Week in Review – 28 October 2012

Let me just start this off with a picture of a sweaty 3-year-old. I’m just glad he finally accepted the duvet cover, so had to capture it.  Aaaaand I just now realized he’s kinda grossly sweaty.  Sorry about that AND ALSO but dayum, but it’s darn cold in his room at bedtime these days, I don’t know how that is even possible.

Friday I had off work – HOLLA, sometimes there are perks when working for a scientific society, and the fact that you get an ‘off’ day after the annual meeting is one of them.

I sewed Pete’s costume, (kinda butchered it, too; I haven’t touched my new sewing machine in about 8 months so it was pretty touch-and-go for the first few bits, but I think the thing is still wearable). I watched Inception for about the 12th time (still get a little lost when they hit the 5th level, I won’t lie). I drank a lot of coffee and I edited lots of wedding images and ran some errands and geeked out to my Dan Auerbach and Fun. albums most of the day. It was a lovely, lovely slow-paced day.

Then we picked up Pete from preschool and took him directly to a sitter, so we could have a date. A Date. A REAL ONE. The first one in almost 6 months, no lie.

We battled our way downtown, running behind (know when it’s not a good time to head downtown?  When several streets are shut down for Homecoming, plus Halloween festivities are happening; I guess we will learn our lesson for next year). We had reservations at Harvest, a cozy little contemporary-cuisine spot tucked into Pickney St. that was a little fancier than we expected – tablecloths, yes, we expected that.  Crumb-scraping and the staff folding our napkins into twee shapes while away in the powder room, we did not anticipate.  But no bother.  The opah was aaaaaahmazing and the pork belly smoky and perfect, so no complaints here.  Except that dinner took longer than the 90 minutes we planned on…

By the time we stepped out to hit the theater, it was past the 7pm movie time we planned for, and hey after some frantic searching on my phone, what do you know: for a decently sized city, ALL of the Madison theaters apparently all think movies should start at either right at 7pm or after 9pm.  Only a few horror-movie showings scheduled in-between.  No, but seriously.  So needless to say, we missed that Magical Timetable necessary to catch a movie.  I won’t lie, I was not pleased.  And with his wife in a wickedly bad mood, my dear husband tried to make me happy by suggesting boots shopping (hmmm, tempting but NO), but when that didn’t work he made a beeline to the closest brewpub and coaxed me back with some conversation over a craft beer.  Just like old times.

Finally I came out of my funk.  But I mean really, Madison: that movie schedule is lame, dude.  I have been waiting six loooooong months to go to a movie with that devastatingly handsome man, the one who has always done that sweet thing where he holds my hand through the entire movie, subconsciously rubbing my thumbnail with the pad of his own thumb the entire time, and GOSH DARN IT THAT WAS THE THING I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MOST AND I TOTALLY WAS ROBBED OF IT.  I even bought some Red Vines and stashed them in my purse for the occasion. Yes, I was bitter.  Very very bitter.  You are lucky there are good local brews to be found here, Madison, is all I have to say, or I’d be all THAT’S IT WE’RE GOING BACK TO KC THIS IS B.S. DUDES.

Anyway.  Where was I.  Oh, yes!  So we picked up the Doots and headed home and Scott went to the market in the morning.  Pete and I were really planning on going with him, but when I realized it was in the 20s and oh hey, yeah, that’s kinda FREEZING OUR BUTTS OFF COLD, I decided Pete and I might just stay home after all.  Scott still brought back our favorite market treats (that would be: rhubard bar for Scott, pumpkin bar for me, and potato buttermilk donut for Pete.  Which he has decided he does not like now, and instead ate half of our bars instead.  Rude.)

We got to work carving our pumpkins.  One spiderman, one beak-’em hawk, and one freeform compliments of Pete’s artistic skillz. The spiderman one took forever and is totally all fat-faced and weird, yeah.  So much for that idea.  At least Pete adores it.

Pete and I actually did the pumpkin thing mostly alone, actually – Scott was off buying a new car.  We are now the proud owners of a Subaru Legacy, thanks to its siren call of all-wheel drive, great features, ample storage for a sedan, and well it’s kinda purdy.  Scott came home and we grabbed our shoes to take it for a spin.

We were SUPER DUPER SMART and decided to drive right on past Camp Randall on the way.  During game time.  On Homecoming.  Ummmm yeah.  Let’s just say it’s a sight to see and that I am thankful that (because it was actually game time right then) the traffic was not too horrible.  Although I have to say, there were still a bajillion tailgaters out there.  These people are serious about their best football town reputation.

We toasted our new vehicle with a sundae and ride at Ella’s Deli.  Just like we celebrate all things.

Pete also enjoys a few features of the new car.

Sunday we awoke bright and early (WAY TOO EARLY, GAWD KID).  As promised, we took Pete to the zoo’s Halloween Haunt thing.  And now you all get to see his costume this year.  Let me just preface it by saying: I really wanted him to be Luke Skywalker this year.  His hair is totally all Mark Hamill by late October, and that is pretty much the only pop-culture reference that his wavy shaggy blonde hair can pull off.  Except.

When I showed him the Luke Skywalker stuff and pointed him out online, he always gravitated to Darth Vader instead.  The helmet, apparently, is the key.  At any rate: I tried to talk him out of it a million times, but he insisted.  So we got him a cheap helmet/cape set at Walgreens for like five bucks, and cobbled together the rest.  And here we are.

The best part is that he has never seen any of the movies or any sort of Star Wars anything, so he really has no idea who ‘Darf Bader’ is. He thinks he’s a robot who fights ghosts, who shoots lazers out of his palms like Iron Man, and says “THE POWER TO READ!” before he goes to battle.

Yeah I dunno either.  We really should have shown him some clips off YouTube before taking him out in the costume, because I’m sure he kinda confused people.

After the zoo, we stopped by TJs to pick up a few things.

And that about sums up the excitement of the day.  We ran errands and cleaned and got ready for the week ahead.  Oh, and I was lucky enough to finally get my hands on some Juustoleipa cheese so we had a nice cheese tray for dinner which included it.  The nickname “squeaky cheese” is most appropriate, I will say (even squeakier than the squeakiest of cheese curds, no lie).  It was good!  Would definitely recommend.

And with that, I am signing off.  My husband has promised me a nice movie from Amazon, WHATEVER I WANT TO WATCH, while we toast our anniversary with some fruit ale.  And red vines.  And hopefully some hand-holding.

Have a good week, darlings.



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  1. Some things are just in the genes. His dad does the same thumb thing!

  2. Ha! No worries it’s pretty funny actually, just teasing ya 😛

  3. LOVE your photos! Mind if I ask what PS Action you use to achieve the desaturated, vintagey look? I’ve never been able to find one I’m happy with.

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