Week in Review – 10 February 2013

Uh, it has been a weird week to say the least.

First up: Pete got sick.  Again.  That is Not Really Out Of The Ordinary at this point, to be honest.  We are in a constant state of illness this winter. Anyway, his preschool called me Tuesday to say he was running a fever of 101F, so it was time to pick him up.  Sigh.  So he laid on the couch all sad-like, and watched a lot of Rescue Bots and Bananas in Pajamas and moaning for me to come lay down with him and hold him.  Uh, not if you are watching Bananas in Pajamas, dude, because that is kinda torture.

Wednesday he was sick as well, although seemed a little perkier in the afternoon.  Which was good, because we had some shopping to do.  While he was napping on Wednesday I made some dessert sushi, and that afternoon we went out to pick out a cake for an Un-named Coworker’s Birthday.


Un-named, because she was totally bummed about turning 30. Yes, 30. So we went easy on her, and filled her office with balloons. That’s 29 pretty, colorful balloons, and 1 black half-dead balloon (note: some of the balloons kinda deflated before she could see them, so we told her those were probably the bad years of her life). We picked up a bottle of her favorite liqueur, and a coworker’s kids painted the bottle black in honor of the wonderful day. And we also had a big work potluck in her honor. She didn’t commit suicide at the end of the day, so I think it was a success.


It has also been snowing almost every day lately, usually only a skiff (that’s less than an inch) or maybe 2-3 inches. Nothing interesting. I think Pete is finally warming to the weather, though – I’ve noticed that if it’s 30-ish degrees, he refuses to wear a hat or mittens because ‘it’s too warm’. One night like that, we went out and caught snowflakes. I think he’s warming up to the Wisconsin weather, so to speak.


Friday, it was cold and snowy and so we started up the fireplace. For the first time in a few weeks. The problem – apparently with the strange weather on Thursday, the top of our chimney iced up, so immediately the living room (and shortly after, the rest of the townhouse) filled up with smoke. Ummm, oops. Scott went to work getting the fire out and turning off the smoke alarms, and I put a (very nervous) Pete in his coat and a hat, and had him stand by the (open) front door, so he could get some fresh air. Then I opened several windows, the sliding door, and got fans to place in the doors facing out to suck out the smoke.

By the time I went back to check on poor Pete, I found his coat and hat laying on the floor by the door. No sign of Doots. After a quick search, I found him hiding in our bedroom, all his kitties and his two billy-blankets making a nest on the floor. He was clutching his two favorite kitties and looked scared out of his gourd, to be honest. Poor little guy. So we joined him in hiding in our bedroom, talked to him about things (including what to do in a fire, like uh, don’t run and hide in a bedroom, little man), and ended up renting a movie and making a little cheese tray to snack on while staying put in that room. While the rest of the place aired out. It still kinda smells like smoke in this place, I won’t lie.

On a positive note: we also got a rad Valentine’s Day package from Anne, so to cheer him up we let Pete open his gift from her a little early. YUMMY TREATS GALORE! And a cat (kid) toy! He was in heaven.


Saturday we woke up to freezing fog, which does some cool things to the foliage outside. When I went to check the mail I meandered a bit and took a few photos of the trees near our home.



Saturday we took it easy. Scott had a hair appt. with a new salon (think this is a keeper, she didn’t buzz everything away or leave weird uneven necklines or talk him out of the beard, thank goodness: who knew it would be this hard to find a decent hair stylist? I am still on the hunt, harrumph). Then he went on his usual 3-hour meat-and-grocery-shopping adventure. Pete and I took it easy and I painted my nails for the first time in FOREVER. Super interesting, I know. Sorry.


I did get my weekly-portrait-challenge thing out of the way. This week the challenge was Texture, and when Pete wrapped up in a blanket after his bath I figured that was My Opportunity To Take Photos. He goofed and I never got a good normal face out of him, but whatever it’s done.




Saturday evening we had a Date Night planned! Peter went to his monthly ‘pizza party’ and we headed out to a movie and then dinner. We caught ZeroDarkThirty, which was a second time for me but Scott’s first time viewing it. Unfortunately, the two older dudes behind us decided it was okay to talk at normal, full volume throughout the entire film. THE ENTIRE FILM. Everyone else around us was pretty mad. First I tried to give them the Stare Down between our seats, which seemed to work for a little bit (they whispered amongst themselves, which was much appreciated). Then they started laughing and talking again. During the big, dramatic, final climax scene. So I turned and politely (no, really) asked them to please stop talking during the movie. And they did. I felt kinda bad calling them out, but I was thanked by other fellow viewers after the movie, so I will try to not feel too horribly. But I still kinda feel bad. Darn Catholic guilt.

Next time, maybe we do it the other way around like normal people do – we really, REALLY wanted to hit up Sushi Muramoto, but they were packed with no seating for at least 30-40 minutes. We didn’t have that much time left, sadly. So we tried the Dane, but it had the same wait. Grrr. So we headed back into the mall – thankfully there are a few really good places in there, including DumplingHaus. So we ordered a few steaming bowls of noodles, a few cold beers, and dolloped in several heaping spoonfuls of hot sauce into our noodle bowls before slurping away. NOODLE HEAVEN. It definitely hit the spot.


After filling up on spicy noodles, we checked out the art fair in the mall – all local high schools. This one was totally awesome – check out not only the blue-ribboned work, but the name of the piece.


Then we walked down to the Metcalfe’s that anchored the mall, got the rest of the weekly groceries, and headed out to pick up Peter. Yep, that’s what married life is like at our age, that’s a date. And darn it, but: even though it was kinda disappointing with the movie-talkers and dinner problems, but we still had a great time. When you have kids, you make do with what you can get for a date night, and have a blast no matter the circumstances 🙂

Sooooo: when we picked up Pete? He was clearly sick, hacking and coughing and just all-around miserable. Yeesh, sorry nice church people. We took him home and he barely slept. Me neither, because clearly: I have finally picked up one of the gross illnesses my son has been bringing home. Considering the number of times he has coughed/sneezed/breathed-into-my-face in the past few months, it’s a miracle I lasted this long. So anyway, we were both a couple of sad saps on Sunday. Poor Scott handled all meals, all laundry and cleaning, all that adult-boring stuff. While Pete and I took naps and felt all-around miserable all day.

We did find some time to break in our new cookie cutters and my AWESOME new cookie press – a big thank you to Anne for sending them. She also sent this amazing flavored sugar that we sprinkled on top of our cookies. Pete is learning about dinosaurs at school right now, and he was DYING when he saw the dinosaur cookie cutters. The diplococus is is favorite, by the way. So anyway, we made our own precious germ-infested cookies from this recipe, and while we haven’t exactly dug into them yet, I have no doubts they are fantastic.


Aaaaaaand that’s it. I think both Pete and I are home tomorrow, given how we are both faring. Have a great week all, and we’ll talk to you again in a week 🙂


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