Week in Review – 13 January 2013

Hullo! I am blogging this while trying to watch the Golden Globes and stuff my face with delicious cake, so if anything seems weird it’s because I’m perhaps maybe only half with ya.

Sorry about that in advance. Also the following photo has nothing to do with anything other than that: I opened this can of coffee my sister sent for Christmas and OMG SMELLED SO GOOD and taking a photo somehow felt necessary. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with, you know. The smell. So anyway here you go.


And also SURPRISE! I WILL BE GOING EASY ON YOU THIS WEEK! Very few photos (and hopefully, few words). Work was nuts until Thursday, then I was CRAZY ILL on Friday, guys. Like, mental-health-day ill. So I took a sick day and had a niiiiiice, long breakfast date with an egg-white omelette and my laptop. Talked to my mom. Spent some time at the day spa. Did some shopping. Talked to my mom again. Saw a matinee – okay, I saw ZeroDarkThirty, and WHOA – best film I’ve seen all year, hands down. Two minutes in, screen still dark, and I was already gutted. I am a time-watcher (weird tic when watching movies) and even as long as it was – never looked at my phone once. Super intense and thought-provoking. Go see it if you haven’t yet.

So anyway long story short: I took the day off and felt a million times better. I had my camera in my bag but never busted it out. I am sure you are devastated to not see my egg-white omelette or a fuzzy photo from inside a movie theater.

Saturday we took care of some things around the house, played a lot with the kittens, did our normal thing.


We took Pete to the mall for a bit, to wear off some energy at the fecal forts. He insisted on wearing his sunglasses, which are new (our kid could totally be a mole, any time it is sunny he’s all whiny about the ‘mean horrible sun’ and the sunglasses help keep him from being a whiny little wet towel, for sure).


Then we came home, everyone took showers/made themselves presentable, and we headed out – Scott and I had a date night. Pete was headed to a Packers-themed ‘pizza party’ (babysitting thing) at the church on Midvale. When we dropped him off, I took Pete to the gym and Scott/the pastor made some small talk. After asking about our plans (dinner + movie), the pastor further inquired about what film we were seeing. Luckily my husband is quick on his feet and pretended I was in charge of that and he wasn’t sure. Probably a better than telling him we were seeing this one movie with lots of blood, gore, violence, and an overabundance of the n-word. As Scott later told me when telling me about it: “I wanted to be all WE ARE GOING HOME TO SMOKE CRACK STOP ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS”. That’s my man.

Here’s Pete’s best Claymaker, by the way. Too bad it wasn’t very lucky for the team…


Scott and I watched the movie first (Django Unchained! Which: wonderful. Actually not as gory as I was expecting. One of Tarantino’s best films for sure, and Christoph Waltz stole that movie out from under every other actor on screen). After the movie we ran over to the Dane next door, having a beer and some grub before heading to pick up Pete. In our defense: yes, same freaking place we’ve eaten at a ton of times, but it was the only sports-bar-ish place around there, so the only place where we could watch the game. The horrible, awful game (GAWD).

Sunday we all slept in. Pete was complaining of a sore throat, so we just kinda took it easy and stayed at home. I don’t have much more to add other than that. Except to have you note Scott’s condiment of choice, which goes on everything he puts in his mouth. Even corn salsa, apparently.


And that brings us to now. Apps, flatbread, and cranberry shortbread cake for dessert while we enjoy the Golden Globes. I am bringing the leftover cake into work because we just don’t need all those calories around, so if you work with me and you like soft, cookie-like cake sandwiching a sweet-yet-tart jammy filling, well then – run to the breakroom first thing tomorrow and snag yourself a slice.


I’ve seen 5 of the 9 Best Picture films that are nominated for the Oscars; I imagine I’ll sneak in another by next update and hopefully a few other vaguely interesting things to show you or talk about by then πŸ˜‰ See ya next week, kiddos.



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  1. If it’s not Saracha, it’s Chaloula at our house. I swear I should by stock.

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