Week in Review 30 September 2012

Happy Sunday!  In Important News of the Week, this finally happened:

You know you are an official Wisconsinite when you get your name added to the Packers ticket lottery.   Congrats on getting your name on that (long, looooooooong) list, my son.

In other news: Pete has been talking about his best friend Joey at preschool for the past few weeks.  They play dinosaurs, super heroes, and house, according to the reports I get from Pete.  They also sit together at lunch and snack, and have mats next to each other at naptime.  Pretty much Best Buddies for Life.  This week I was there in time to see “Joey” at pick up and guess what: Joey is a Zoey.  A teeny, corn-silk-blonde-pigtailed cutie and holy moly but they adore each other.  Every morning now they squeal and jump when they see each other and they had big plans to hold hands “so we don’t get lost” when on their field trip to the apple orchard this week.  The teacher caught me on Thursday soley to talk about how inseparable they are.  I die.

Also I ordered some new polishes and matte topcoat with a birthday gift certificate.  RIGHT ON.  Pete helped me celebrate when the colors came in by helping me with my pedicure.  My hope is that he has all this down in time for bi-weekly pedicures next spring.  He’s having trouble mastering the buff, though.

Saturday we headed over to Milwaukee, to get in one last trip to the Public Museum before our summer pass expired.

Pete got a new train while there. The candy shop in the Old Milwaukee area sells candies and little museum trinkets, including little official museum steam engines, strategically placed in the window in-between boxes of candy. Which is odd, because I have yet to come across anything in that museum that involves a train of any sort… The cashier commented that they sell like hotcakes. Go figure.

After museum we headed to the Third Ward area and checked out the Milwaukee Public Market. Super cute, although parking was a nightmare (the parking lot didn’t show as full and gave us a ticket to park, but let me assure you: it was beyond full, and I think all the other cars left circling forever were as impressed with this fact as we were). We were able to leave without paying, and just parked under the underpass across from the market.  Not sure how legal that was, but holy hell at least there was plenty of room to park.

We grabbed some lunch at the Wicked Hop – it was gorgeous out, low 70s (we are enjoying the rare day in the 70s while we still have them) so we sat outside. Scott got a bloody mary that was essentially a meal in itself (note: this photo was taken AFTER Pete and I stole about 2/3rds of the cheese whips off the top).

Then we ran by Simma’s to see Cat for a moment – she sent us home with a few goodies (because SHE ROCKS), not only a cookie and cheesecake slices but the best of all (according to Pete anyway): a little paper ‘baker’s hat’. He even wore it to bed.

This weekend we also did some quality baking, making roasted apple cupcakes with cinnamon frosting (based off this lovely recipe) and some pizza dough. Pete the baker was a huge help.

That’s about all that is fit to print – next week will be insane, so I am warning you now – the update will probably not come until Tuesday after the weekend. So until then – enjoy those last few warmish days and start looking for fun fall things to do 🙂


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