Week in Review – 27 January 2013


I actually typed 2013 instead of 2012 in the title today, like without even thinking about it. Finally sinking in, people.

By the way, this first image is brought to you by my son’s weird obsession with toilet paper.  He insists on calling them ‘paper towels’, and has a bad habit of stuffing entire rolls down things and then seeing what happens.  One day this week he went into the bathroom (normal, right) and was in there for longer than a few minutes (yeah totally a warning sign).  I stood outside the door, and heard him squealing and laughing.  Tried the door (locked).  Much yelling about “OH YAY IT’S SNOWIIIIING!” and “WEEEEEEEE!” and continued squealing.  Desperately tried to coax him into unlocking the door.  Then noticed the two empty cardboard rolls stuffed outside from underneath the door…  Great.  Thankfully, after finding the key and unlocking the door, I found  him rolling around in (and tossing into the air) two rolls’ worth of toilet paper.  Whatever dude, at least it wasn’t stuffed in the commode.  Like the awesome mother I am, I stuffed it all next to the toilet and now make him use it every time he needs TP.  Sometime this year, he might get through it all.


It was cold this week. Very, very cold. Wisconsin-level cold. Thank goodness for the fireplace. And also, for red wine leftover from our dinner of red-wine braised steaks. Which was my evening companion on Wednesday after Scott left for trivia and I was left to my own devices for a glorious few hours. And yeah, that’s totally on my nightstand. After the sick kid went to bed (early), I had some wine and my favorite music and goofed on the Internet allllll while in bed, ALL BY MYSELF, HELL TO THE YES. Long overdue.


This weekend started out chilly – Saturday was in the teens/low 20s and windy, but we headed out early anyway. First to the market. Pete knows exactly where his favorite cookie/donut vendor is situated, so will beeline there and pick out his one-dollar treat. And like a well-trained monkey, he will shove his treat in front of my camera for a photo without me even having to ask.

This week the musical talent was a guitarist and accordian artist (is that the correct terminology?). Anyway, they opened with Goodnight Irene. Oh my goodnesss, that reminded me of high school, when we all would walk to the convent after football games and link elbows and sing that song from the lawn to our nuns, so they knew our team had won the game.


After the market we walked over to the Overture Center. Pete forgot his gloves (amateur), so he stole mine. Even with comically oversized women’s gloves and rocking a 10-year-old cell phone, he was the coolest dude on the street. (Note: street full of mostly middle-aged people and homeless folk.)


So, the Overture Center has free kid concerts every Saturday. This week was a juggler dude, and I was kinda glad we got there a little early because it filled up quickly. He juggled and told jokes and, as his finale, spun 10 plates on wooden sticks and had the audience throw stuffed monkeys at him to knock down the plates. Needless to say, the guy was a hit with the kids.



Afterwards we walked State for awhile. Haven’t been down there since it got cold, and let me just say: a different experience in the chilly weather 😉



We walked as far as we could to State Street Brats, then stopped for a drink before going any farther. At Roast. Totally would have stayed for a sandwich but the place was beyond PACKED so we just had a quick drink, snagged a seat by the windows to people watch while we warmed up, and then finished our walk. We will definitely be back another day though, the menu looked yummy.



State Street Brats was a whopping half a block down the street. We were almost there, gawd, we are awesome. Anyway, that was our original destination so we stopped in. Made it just in time to secure a booth before the Badger/Gophers game started.


Badgers won, by the way. Pete brought Persuader (don’t judge, my dorky bro named that cat many years ago). He thought it was funny to pretend Persuader was eating/drinking, like he always does. Only this time, he spilled his juice about 2 seconds after these photos were taken. All over the table and seats. And then proceeded to be sad about it for the rest of the meal. Jeeeeeez kid, buck up, nothing a little hardcore mopping and scrubbing and drying doesn’t fix…


Tell the monkeys your sad story if that makes you feel better, I guess.


Then we headed home and Scott headed out to the nearby sports bar to watch the Jayhawks game (also a winner, huzzah!). After the game Scott did the grocery shopping, which took him almost 4 hours. No, really. The dude is the slowest grocery shopper ever, this is normal for him. He goes to about 10 different stores to get the best, most sustainably organic whatevers as possible. SO ANYWAY: he made it home around 9:30p and that was pretty much that. We watched Adam Levine host SNL and it was so boring that we fell asleep, the end.

Sunday was OMG WINTER WEATHER WARNING OF DOOOOOOOM! Well, at least to us. Snow started late morning, not much accumulation (which has been the norm for all snow showers since late December, not much to show for them). Then it changed to sleet, and finally freezing rain overnight. We are all like “are the roads going to be okay?? will we be able to drive on it?? will preschool even be open??” and all the locals and news stations are pretty much like “meh, weather schmeather, let’s talk about the Packers”. So I guess we will survive after all.

Pete and I ran around in the snow before it changed to annoying sleet pellets. He hates that hat, I had to sneak it on his head. He was not pleased when he realized what he was wearing.




After that we never left the house, no lie. Cleaned, did laundry, made a bunch of stuff for the freezer (I made dough and Scott made beans, like from dried boring beans from the bag, for real. It’s easy and so cheap, and tastes so much better than canned, plus they freeze like a dream, SO THERE). Scott made a smoky, spicy corn chowder for dinner, one of those all-day-simmer projects but oh so worth it. Pete and I meanwhile made Brrrrrr-ownies. With Andes mints. Pete helped to unwrap my mints, and he only ate about half a dozen and dutifully broke up the rest for the batter. Such restraint.


I think that’s it, guys! Next week will be more exciting, I promise. Was supposed to go to Orlando, but that got postponed, so I get to run amok in Madison instead. Fun stuff 🙂

Have a great week!


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