Week in Review – 3 February 2013


This week, let’s see let’s see. Well, the weather was totally weird. It was normal Wisconsin-y cold, then Tuesday we woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a thunderstorm. Thunderstorm. That morning was all kinds of foggy and stormy and it was in the mid-50s. No lie. Then the next day, in contrast, dropped down to the 20s and a snowstorm blew in. The storm was forecast to drop 5-8 inches (we ended up with around 6), the amount wasn’t the problem so much as the time that it was going to be coming down and blowing at its worst: during rush hour. So everything kinda closed up earlier so people could get home before it was whiteout, my office and Pete’s preschool included. So we got an early day on Wednesday, which was kinda nice and so we partook in our usual snow-day tradition, which is: make something yummy. And I just happened to have all the stuff on hand to make rice krispies treats.


The rest of the week was your usual cold Wisconsin mother-of-a-winter. Below zero even at the warmest part of the day, windy, just all around unpleasant out there. So we didn’t really spend much (ummmm any) time outside. I must say, though – as cold as it is, I always love the look of a Wisconsin winter, especially at dusk and into the night. Horribly cold yes, but pretty.


The weekend warmed up a bit, we actually made it into the single digits on Saturday and teens on Sunday. The movie theater down the street has a wintertime special where they show (older) kid movies during the day, and all tickets are two bucks apiece. TWO BUCKS. Needless to say, it was a perfect way to spend our Saturday morning. We got to see Madagascar 3 in the theater again, enjoy some popcorn and lemonade, and it hardly cost us a thing. Pete even got his own lemonade and let me just tell you – that kid is used to just milk at meals and water only otherwise; so when he gets some special fancy beverage like lemonade he sucks that stuff down as quickly as possible, eyes bugged out and clutching the cup like we’re going to snatch this magical dream away from him at any moment. It was heaven for him, that morning in the theater, although I was really concerned that he would wet his pants.


We got home around 1pm and Pete asked if he could go to bed. Ummmm – we kinda phased out his naptime at home a few months ago – so that was weird. Then again, he had spent the past several nights up coughing and whining, perhaps it wasn’t just a remnant of the last lingering illness but, in fact, a whole new one? It wouldn’t shock me, we’re pretty much sick nonstop this winter. So anyway, we put him to bed and he zonked out and I took a photo to immortalize that moment, because he never EVER naps anymore.


Then we spent the rest of the day playing in Pete’s room while Scott practically had a heart attack while watching the Jayhawks hand their winning record at home over to Oklahoma State (of all the teams, my goodness). Sigh. I guess at least we weren’t a #1 seed when we choked. And it wasn’t to Mizzou, UNC, or Kentucky. Go ahead and make that highlight DVD and t-shirts, OSU: you earned it, actually. Good game. Scott still can’t watch or read any news on that game, it’s still that painful.


Sunday we took it easy and stayed in most of the day making massive towers and watching cartoons and devouring ‘breakfasts and gravy’. Pete actually screamed with joy when Scott told him he was making bisuits and gravy for breakfast. And then Pete ate THIRDS, guys, and he didn’t exactly get small portions. Wowza.


Eventually we got out of our pajamas, made ourselves presentable, and headed to the library to play in the kiddie area and pick up new books.


We went to the Sequoya branch, which is close-ish to the house (not the closest, but an easy 2nd closest) but more importantly: in one of our favorite neighborhoods in town. Would totally live in this hood, except the ‘reasonable’ tiny 2 bed/1 bath condos around there start at $300-350K, and that’s not exactly our price range nor our desired home (and that’s not even a fancy side of town or anywhere near the hip downtown area, folks, but instead – strictly middle class. Real estate in Madison is Choice, apparently).


ANYHOO, long aside short: afterwards we hit up what is arguably the best ice cream in the city, The Chocolate Shoppe. I like it a million times better than UW’s Babcock Hall (no, really), plus they make homemade drumsticks out of giant waffle cones so you can only imagine the Awesome of that. Pete got his usual: blue moon on a cone, while Scott tried some peanut butter/salted caramel concoction and I got Zoreo. Which was their Zanzibar (a deep, very dark chocolate ice cream made with cocoa beans they procure from, you guessed it… Zanzibar) with Oreo crumbles, marshmallow swirl, and fudge. I die. I could only finish half of my scoop. Luckily I had the guys there to help me finish. What would I do without my boys, really.


This shop had a kiddie corner with games, books, and toys to occupy the kiddies while you had your ice cream, can’t beat that. So we enjoyed our goodies and played and eventually made our way back home.


Aaaaand that about covers things. Right now we are watching the Super Bowl and I was going to write some smarmy stuff about Oscar-nominated films but will save annoying you with that crap for another day. Keep warm, dudes. The end.

And overnight (OF COURSE) we are due to get another good helping of snow so pray that I can drive in 6 fresh inches of powder in the morning. Real the end this time. Buh bye.


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