Week in Review 17 February 2013


Oy. It has been a long week and I am finally sitting down to get this typed out, so let’s make it quick shall we?

Welp, we were all down for the count early in the week, colds all around and we were a sad bunch. Looking pretty forward to spring if only for the break in all the crud going around endlessly.

There was Valentine’s Day this past week, as I am sure you are aware. Except I was under the impression that Pete’s preschool wasn’t doing anything, except then suddenly I realized that they were, indeed, celebrating it, so Wednesday night was spent making Valentines for Pete’s class. I was going to make family/friend ones too but Pete lost interest, so we’ll finish that up at some point this month. Maybe.

I was also the recipient of this fabulous Valentine’s Day Harry poster from my dear sister Beah. Well played, sister.


I realized a bit too late (like, on Saturday) that I didn’t take the obligatory photo of the perfectly-crafted Pinterest-inspired Insanely Creative Valentine Card like every other blogging mom on the planet. Well – as it turns out, I didn’t have time to do that perfect Pinterest craft, so instead I grabbed some cheap dinosaurs while at the Dollar Tree, then got home and desperately googled “dinosaur valentine” until I found a lame saying to print out on some old brown card stock I found kicking around a box in the basement. I then glue-dotted those cheap dinosaurs to the haphazardly-cut pieces of cardstock. TA-DAAAAA! I was kinda proud of my half-assed Mommy of the Year work, and then Pete decided he wanted Rescue Bots valentines, and so those cards then got glued to the bottom of the dinosaur card things because GOD DAMMIT I MADE THEM AND YOU ARE HANDING THEM OUT, MISTER.

Um, long story short I did not take a photo after they were created, so instead I took a photo quickly of the one lone survivor that Pete brought home, as it sits amid the chaos on his bedroom nightstand.


Our personal Valentine’s Day evening was pretty awesome – heart-shaped pizza, cupcakes for dessert, and we all got flowers/candy/cards galore. Can’t complain!

Our weekend was pretty low key. We were going to head to Winter Fest downtown, but it was windy and temps were chilly (teens) so we kinda bailed on that whole thing. Instead we hit up the Kid Disco at the Dane. The Great Dane brewery at Hilldale has a DJ come in every other Saturday in the winter. For $5 apiece (families max at $20), you gain entry to the Disco. Kids get snacks and juice, parents get pint tokens.

This thing is a brilliant idea. Kids are happy, parents are happy, the world is a beautiful place.


The DJ also had a bubble machine and pretty much none of the kids were dancing, they were all in a bubble-induced trance.



Eventually, after a few hours of chasing bubbles, Pete was tired. So we got a table and had some lunch.


Yeah that was pretty much the highlight of Saturday. The boys did the grocery shopping, which meant I was home ALL ALONE for the first time in pretty much forever. For almost 3 hours! So what did I do? Did I take a long bath, a long nap, enjoy a movie without any interruptions, or call one of my sisters for a long chat?

No. I cleaned the entire house top to bottom. I am so boring I embarrass myself.

Sunday the boys also took off and left me to my own devices – this time, they hit up the Mad City Train Show. Pete was beyond excited, after a week about talking about it. He woke up and had me read his train books to him, he picked out his outfit (we couldn’t find his red train shirt, TOTAL CATASTROPHE). Best Sunday EVAR.


While they were gone, I took full advantage and… baked and did laundry. Four batches of dough (mostly for the freezer), pizza sauce, chopped tons of veggies for snacking all week, and then made salted caramel brownies, including the salted caramels from scratch (YUM, guys).


Then the boys got home, we made some more goodies in the kitchen (breakfast/protein bars for Pete), and just kinda chilled at home the rest of the day. Pete sat for his weekly portrait project thing and made googly eyes at his baby picture. He is suddenly quite obsessed with that canvas, maybe because the baby head is still freakishly bigger than his, I dunno.



Anyhoo – that’s about as exciting as it got around these parts this week. Hopefully I have more interesting things to show off next week. Have a great week!


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