Week in Review – 6 January 2013



It’s the New Year! Scott and I rang in the New Year by hustling Pete off to bed early after giving him some sad thing for dinner (PB&J maybe; so lame I can’t even remember) and then made ourselves nice cocktails and appetizers, got a fire going in the fireplace, and settled in to watch a movie. Looper, if you care to know. Which was pretty good, given that I’m not usually into SciFi stuff (Scott is slowly, verrrrrrrrry slowly, making me a convert). After the movie was over we realized perhaps we jumped the gun a wee bit, because with our full, content tummies and having sprawled in front of the nice warm fire to watch the movie, we were mere moments from totally zonking out. Oops. So we went up to bed watched some TV and almost forgot to ring in the New Year because Scott was reading and I was on my phone on IMDb looking up some inane movie factoid or another. Thank goodness for the fireworks going off outside to notify us of the fact. We are officially Old Lame People.

The next morning we lounged around for a bit; then finally got up, dressed, and out the door to hunt down a good brunch. This proved to be a hit harder than we initially thought it would be, first we went waaaaaaaay across town (no really, like on the opposite side of town, quite the jaunt) to check out Crema Cafe, because no mention on their site of being closed for the holiday. Instead, we were greeted some scribblings on a piece of paper taped to the door, saying they were closed. Grrr. Then we went to the Square, thinking that certainly SOMEPLACE would be open, like maybe we could finally try Marigold Kitchen or any number of other spots, because HELLO come on there are like 637 restaurants down there*. Except no, it was a ghost town. So then in one last desperate attempt, we drove past Bluephies on Monroe. And God bless ’em, they were open for business. So we settled in and thoroughly enjoyed our hot breakfasts and boozy beverages. Well, Pete had chocolate milk, but Scott and I had bloody Marys. Mine was the Rose Bowl special, bacon rose included. Be jealous.


*Merely my personal estimate, from the looks of things.

After finally ingesting some food, we were content and headed home to spend the rest of the day hanging out at home. I got Pete out into the snow to actually play, finally. Turns out that all I had to do was mention bringing WEAPONS outside to fight the evil terrible snow. The lightsaber and a few other (ignored) things were dragged out and we played for a good half hour before we got too cold. SCORE. We’re totally taking that lightsaber sledding with us next time, no lie.



That’s about all the excitement for the weekday stuff. I got a bunch of mercury glass at like 75% off at PotteryBarn, if that counts as ‘excitement’. Thank God for post-holiday sales. Oh, and Pete’s preschool had an evacuation on Friday. Apparently something (some pipe or something?) was whacked when B&G were shoveling off the roof and back area behind the school, and the smell of gas filled the building. Keep in mind, it’s been chilly here all week (in the single digits with a nice steady biting wind to boot). Luckily, with the teacher/helper/cafeteria/other staff, they had enough people with vehicles to safely evacuate the kiddos into their cars and wait for the firefighters to arrive and do their inspection. Nothing harmful was detected, so after airing out the building to get rid of the smell everyone went back in. On the drive home that night, Pete informed me that when the firetrucks came to visit his school, he went outside with Miss Dahlia to her car. She put him in the trunk**. She has a really awesome trunk, and smelled nice. When prodded further about the smell, he told me it smelled like crackers. So, there you go.

**She has a Subaru wagon, so no worries, I’m pretty sure he was just in the back with Corveair and Alex and Olivia And they spent their time jumping around like a bunch of crazy 3-year-olds. From the sound of things.

ANYHOO. That was our biggest excitement of the weekday things.

Saturday morning we headed out to the weekly market. It has moved yet again for the wintertime, this time to the Madison Senior Center. They stay in this location until it’s finally spring again and they are let loose at the Square. Until then, I think things will be packed in there. It certainly was this Saturday.


After getting our market goodies, we headed to the Capitol to warm up and drink from the bubblers. Pete is very enamored with their bubblers. Scott took the bags back to the car in the parking garage, and Pete and I were on a mission to beat him to the Capitol building.


Spoiler: he caught up to us pretty quickly, given my son’s meandering ways and the fact that he would stop to gawk and see if Dad was catching up about every 2 minutes. Scottie was a total gentleman and pretended to let us beat him to the front of the building.



One of my New Years resolutions is to try more restaurants in town. Thus far we have found a few good ones, and tend to go there over and over and OVER. So for lunch, we headed down MLK and found this little gem. Who could resist a restaurant with a sandwich board like that out front?


Actually, Adam (one of the members of the Madison Photography Meetup group) ate there recently and took some photos, which he shared in our meeting this week, so I was kinda excited to try it out. We went with the brunch sandwiches, which were HUUUUUGE, and shared a plate of truffled-gravy fries. Tres decadent. Super good.


Pete took over my camera and took some shots of his dad when I put it on P; not bad. I mean, the faces that Scottie decided to make at him are vaguely creepy, don’t get me wrong.


After that we headed home and took it easy. Pete had a fever, it was kinda burn-y and took me by surprise. I mean, he had said his throat hurt earlier, but most times that’s a ploy to get something particular of his choice to drink so I didn’t think much of it. But he wasn’t as (shall we say) energetic as usual, choosing to watch cartoons or lay on our bed with his kitties most of the day, so I should have known better. At least he still had just enough energy to be his normal goofy self.



Sunday I will admit, I didn’t take many photos. Pete was clearly sick (and up well before the sun, weeeeeeeee). Scott had a wicked sore throat and headache. And I too felt sick, so YAY THE GREAT TRIFECTA OF ILLNESS IS NOW UPON US. We thought about going to the zoo, but scratched that. Instead we mostly stayed inside. Cleaned the house, lots of laundry, and also I weeded out Pete’s wardrobe.

The boys went out and played at the mall and ran errands in the afternoon, when they felt a little better, and I stayed home and did some mending and deep-cleaning. Pete got a massive hole in a pair of MiniBoden lined pants (grrrr), so I went back to a Pinterest project and made the hole into a monster. Not too shabby, considering I don’t know Dutch. Pete again had a solo dinner (I made him a cheese tray, or ‘a picnic’, as he refers to it) while Scott and I enjoyed a nice spicy white chili from a new cookbook. YUMMY. Cleared out those clogged sinuses rather nicely.


Anddddd. That’s about it. Ready for the next week, and tackling the rest of the resolutions. Big goals for this year. I want to get in better shape (so far, so good). Explore more of the city. And finally make this townhouse feel like a home. I used gift cards to work on the master bedroom, getting new pillows, a nice new down mattress pad, and a throw blanket. Plus prints for the walls (this is big, make no mistake). I want to get a few more things for our master bedroom, and then on to the other rooms…

Have a great week! I hope your New Years resolutions make it well into the year 🙂




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  1. Match! We had a creepily similar New Years Eve. Watched Looper and towards the end got worried someone was walking upstairs because I heard weird sounds. Yep, midnight fireworks.

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