Week in Review – 09 Dec 2012

I have gifts to wrap, lunches to make, and packages to pack/address so they can go out in the mail. Oh, and those pesky holiday cards to finish. So will try to make this quick!

OMG I say that every week, don’t I? Well I TOTALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME.


This week was when the holiday shows were on! I marked it on the calendar when I first saw the dates. Rudolph and Frosty, popcorn, and hot chocolate: here we come. It also happened to be on Trivia Night, so Scott went this week. Pete and I started the hot chocolate and I got the popcorn ready and ummm. I, uh. Kinda had the wrong evening on my calendar. As in: they aired the evening before.


Luckily my child is the perfect mix of laid-back and ignorant, so I switched out Rudolph and Frosty for whatever I could find on Netflix. And that would be: the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special. It was terrible, do not even bother trying to watch it for kitsch factor, it is not even good for that sort of thing. But Pete was happy to have a Christmas-y show to go with his hot chocolate and popcorn, and that’s all that matters. Next year however I will be better about keeping track of the show airing dates.


This was also the week of St. Nick’s Day, so we got that visit as well. Three years old is a great age for a kid because everything like this is so magical and perfect and real and needless to say, it was a fun day, discovering the bag from St. Nick on the front stoop and the piece of candy St. Nick leaves in his boot every morning if Pete was a good boy the day before. St. Nick (much like the Easter Bunny) usually includes a toothbrush with the rest of the loot. Pete was pretty fond of his Wolverine toothbrush and insisted on using it right away.


Friday, after bath and PJs, we went up to our neighborhood Barnes & Noble for a reading of Polar Express (dressed in PJs was on the invitation, I swear we’re not just lazy). They read the book, had a craft, and treat. Pete was pretty excited for the treat (he was the kid who leapt up from his place on the floor as soon as the word ‘cookie’ was uttered). Scott and I were able to knock out a few more gifts while there, so I can’t complain. I drooled over the cookbooks but showed complete self-control by not buying any. That Thomas Keller book is a beaut, though.



After storytime, we drove around and looked at lights. We found a house not far from our neighborhood that has the synchronized light display, so I’m sure we’ll cruise by that spot a few more times before the season is through.


Saturday during the day we split up – Scott ran errands while Pete and I scoured the house top to bottom. Then we played with Pete’s buddies in his room.




Pete took a turn with my camera on Auto, in that last photo below. OMG CLEARLY HE’S A NATURAL. Then I wrestled my camera away from him and hid it high on a shelf, because: yeah, that was a pretty stupid thing to do. Now he thinks he can just grab it any old time. So I hid it high, and we all took showers: Mommy and Daddy had a date, and Pete had a pizza party to attend.


A coworker gave me a flyer from a local church, that does a ‘pizza party’ sort of thing where you can bring your kid and they have pizza, games, and a movie. 5pm-10pm, $15. Yes, fifteen dollars. It’s like 1985. I was a wee bit skeptical of the situation, even after chatting with the normal-sounding pastor and signing Pete up, but we got there and lo and behold: actual normal people, not serial killers. The other parents dropping off kids were not crackheads, either, but regular old middle-class peeps like ourselves. So off we went, for a nice long dinner and viewing of Skyfall, while Pete had a blast at the ‘pizza party’. Score.

By the way, Skyfall is aaaaah-mazing. I will admit I am not a Bond-film aficionado, in fact I haven’t seen any since Roger Moore was Bond, but it was a gorgeous film – it was all action-y and entertaining but also incredibly well acted and my goodness, but that was a beautifully shot film. I could have stared at the scenery for hours. So anyway: totally recommended.

PS – there’s a new kiddie spa at the Hilldale shopping area and some girls were getting pedis when we walked past the window. I had to take a photo. Where were those spas when I was a kid??


Sunday we woke up to snow – it started falling early, and continued throughout the day (just stopped in the last hour). Not much accumulation, 3-ish inches, but at least some of it stuck this time. We’ve had a 3 snowfalls before this but it all melted away with the warmer weather. So this morning, we bundled up and headed out to enjoy the (wee bit) of snow.



Pete thought it was pretty cool (the last time in Lawrence that we got more than a dusting was when he was still a wee baby-toddler). Until he realized that snow is just really cold rain, and it gets all slushy underfoot on days like this, and he was thoroughly sad and disappointed. And did the Sad Charlie Brown walk. He busts that out anytime he is sad about something, usually when getting in trouble. I have no idea how he learned it but it is unintentionally awesome.



Finally he retreated to the front steps, and when I continued to take some photos and not let his sad cold self inside, I was treated to more Sad Charlie Brown.


I finally busted out my new table runner. It is the first of the season of the ‘I bought this for someone else but couldn’t part with it” gifts. I got it at the Frank Lloyd Wright gift shop for my dad, but I really kinda wanted it for myself. So I kept it. Sorry, dad. It doesn’t actually match your dining room decor, anyway. Am I right? Right?


After awhile we ventured back out into the snow, to do some shopping (so I can finally mail out all these packages, sheesh). Pete ran amok in the snow again for about five minutes (again) before freezing and whining and Sad Charlie Browning to the car, so we could get to the stores, to get the darn shopping over with already.


We found what we needed and then, because we were just down the street, we went to the mall. Not so much for the shopping but to spend some quality time at the indoor kiddie play area. As we walked through the Boston Store to get there, Pete kept loudly and pointedly asking us “GUYS: IS THIS THE WAY TO THE FECAL FORTS? ARE WE ALMOST AT THE FECAL FORTS? WHERE ARE THE FECAL FORTS?”. Nice. Time to stop using that phrase around him.


We hit up Annie’s Pretzels and then headed home. Pete zonked out in the car, and slept all the way back, then for a good chunk of time on the couch, too. I bet he logged at least 2 hours. So obviously, he is still upstairs singing “If you’re happy and you know it” and pounding away on… something with his toy tools. Sigh. Life with a three year old is grand, I tell you.


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