Week in Review – 24 February 2013

Okay this will be slow going today, I am warning you. I am trying to do this while watching the Oscars.

Soooooooo we went to MKE, took in some train action at the Domes.


Pete was clearly thrilled to stop in the freezing cold and pose for the camera. Anyway: lots of trains at the Domes. Trains trains trains.


I swear he’s not licking the glass in that one photo, just sticking out his tongue for some random reason.


Also: creepy clowns. Apparently the Dome had a circus-train type theme.


In-between running around the trains, we checked out the other two domes (tropical and desert domes).


The sausage tree was especially… interesting. Although Pete was completely enamored with the banana trees as well (once we pointed out a few bananas a’growing on one).


After the domes we ran over to Bayshore mall for some shopping and had a nice long lunch at Bar Louie. Their kid’s lunch comes with a sundae. Pete gave it a thumbs up. Then we found a fecal fort to run off some energy (it even had a train) and made our way back to Madison.


That’s kinda it for Saturday. Pretty boring day otherwise.

Sunday I woke up to my dear husband making me some fresh coffee with ye olde coffee press. Been awhile since we busted that puppy out.


Other than that, I didn’t really bust out the camera for much on Sunday. Cleaned, did laundry, ran some errands. Spent money I really didn’t need to spend at Target (why does that always happen??). I was able to corner Pete in his room for a few, to get his weekly portrait thing out of the way.




He did a lot of jumping on his bed. It was actually kinda hilarious, given how close my camera was (and I had my 50mm on). Just a boppin’ head most of the time.



Then I shot off a few after he was goofing around in our room, making a nest with his blankets and buddies (and hanging out in the laundry basket, keeping me company while I sorted things). It was a pretty low key day, but that’s just quite alright. We need those every once in awhile after weekends of running around all over the darn place.



So anyway. I still have piles of laundry to fold, but we have champagne and cake as well, so it won’t be too terribly bad (and will help dull the pain when Argo wins Best Picture, because: UGH).

Have a great rest of your Sunday, all! See you next week.


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