Week in Review – 14 October 2012

Hiiiiiii, guys! I will admit, my photo stash is a little lame this week. Basically it consists of a few random, fleeting shots from the weekend and then some from Wednesday night, when Pete was fighting bedtime and I finally gave up and we just kinda goofed around for an hour before going back to bed, doing things like setting up photo shoots with his kitty and his new strawberry-flavored toothpaste. It’s pretty glamorous in these parts, I know, don’t be jealous.

At least it wore him out enough for him to zonk out shortly after when I tucked him into bed, I guess.

And HOLY WHOA but I did not realize how raggedy poor Momo has gotten until I looked at that image. Lawdy, that poor thing needs a day at the spa.

This was the last time, no really THE LAST TIME I checked in and by-god-he-better-be-asleep-soon-or-no-cartoons-tomorrow kind of a check in. I mean, I’m glad he’s reading and all, but come on: all little kids love reading at his age, and omg it was pretty darn late. Total night owl, this one (no idea where he gets that from, considering getting to bed at midnight is ‘early-ish’ for his dad and I…).

Saturday was super relaxing. I did a lot of photo editing and we cleaned the house top to bottom, and hung out on our favorite gadgets and we didn’t get out of our jammies until about 3pm. It was glorious.

Saturday we babysat for my coworker – she and her husband headed out to a dinner party and Scott and I wrangled with a houseful of four kids. Note to self: my parents were crazy, CRAZY. Four kids ran us ragged, I don’t know how my parents essentially handled 3 times that in their lifetime. Will bonked his head on the sliding glass door pretty early on in the evening, all of them were spazzed out, and at one point the baby was headed for the stairs and about to take a header when I pulled a George Castanza to get to her in time. Yes, no lie, I pushed all the other kids out of the way on my sprint to the baby. She didn’t fall down the stairs and no one was seriously injured, so it appears shoving other children into assorted pieces of furniture while on my way to her rescue was not a bad move.

We ordered pizza for dinner, danced our butts off, ODed on juice boxes, and then finished off the evening with popcorn and chocolate-milk chasers while watching The Avengers. Followed by a replay of Iron Man 2 or Thor or something like that, for the kids that hadn’t yet zonked out at that point. By the time their parents showed up, all kids were passed out on the air mattress, and I think it was a pretty rad evening, myself.

Although I must admit, at one point that evening Scott and I, in-between chasing after different children in an attempt to keep them from seriously maiming themselves, stopped long enough to discuss how the whole “one and done” theory isn’t that bad considering…

Sunday it rained. Dudes: it rained and rained and RAINED, OMG. The rain started on Saturday morning actually (had a photo walk but cancelled due to the rain), and carried into all day Sunday as well. We wanted to hit up the pumpkin patch, it was kinda our only time to squeeze it in (October is a busy month for us), but obviously that wasn’t going to work. So we were pretty stir crazy.

Pete read his Avengers book about 12 times. Ohhhh, this book. We got it for him before our trip to KC, and that was the best decision ever. It’s like a Where’s Waldo book, but for kids a little younger (larger characters/bits in the big mural-like pages) and is based around The Avengers rather than Waldo. He stares at those pages forever, finding random things and pointing out everything the Avengers are up to. I was going to save that gift for Christmas but I am glad we busted it out on our long road trip instead, I think it saved our sanity.

Second side-note of our weekly update: if your kid every inadvertently makes devil horns and shows it to you, don’t die laughing and call your husband’s attention to it and then continue to both crack up. Because your kid will bust it out whenever he’s bored and now we look like the a-holes who purposely taught their kid to make devil horns. Sigh.

Here, look. Cold-humidity-induced curls. That makes up for it, right? AmIright? No? Okay then.

So anyway. Where was I? Oh, yes: the raaaaaaain. It only got worse and then we kinda said ‘meh screw it’ and all hopped in the car and drove to Hilldale to do some shopping and hit up Target. Never have I been so happy for a Target with first-level, covered parking.

Our plan was to get supplies for Pete’s Halloween costume. He’s narrowed it down in the past few weeks, and while I fought his choice I am just going to have to accept it. So we bought our supplies and then hit up the indoor-portion of the mall and had a nice long lunch at Great Dane.

This, by the way, is indicative of most ‘photo moments’ lately. He runs through cycles of loving and hating the camera. Right now it’s kind of an annoyed-hate kind of thing. GO AWAY PAPARAZZI.

While at the Great Dane he finally did a self-portrait for me. My kid is really not interested in drawing/coloring/painting/etc. He loves his PlayDoh and other 3-dimensional type stuff, but the 2-dimensional art has never ever held his attention. So to get a drawing out of this kid was kind of a big deal. I actually kept that goofy kids-meal placemat because of it, no lie.

(Also FYI I told him what colors to use for his eyes/mouth/hair, he didn’t do that on his own. He’s kind of remedial when it comes to artwork and needs all the help he can get, yo.)

Also he brought his lightsaber into the restaurant. Yes, that’s a bad-guy one, for those who take notice. He just loves the color red I swear.

In usual Pete fashion, he skipped his nap but passed out around 4pm, which is just perrrrrfect timing. Gawd. We let him sleep for an hour and then shook him for a good 10 minutes to wake him up and he was basically The Hulk for a good 15 more minutes. Fun times with a 3-year-old.

We watched The Avengers again and, because it was still so gross and chilly and cold, for dinner Scott made a sauerbraten with an apple/kraut/spaetzel side dish. Reason #87 that I will never ever divorce that man: he makes a killer sauerbraten. YUM.

And that about sums things up. I just got Pete back to bed for what is hopefully THE LAST TIME OMG. We have a busy week ahead and an even busier weekend (Joy and kiddos are visiting!!) so I feel like I will be back here updating in no time. Have a great week, everyone; enjoy those changing leaves and the lovely fall weather!



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  1. Love that he’s using Silly Strawberry to brush! Tom’s of Maine is my client–they make some quality kids toothpaste 🙂

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