Week in Review – 9 September 2012

Busy week. This happened:

That is the best photo I got before whisking Pete off to his first day of preschool, he was suddenly bashful and we were running late so we didn’t have time to dawdle over precious memories. But he did great that first day, I could tell he was a little scared when we walked in, so I stooped down and took his hands, and oh: but he gave me a million-watt smile and told me he was fine. Nothing makes a mommy want to cry worse than knowing her kid is nervous and hiding it to not worry her. So we had big tight hugs and I walked out with my son standing timidly holding back by the door but also smiling shyly at the room-ful of kids. Yeah, he was going to be fine.

I picked him up that day and he was happy as could be, like REALLY ACTUALLY happy. I don’t want to get into it toooooo much on the Interwebs, but he was bullied at the last daycare, I know this even though he refused to talk to me about it. There were a few older kids that didn’t take too kindly to him, and while our daycare provider did her best to intervene: kids can be sneaky, and they just know when they have an opportunity to be mean. They called him names, made fun of him incessantly, and he came home with bruises on his face or on his chest, telling me so earnestly that “he kicked me in the face, mom, but it’s okay it was an accident”.  My heart ached.  I remember picking him up from his first day there, and once inside the car he just lost it and I had to hold him and let him cry for a little bit before strapping him into his car seat going home.  I thought it was just Too Much Change At Once, with the move and 2nd daycare and everything, but now I think I know what that was really about.

Anyway.  Enough about that, it’s in the past.  His hippie-dippy Montessori preschool: he just adores it and his teachers; and loves his friends Phineas and Dalia (“PHINEAS ALSO HAS A FIREMAN LUNCH BOX!!!); and the teachers tell me it’s like he’s always been there: no transition drama.  And I feel like for the first time in 6 weeks, I can sleep soundly. He was rather bummed to discover on Saturday that he was not, in fact, going to preschool but had to endure a day with his lame parents.  Sorry little dude, you are totally stuck with us on the weekends and evenings.

Friday we headed out to New Glarus for Fish Fry: this is the place Scott wanted to try, in honor of his birthday (more on that later).  New Glarus is a little bit of a drive, about half an hour from home, but it’s just the most darling little town and honestly, if we were to find a permanent place outside of Madison, I wouldn’t mind being here.  It’s a teeny Swiss village and the whole town embraces that heritage (this is something to note about WI small towns, though, I must say: they really take their roots seriously, be it German/Swiss/Swedish/Norwegian/PolishWHATEVER, which is just totally charming).  Anyway, we fish-fried at Glarner Stube, and the place was perfect.  Apparently there is a gigantic urinal in the mens room, I cannot vouch for that but I can say that the place has character to spare.  We were clearly ‘out of towners’ but treated like one of the town by everyone there and their German potato salad (bottom right photo) is, hands down, the best I have ever had in my live EVAR.  Worth going back just for that.  Pete had a hot dog (jeez, who’s lame now) and it was very well done, it kinda reminds me of the Details article about that unfortunate Channing Tatum accident.

PS if you are a dude: take a shot of something strong before you read that.

But heyyyyyy, it was Scottie’s birthday! My darling husband is now older than me, and will be for a whole week. Do not think I will not relish this week and constantly remind him of this fact. To make up for the week of heckling, I got him a chocolate fudge peanut butter cake of GLUTTONY from one of the better bakeries in town (also happens to be down the street from my work, talk about an easy drive to pick up). There were also presents to be had; Pete got his dad peanut butter cups. Also a cheap plastic ice cream bowl for a dollar. And a Thor-themed card. He colored in the Thor hammer on the card and then repeatedly whacked Scott in the head with it after he opened it, complete with sound effects. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.

I made dinner, including this comically large steak: it was French cut (with that bone in, I guess, I am no expert) but anyway the thing was like 3-4 inches thick. It was hysterical. Somehow, with Scott’s help and some pan frying + oven time, it was cooked to be medium rare and actually really good. I wish I had taken a photo from the side, because seriously: that thing was HUUUUUGE. We split it and there was still a ton left over, if that gives you any idea.

Our weekend was pretty low key. After resigning to the fact that he had to hang out with us, Pete decided it was a good day for the Zoo. So Saturday we headed that way and took it in. The Zoo in Madison isn’t too far from us and is free gloriously FREEEEEE, you can’t beat that. We walked all over the place (and a sidenote: their seal’s name is Lucille, which: AWESOME). Um, the primate building was kinda weird. I know all zoos tell you not to make eye contact or thump on the glass, but the Madison zoo takes that to a whole new level and has a long list of things you should not do in front of their primates. It’s a little intimidating. We kinda hurried through that building, for fear of having wild animals break through the glass because I sneezed too loudly or something.

The lions were a particular favorite. They liked to come up and check out the people behind the glass.

Pete was super-excited to ride the train. Afterwards he spent a good 15 minutes running next to it from the other side of the fence and waving manically. Which is a nice way to wear out your kid, if you are wondering.

They also have a nice carousel there.

And that was the extent of photo-worthy things on Saturday.

Sunday we took it easy. I researched how to repot my succulents and clip them, Pete and I cleaned several closets, and I slept until 9am (WORD, not sure how I got so lucky but the boys let me).

We checked out the other library branch near us and got some new reads. There was also a nice-ish condominium building with a few condos for sale but considering the 1 bed/1 bath condo was $255K, um yeah: not going to happen. Methinks we will be buying outside of Madison when we buy a place…

We hit up Home Depot for some succulent-related planting goodies and also headed to the work garden, to check out our plants. There is a huuuuuuge field of goldenrod behind my office, so I coaxed Pete there with the promise of a cake meatball if he let me take a few photos. He pretty much gave me stink-eye or laughed like a crazy person, so the photos didn’t exactly turn out as expected…

That’s about all that is fit to print. I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Will check in again soon enough, until then enjoy those last warm days of summer.


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