Week in Review 20 January 2013

I planned to get this thing done much earlier but I’ve been majorly distracted and finally had to go hunt down my headphones to drown out the sound of Rescue Bots coming from the living room. We have watched the entire season today. And then some. Needless to say I need something to… distract me.



This week was the first in a long time where I felt like I could breathe – work finally got to a tolerable level, I’ve caught up on things at home and actually made it to trivia this week for the first time in months. Aaaaaaaand that was about it. Saturday I got up bright and early, thanks to the Doots man. He was up at 4am, whining about having the sniffles and bad dreams and coercing me into letting him crawl into bed with us (where he proceeded to kick me in the stomach in his sleep for the next hour, even though he had me smooshed all the way so I was teetering on a one-foot area on the side of the bed. Really, dude?? I have respect for the patience of anyone that sleeps with a small kid on a regular basis because seriously, that shizz is torture).

Sooooo that was annoying but whatever: we had big plans for the weekend so might as well get an early start. I had to do my ‘weekly theme’ thing for the photo portrait group I joined, this week’s theme was shallow depth of field so I cornered Pete first thing and had a go at ’em. Get it out of the way, right?



Please take note of the lovely bruise blooming on Pete’s forehead in that last shot. While upstairs later that morning I heard a big bang and he came sheepishly out of our room, rubbing his head. That purple thing on his forehead showing up pretty much immediately. It took about 5 minutes to coax the story out of him that he got the bruise when playing under the computer table, which is off-limits to him and he’s well aware of that fact…

Saturday we had a birthday party to attend (for Carrie’s cutie twin girls, at a local gym). We left early and headed to a bar and grill to have lunch and watch the beginning of the KU game. In the span of one hour at the restaurant, Pete went from slightly-sniffly-but-normal to a lethargic, feverish mess who just sat sadly in our laps, telling us he needed to go home and we can just have the girls’ party later. Weee. So we stopped by the gym, dropped off the gifts and explained the situation, and headed home. Pete spent the rest of the day writhing on the couch and whimpering, poor kid. He didn’t sleep much better. Looks like that nasty illness that’s been making the rounds finally made it to our place.

On a high note: one of my succulents that I swore was dying instead sprouted some babies this week. So there’s that.


Pete (shockingly) slept like total crap and the morning came waaaaay too early. He was gangbusters in the morning – our normal high-energy weirdo. He jumped on the bed’ and “helped me” clean, and – when my eyes were off him for 5 whole minutes – took his laundry basket over to the bathroom shelves, turned it upside down to use as a stool, and grabbed the children’s Motrin. Somehow got off the child-proof lid. And filled the measuring cup to the very tippy top before walking into the bedroom where I was folding clothes. Then, after calling to me so I’d look, he proceeded to happily toss back that cup o’ Motrin like a shot of whiskey.


Too bad he just took a shot of medicine that was FIVE TIMES THE RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM DOSAGE FOR HIS AGE. Omg! Now, I have to say – thankfully his pouring and his walking-with-full-vessel skills suck, because even though I found an almost-empty bottle, I’m pretty confident that most of it was on the carpet and his pants. At any rate, I made the call to poison control and thankfully: not a huge deal. At most, would be hard on his stomach for a day. So we pumped him full of liquids and he never seemed different (except that pesky high fever actually went down to 99 degrees for a good 6 hours, what do you know…).


Around noon it was deja vu – he got really feverish, he was lethargic, all he wanted to do was sleep with his buddies. Harrumph. So needless to say: we didn’t do much except stay at home this weekend. I did clean out and re-organize the master bedroom closet, which was (embarrassingly, considering we’ve been here less than a year) quite the project. Pete was able to stuffed-animal bomb his bedroom before succumbing to illness.


We cleaned, I took a quick trip to the mall to get away from all the narst germs in that house, and Scott spent a good chunk of the day working on homemade broth for a pretty darn good chicken noodle soup. Aaaaaaand, yeah. That’s about all that’s fit to print. Thank goodness Scott has off work tomorrow and can stay home with the poor pathetic thing (for once, I am not jealous that he has the day off and I don’t). Have a great week, all. See you again soon.


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