Week in Review – 9 October 2012

Helllooooooo! Here we are! Back in WI, after a whirlwind trip down to KS/MO. I had a wedding to shoot so scheduled an engagement session for the weekend as well, and then because it’s a good 10 hours each way (yay, potty-trained child who politely asks to use the potty every 45 minutes) we went ahead and sandwiched them with travel days. Then we invited family to meet up with us while in the area and well: let’s just say it was a jam-packed-and-fun-yet-completely-exhausting weekend of crazy.

Friday was mostly travel.  Left early in the morning, but it took forever to get to Lawrence (see: newly potty-trained child).  We stopped a lot.  FYI: Iowa is one of the most boring states to have to drive through (no phone reception or 3G! teeny towns with nowhere to stop! lame views!) but I have to say, that state has really clean/pretty highway rest stop areas.  

We hit Larryville late, grabbed dinner at the Burger Stand, and then headed to the Holidome to zonk out.

Yes, we stayed at the Holidome.  The weirdest hotel in town, with an ‘atrium’ overlooking the… weirdly laid out, winding indoor pool.  And game area.  And the indoor putt-putt course (yes, indoor putt-putt).  Our first apartment in Lawrence was behind the Holidome, and during this one bad winter where we got an awful ice storm and lost power for 3 days (yes: 3 entire days in the dead of winter with zero power whatsoever), Scott and I were over there as long as possible in the evenings after school/work, hanging out at the bar/grill eating french fries and playing pool to delay the return to our freezing and dark apartment. True story.  So: thanks for keeping us warm, fed, and distracted during that awful ice storm, Holidome.

Anyhoo.  Memmmmorries!  We stayed at that weird old Holidome, and it was kinda fun.


Saturday was the wedding. Pete and I were able to sneak away in the morning to go to Dillons (DILLONS!) and Munchers (MUNCHERS!) to grab some supplies and cream-cheese donuts to surprise Scott with.  While I shot the wedding (and oh, but we totally got lost driving to the wedding site and I almost had a nervous breakdown in the back of the van) Scott and Pete had a blast in KC with Scott’s parents, going to Union Station for choo-choos and lunch and then shopping at Cabelas afterwards.

Nikki joined me for the wedding as my trusty 2nd shooter.  We got back late, had a late dinner at the bar/grill in the Holidome (actually we had to order a pizza in, the grill was already down), and chatted in that delirously tired post-wedding-shooting way. I also brought some gear with me from our room, so I could back up our images to the laptop and external HD while we snarfed pizza and caught up on the state of our lives.

The next morning began bright and lovely (if way too early). I started to pack our bags so we could check out, and I realized I could not find the little purse I use when shooting weddings.  It held my credit card, debit card, DL, and all the memory cards.  It was officially lost.  And I had a shoot in an hour… Nikki leaped out of bed and ran right down to the front desk to inquire about it. There she was, all disheveled from a short night of sleep, hair unbrushed, asking if anyone has seen a purse shaped like underpants.  Then she dug through a few bags of trash with the staff while I quietly had a nervous breakdown and tore apart the hotel room.  My darling husband, meanwhile, not only calmly cared for the spazzy 3-year-old but also began digging through our packed bags while savoring that last Munchers cream-cheese donut. Shortly after he cooly held up the missing underpants bag (which had been in a hidden pocket inside Pete’s backpack).

My husband rocks and makes me look like an idiot on a regular basis, I know.  And that’s some true Friend Love right there.  I am sure they assumed Nikki was crazy.  We were sure to happily wave the underpants bag at the front desk staff when we wheeled our luggage out the door that morning.

Sunday morning I had the engagement shoot, then I was off to KC.  I was supposed to have a baby shoot, but due to the cold and illness it got cancelled.  I met up with family instead, we shopped Nordstrom Rack and then had some lunch before heading back to Larryville for more shopping.

After leaving Beah et al., Pete and I picked up Scott at Free State and we headed to Johnny’s for some pizza and Ad Astra before hitting the road. Pete got a little ‘draw on kitty doll’ set from my Muzzy, with a pen, and it certainly also came in handy for painting his nails while we waited for pizza.

We stopped in KC on the way out, at a gas station. Filled up on gas, grabbed a few coffees, and I changed Pete into PJs in the gas station bathroom. He knocked out shortly after, and Scott and I drove as far as we could. We hit Des Moines before midnight. We were going to be smart about it and research hotels (to find something cheap and clean), but my phone was not working in middle-of-nowhere Iowa (SHOCKER) and so even though it was a bit out of the range we were expecting to pay, we got a room at a new Holiday Inn in west Des Moines. For the time we were there it was… well, overkill. We certainly would not be there long enough to enjoy the large luxurious bathroom, the room service, the lovely indoor pool/spa area, nor the chic little bar in the lobby. But. It was a room and we were tired and it probably saved our lives because seriously I’m not sure if Scott and I could have lasted even 5 more minutes on the road that night, that’s how blearly-eyed we were after those jam-packed couple of days.

The next day we slept in a little bit (until 7am, glorious!!) then hit up a breakfast joint with good reviews. And let me just say: while the pastries and bread they had out looked amazing, the actual breakfasts offered were less than stellar. My omelet was runny in the middle (um, GROSS) and Scott’s french toast was kinda bland. Sad face. Oh well: if you ever hit it up, stick to the pastries like Pete did. It’s the smarter move.

We made it to the area by late afternoon, and stopped at the Grumpy Troll for some cheese curds and to try my coworker Marta’s beer (which won a contest and was offered on tap). Pretty good stuff. After 1,200 miles on the road, those cheese curds were damn delicious and quickly devoured (well, except for one that Pete and I thought looked like a little piggy. We could not bear to eat that one.)

Scott happily ate it when Pete and I were distracted and not guarding it. Brat.

Just a few words about the work from the weekend: the wedding was beautiful.  Megan and Di are just adorable and I love love love them.

And the shoot with Monica and Jay: we had a limited time downtown after re-scheduling the day/time (it was cold, yo) and they rocked it out in the spare hour together.

That’s it, folks! See you next week!


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