16 Sept. 2012 – Week in Review

Yeah, it’s Monday. I’m posting a day late. And it’s totally because my weekend of gluttony following my birthday was just that Epic and meant I was too hungover and/or busy with debouchery to write anything! Or maybe it means I chose instead to watch a kinda lame subtitled French period piece on Netflix and enjoy some solitude rather than kill myself editing 300 photos of Doots chasing ducks around Lake Mendota.

Friday. Oooooh, Friday. It held such promise. My birthday, y’all! I planned to work a half day, spend some quality time in the company workout room, then do some personal shopping. Later pick up my darling child from preschool, head home, and after a shower and primping enjoy a nice long dinner out that ends with some overpriced restaurant dessert (preferably with a candle inserted and my son loudly serenading me).

Instead: work started out seriously overwhelming, my husband gave me a ten-dollar bill to start my day (oh, men: why can’t they figure out birthdays) and I had the tell-tale signs of an impending migraine. Which I promptly ignore and chalked up to sadness-due-to-missing-people.  Yes, I got seriously homesick out of the blue, maybe all the well wishes coming in + migraine had more to do with it, but at any rate: it made me all kinds of sniffly and weepy. AT WORK. And you know how that stuff goes, it’s like church-giggles: as much as you will it to go away, it only gets worse and worse. All I could think about was how much I missed everybody. So I sat at my desk like a total sad sap, teary and fighting off the feeling of full-on sobbing and OMG KILL ME NOW MY COWORKERS TOTALLY THINK I’M A TOTAL FREAK NOW. So anyway, I left after a half day and thought the best way to right the situation was to go to a matinee. I mean really, I am a lady who loves her movies, and it had been way too long since I had taken in a movie.

I get there, buy a ticket to see the latest Bourne flick, and head into the theater. Then I remember how, when I was little, my mom used to give me money to see a matinee on my birthday allllllll by myself, a special treat just for me, so of course I start crying in the theater. Er. Great. But I compose myself, and the previews start. First up: Les Miserables. HA. Um, yay. Crying, again. And I don’t think I’ve really gotten into the headache portion yet, so let me just say: it was a beaut of a migraine, especially now after half a day of blubbering added to all that skull pressure. So anyway, I made it through 90% of the film, then left the theater to pick up Pete. At this point: I could barely stand to open my eyes, the migraine was so horrible. Somehow we made it home without getting in a serious accident, and I took straight to bed with ice packs (oh hell who am I kidding: bags of frozen corn) and Advil, with prayers that the nonstop feeling of someone jabbing me in the frontal lobe with a large knife would magically go away. Spoiler: that didn’t happen.

Scott felt horribly, I could tell, and probably thought it was all over the stupid ten dollars, so he and Pete got a take-out pizza from this great joint + flowers. Clown Flowers.  You will never guess which guy picked those out… I was able to crawl out of bed long enough to gush lovingly over my clown flowers, and force myself to choke down a few bites of pizza.  It took me, no lie, about 15 minutes to take 4 bites.  I was in total denial that this Totally Migraine Sick thing was happening. Then I somehow made it back into bed and blessedly: by 10pm I fell asleep amid all the stabbing pain, to finally rid myself of that horrible day.

You know, MY BIRTHDAY.

I vowed to make the weekend my own personal Weekend of Awesome Birthday Redo (you know, kinda like Paris Hilton). Pete also felt this was a brilliant plan, my idea was met with much jumping and clapping when I proposed it. So, here’s what we did:

      • Cleaned the house (okay, so this part wasn’t as exciting)  (Also, yes: Scott did most of it)
      • I wore my yoga pants all day and everyone around me vowed not to judge me
      • Read some magazines at my leisure, like my Vanity Fair OH LAWDY, KATIE HOLMES, BUT YOU WERE IN A DANGEROUS PLACE, GIRL
      • Went Halloween costume shopping.  Almost got a shot of Scott trying on a hotdog costume, but he realized my camera was at the ready moments before I got the money shot and dropped that thing like it was on fire.  Curses.

    • Rather than being afraid of costumes, this year Pete did a complete 180-degree turn and instead has narrowed it down to 12 different costumes to be The One this year.  Stay tuned to see which won (and no, not Ice Bader, sorry darling).

    • Got new nail polish.  The boys bought it for me.  Actually, they bought me Marshmallow, but… I also helped them to buy me a brackish-metallicy blue, a pale ‘sprinkled’, and a dark-dark purple when I went to Sephora earlier in the week.  Well done, boys!  You know exactly what colors I wanted.  Magically.  When I just went and picked them out without you and stuff.

    • Rented a movie and had movie night, complete with really bad for us pre-processed frozen snacks.  Chicken and cheese taquitos, HOLLA!  We got Hugo.  It was actually very very good, much more than I thought it would be.  Scott’s been doing the ‘read a chapter a night’ thing with Pete since he turned 3, and they have been reading Hugo Cabret so this was perfect.  Pete watched it again the next morning and cried when I told him we’d have to take it back to Redbox.   Sorry, darling.  Maybe Santa will bring you a copy.
    • Sunday we hit up Ale Asylum for their grand re-opening.  Well, of the Tasting Room anyway.  It holds a special place in my heart: their original digs had opened not long before a visit we made in 2007 with Miss Tinnie.  And now they are this much-bigger THING and have a giant new building to show off. (PS photo order below: old/new/old again.  Miss my Tinnie-Burrito)

      • We had my birthday lunch there as well, they have a brat pizza.  Whole grain mustard instead of a tomato sauce, plus cheese/kraut/bratwurst.  MMMMMMMM.

      • We did a quick tour of the new digs after lunch; they had a huge mural done by Adam Nilson and it is pretty fantastic.

      • After Ale Asylum, we stopped at James Madison Park on the way home.

      • Pete chased the gulls but was more respectful of the ducks, politely walking them to the water after they filled up on bread scraps.

      • Just hung out at home, Scott made a Cuban Chorizo-Coconut stew and we had (of course) cupcakes as my birthday ‘cake’.  I got the full-on toddler scream-serenade and candles and the whole she-bang.  Plus we will be doing some serious winter-apparel shopping later in my honor.  Heck, to the yes.

Migraine and nervous breakdown aside, it ended up being a pretty awesome weekend.


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