Week in Review 26 August 2012




Tonight I am getting to this later than I’d like, so I’m just gonna bust through it list-style.  That tends to go a little more quickly, for some reason.  Also all photos are B&W, because I was just Feeling It.  So there.

Random Things To Note That Will Probably Make You Side-Eye Me:

  • I usually rent a movie on Fridays and this weekend, it was Step Up 2.  No, really.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I love those cheesy dance movies (plus: it was on sale on Amazon Instant, so there).  And I might have watched it again tonight to see it before my 48-hour rental was up.
  • I took advantage of a weekend at home and cleaned out Pete’s old clothes, and washed my fall-clothing stash that I have for him (time to take inventory and fill in the gaps).  Fifteen long-sleeved t-shirts, 3 shirts, 6 sweaters, 5 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of jeans, 6 sets of PJs, 2 jackets, a sweatshirt, a winter coat, snowboarder pants, and 2 pairs of shoes.  Even I was vaguely embarrassed I had squirreled that much away already.  Looks like he’ll need some boots and that’s about it (well, maybe a hat, but the fedoras are EVERYWHERE as of last season, like even WalMart, and I am officially bored with them. Time to move on).
  • I just realized I haven’t used my blow dryer since June.  Instead I’ve been… air-drying my hair.  All beachy style, in honor of the summer.  Yeeeeeah, that’s it.

The Ways that I Was Awakened This Weekend:

  • A distinctive SPLOOOSH  from the bathroom, then much squawking and splashing and then a reassuring yell that IT’S OKAY GUYS BATMAN GOT OUT OF THE TOILET  (Saturday)
  • The sweet sound of my darling son sneaking into our bed, singing to himself while playing with his cats, then getting up and announcing that he had to go to the bathroom.  And also, fyi, his pants were wet.  And the carpet.  Siiiiiigh… (Sunday)


Things that we wanted to do but didn’t happen this week, boo-hoo:

  • We wanted to rent a paddle boat at Wingra park this week, finally check that off the bucket list, however: we got there and they informed us that it was too windy for paddle boats.  Sad face.  We hit up a new-to-us park nearby instead (Olive Jones Field).
  • We were going to meet friends to watch the Middleton annual parade (for their Good Neighbor Festival, and oh my goodness but how TWEE is that festival name).  But it was rainy and Pete was having a hard time, so we thought best to stay home.


Recent Quotes from the Weird One:

  • “Ninjas wear underpants you know.  They have to go potty really quick”
  • “Mom, I like fat ladies.  A lot.  Let’s buy one”
  • [At 2am, half asleep with blanket and cats in his arms] “Can I sleep with you guys?  There’s a giant green baby in my room”
  • [While watching my coworker who is also, I suspected, his Crush, while she played volleyball] “Becky is winning, mom.  And also I love her” [PS: her team was getting their butts handed to them, actually, but not in his shiny adoring eyes I guess]
  • “Bunnies are like rabbits, but they are nicer”
  • “I do not like tomatoes now, mom, but I will like them when I am a big boy”


Stuff That Made Me A Little Sad This Week:

  • We missed BuskerFest, happening this weekend.
  • We missed the Fiddling and Picking Championship, also this weekend.
  • Over my lunch break one day I headed up to the Hallmark store near my office to pick up some cards.  And thinking I am Well Past The Stage Of Crying Over Hallmark Cards, I got ballsy and found myself all choked up over this horribly goofy, sappy sisterly card I picked up.  D’oh. Too soon still, I guess.  It was definitely one of those “and now I’m wearing my sunglasses indoors” moments.  I am sure the poor lady at the counter thinks I’m nuts, because that was the second time I bought cards in that state.
  • Pete and I got a cheese/cracker thing at Starbucks on our date afternoon this Friday, and he ate all the brie before I could have some.
  • Also they stopped ran out of my favorite butter-toffee flavored coffee pods in the work breakroom.


But That’s Okay, Because These Things Were Awesome:

  • I wore This Color on my nails this week, with some gold sparkles overlaid on my ring fingernails, and it looked rather decent.  Even got a few comments on it (actual real nice, non-sarcastic comments, I swear).
  • I did some shopping this weekend, taking out my I-miss-my-people sads at Target and the mall, and finally got myself some new clothes and some things to decorate the bathroom and a backpack for Pete and blah blah blah anyway, it felt good to do some hardcore shopping.
  • We found a great Thai delivery place.
  • We’re headed to Chicago soon for a quick trip away from everything, and it can’t come at a better time.  We could use a quick pick-me-up via museums, good food, and more shopping.  And helloooo, IKEA,but do we need to get this place feeling more like a home.
  • The breakroom coffee stash was full of other pod flavors like French Vanilla and Kahlua and stuff that can definitely tide me over until Butter Toffee is restocked.



Apparently it was Underpants Dance Party Time, he just could not contain it.

So anyway, there you go: our very uneventful, uninspiring week. Next week will be much more exciting, I promise.  Have a lovely week, my friends!  See you after Labor Day!


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