the mall with the kid we are pretty much stuck going to the toy stores and the forts, which is boring. So we went and hit up grown-up stores like Williams Sonoma and Potterybarn and then decided to end the night with some ice cream or coffee. Since we are now a million years old and drinking coffee so late means being up until 3am, we opted for ice cream.


And because we are not only old but also lame, we picked up Pete before hitting the ice cream shop, because we knew he’d love a surprise cake-batter-ice-cream nightcap.


The next morning came nice and early, even though we all got to bed kinda late. Thankfully: it was Pete’s day to make breakfast, and I helped him prep it the night before so we just had to bake it up in the morning. A note to all my readers: if you have not tried them, do yourself a favor and get the Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants. They are in the frozen section; just set them out on a buttered cookie sheet the night before and by morning they are lovely and risen and after a short 20-ish minutes in the oven you can savor them in all their crispy, buttery, melted chocolate glory. YUM. They are basically the same thing that rich people pay Williams Sonoma to ship to their house, except for $3 instead of $40.

So anyway. I put them in the oven for Pete and he busied himself setting the table (Thomas the train paper plates, naturally) and peeking at them now and again in the oven and squealing for us to come into the kitchen and breathe in that ahhhhmazing smell with him as they baked. Divine.


Scott headed out after breakfast to take care of some errands, and Pete and I did a little cleaning. The rain stopped for a few hours (!!), so we took advantage and took out some garbage and recycling. And savored the warmer weather by kazoo-ing around and enjoying the sight of the ever-shrinking snow. A few more days of rain, and it will almost be gone.




After Scott got home we headed out for lunch. We were able to score some rockstar parking in front of AJ Bombers, so burgers and fries it was.


Sundays kids eat free, so: SCORE. Plus, between the table games, the peanut bombs sent your way, and the chalkboards above the booths – Pete was well entertained while waiting for our food.


Pete had a kiddie cheeseburger, Scott got the Mad-Sconnie (Stella’s bun, frickles, and local beef/bacon), and I got the special of the day (sriracha + buffalo sauce inside and on top of the burger? BRING IT). All were super good. Well done, AJ Bombers, we will be back (at least on Sundays, heh).


I had to include that photo of Scott because he was so pleased to see me secretly taking photos of him. Oh, what a joy it must be to be married to me, you guys… Well that’s all I have for you, I finished a bunch of home projects (pictures on the walls in the master bath and new prints in Pete’s room and stuff framed and ready to hang in our bedroom, YES!). I did laundry and the regular other stuff and Scott made a lovely white bean pasta dish for dinner that made so many leftovers that we’ll be eating it until spring. Good thing it was delicious. And time got away from us and suddenly it’s 11pm. Ta da! So, signing off! Have a good week! Now to see if I can force myself to sleep…


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