Week in Review 4 November 2012

Blaaaaaaaa I am siiiiiiick.  Again.  Welcome, cold and flu season: I missed you so.  Except no, I hate you and am not looking forward to dealing with you for the next 6-ish months.

Anyway, long sad pathetic sick-person story short: I am going to try to get this sucker up early (and quickly) tonight. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, because I can guarantee I won’t be checking for that.

Okay! So, there was Halloween. We were invited to a party down in the Willy St. neighborhood so just did our Trick or Treating in that neighborhood.

Bonfires were going strong and there were lots of people handing out candy and ‘treats’ for the parents and all in all, a lovely time.

Friday we had a visitor:

Oooooh, yes. Pete’s cousin Mike came to chill with us. Mike is my nephew, but the kind of cool nephew who isn’t terribly younger than me so we can go do fun adult-y stuff together.  He and Scott hit up the New Glarus Brewing “hard hat” beer tour (2 hours of beer-touring, no lie, talk about involved). Apparently it was amaze-balls and they are planning on doing it again in the next year, when the new facilities are finished. We love us some New Glarus anyway, but that kinda solidified just how awesome the brewery is 🙂

When Pete and I got home, we all headed downtown for fish fry at The Old Fashioned. Excuse the horrible Motorola-phone photo.

After dinner we headed back to our place and chilled and Mike totally passed out on the couch, before the three-year-old, even. In his defense: he works overnights and didn’t get much sleep the night (day…) before and anyway. He zonked. Which was fine, because then we were all refreshed and ready to hit the market the next morning.

Lots of ornamental kale at the tents, a few were selling these gorgeous bouquets featuring the stuff. If I was up here when we were getting married I totally would have pushed it to November and just ran up there on my wedding day to get bouquets. I was in looooooove.

Pete and Mike had a blast.

They had a bunch of construction barrels out already, preparing for Obama’s rally on Monday.

After the market we had lunch at Vintage Brewing (seeing a trend to this visit yet…) here I enjoyed my beloved Better Off Red. Then we hung out at home for a little bit before Mike headed back North. The boys had a lightsaber fight (via phone apps) and goofed around on Mike’s skateboard for a little bit.

Nice underpants, doots.

We were sad to see Mike go but it was a good visit. Pete misses his cousin dearly. Mike: thanks for being so good and indulging our spazzy three year old so much on this trip.

Okay here are a few random things I took photos of this week and prepped and whatever I feel too yucky to comment much on them.

Sunday morning we woke up… well, actually not to terribly early, considering the time change. I felt kinda off but thought maybe I just needed some coffee. Scott popped a loaf of Stella’s spicy cheese bread in the oven for breakfast – it’s been awhile since we’ve picked up a loaf and that was the perfect way to enjoy it.

I got my birthday package from Anne, and she added a marshmallow gun in there for Pete. We spent the morning firing off a few rounds. Thank you for that, Anne, the dude is kinda obsessed 🙂

And that’s about all the news that is fit to print. Hope that everyone has a good week! Now off to chug some Nyquil and crawl into bed.


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