Week in Review – 11 November 2012

OMG I TOTALLY HAVE A SORE THROAT AND FEVER.  Whyyyyyyyyyy Gaaaaaaaaaaaad! It seems like a Sunday only thing, because last Sunday after moaning about being sick I felt like a million bucks when I woke up Monday morning.  Fingers crossed the same happens this week.

Anyway.  Sorry.  Where were we? Weekly update, right.  Well again I was busy working on wedding photos (omg, finally finishing up on that) and busy at the old day job and whoa nellie, but a highlight of the week – Pete’s school pictures were ready.  I was expecting all sorts of so-bad-it’s-awesomeness, but I think I underestimated the level of Awesome.

Something about the whole laying-on-the-fake-leaves-backdrop-holding-hands-with-Momo-who-is-wearing-a-bow-tie kinda sealed the deal. I am not embarrassed to say I was giddy to write that overpriced-print check to Lifetouch. Just go ahead and label me a sucker now.  If the whole cheese factor is a bit much do not fret, as there were a few other more boring-ish options in the envelope.

I hear there was a fake tire swing also available and I must admit, I am a bit sad that Pete’s version didn’t make it into the final three.

There was also a class photo.  Which in and of itself is pretty hilarious, given that it isn’t that great and you know it was probably the best out of 20 photos they took, desperately trying to at least get one of all the kids facing the camera.  In the final version, they didn’t exactly get that.  Plus some people have their eyes closed, so I can only imagine what the rejects look like.

I took the liberty of blurring out most of the eyes (with the  paintbrush function in PS, I didn’t even bother to change it to totally opaque, and yes before you even ask do know that I am, indeed, that lazy).  ANYWAY: the highlight of the entire class photo is Jules.  Jules is the Man.  He is like this hilarious little Dave Chappelle type person.  As you can tell by his pose in the class photo.  I would adopt that kid in a heartbeat, no lie, I luff him (his parents probably wouldn’t appreciate that thought but whatever, it’s the truth).

Okay that that about sums up the excitement of the week. This weekend we had no plans. NO PLANS OMG.  Joy!  Saturday morning was… well, warm.  Like 50 degrees.  It was unnerving. Anyway, it was the last outdoors Farmers Market of the season and even though Scott didn’t feel like getting up and Pete and I totally bailed on going with him, he still went like the trooper he is.

I was hoping for a pot of coffee before he left (I really am Burr-grinder stupid and so if he doesn’t do it for me I can’t have coffee, sad but true).  He did not, however, make coffee before leaving.  RUDE.  I had to make do with water with my waffles, drowning my sorrows by reading the Kate Moss Vanity Fair article.  Which, by the way:  I am pretty much a stupid Amerrrkun and totally did not realize what a cultural influence she had in her early days nor did I realize what a crazy life she’s lived.  And she is still surprisingly down to earth (well, as down to earth as a mega super model can be).  Frankly I think she’s a million times prettier today than she was when she started.  Also I have much respect for her after reading that article.

Pete, as usual, shunned the normal condiment and decided to take his waffle with mustard.

Scott was out shopping for awhile so Pete and I headed outside to enjoy the weirdly warm weather with my camera.  I really tend to be a wide angle girl, which still kinda surprises me when I think about it.  I live with the 24mm or 35mm on my camera.

I decided that, this weekend, I was going to limit myself to only shooting with my 50mm,.  I just hate that I feel like I have to dart back 2 yards just to get a nice open shot, so annoying.  But the portraits are definitely worth using the thing more regularly.

Pete ran around like a crazy 3-year-old (fancy that), however he looked up nicely when I asked. Sometimes I didn’t ask (that face he makes when he’s thinking, or when he’s frustrated with me pestering him, those are nice to capture sometimes too). He did his usual thing and ran out to the pines to pick me several pine cones. I should have a nice healthy stash when it comes time to make holiday decorations.

For the record, that middle shot totally makes me think of the strutting Leo meme. Remember that thing? Good times.

Saturday I went nuts editing photos. I am pretty much done with the wedding now, just have to sort it all out in the online gallery. Joy! Evenings will be mine again! Hello trivia team: dust off that bar stool of mine, I’m back.

Sunday it was rainy. Still warm, though, which was nice. But the rain, meh. We dealt by heading to the mall. I have decided I love Hilldale, it is nearby and a nice little shopping area with a huge Metcalfe’s and also L’Occitane, Anthropologie, Lululemon, etc. There is even this day spa for little girls (I find this hilarious and totally plan on taking my niece Mahni when she comes to visit). We hit up North Face to go coat shopping (my winter coat is dead) and enjoy the brief break from the rain.

After shopping we took Pete to the Sundance theater to take in a matinee of Wreck It Ralph. We got there a little early and chilled in the lounge, enjoying the deep, perfectly-distressed leather couches and fair-trade rattan chairs and the decent beer selection (well, Pete enjoyed the slim juice selection). It is a nice theater, clearly the best in town, but I have to admit: it’s no AMC. The AMC theaters in Kansas are Awesome and nothing here comes close to the Fork & Screen or Cinema Suites, the end. But we were able to make do, and the movie was super cute.

That’s pretty much the most excitement for the day. Next week I plan on beefing up the music on my mp3 player, painting my nails, and getting a packing list ready. Ladies and gents: we’re road tripping back to Kansas (and no jobs scheduled this time). Have a great week!


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  1. Jules. Love it.

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