Labor Day 2012 – Day 3

After the horrible night before, I didn’t expect to sleep much. Instead: we all slept like the dead, and Pete woke me up at 9am. NINE IN THE MORNING. Do you know the last time he slept until 9am? Yeah, I am pretty sure the answer is never, that was a first.

Sleeping in was nice, but also meant that our morning was kinda shot. We showered, packed the room, and at that point it was kinda late to linger over a hot breakfast or hit the park like we wanted. Oh well. We were well rested, so I can’t complain too much.

We ended up with another stop at Glazed and Infused. This time it was much busier. We ordered quickly (PB&J, maple bacon, and apple fritter) and I picked up my/Pete’s doughnuts and herded the kiddo to the back, to find a seat. At first he was crestfallen to realize I was not holding a chocolate doughnut (oops), but then loudly reassured me that “dad’s got mine, mom, izz okay” while waving in Scott’s general direction and patting me on the arm. He just kept on like that. Over and over.

So I hustled him back up to the front to get his beloved chocolate – before he could discover that his father was, instead, holding an apple fritter – effectively avoiding all hell from breaking loose. Once there he promptly changed his mind and decided on red velvet instead. You could see that was going to be a royal mess just by looking at it. So naturally, that was the one he wanted.

Verdict on this batch: maple bacon = meh, okay. PB&J = verrrry good but messy, glad Scott took on that one. Fritter = best Scott has ever had (and the man loves his apple fritters). And red velvet = wewwy wewwy nummy.

After doughnuts we hit the road – we were off to Schaumburg, to hit up IKEA.


PS that is totally not my picture, I didn’t take one of the store, but shockingly they all look exactly the same so I just grabbed one of about 2 million you can find floating around the Internet.

This was our first time at IKEA, true story. There was lots to see and I am convinced it is the Swedish version of Target. We went in to just look and pick up some pots for my succulents (saw some cute pots online), and ended up coming out with a random assortment of stuff; tea towels, a step stool, some cleaning goods, decorative rocks, new sheet/duvet sets (this for the Beez, minus the polka-dot sheets, although it means redecorating), new train set (IT’S A TRAIN WITH TWO WHISTLES AND A TUNNEL OMG), mixing bowls, and an abacus.

You will note that we did not, in fact, get any pots for my succulents.

After spending HOURS in that store, we headed back out again. Stopped for gas and a bite to eat in Rockford (Rockport? Whatever, Rock-something-town). Then homeward bound. It was a fun trip all in all, and then we came back to an insanely busy week. First day of preschool, trivia night, birthdays… Welcome back to real life 🙂

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend as well!


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