Week in Review – 5 August 2012

Hi. Let’s do this bullet-list-style, yeah?

  • I know you all have been waiting WITH BATED BREATH to hear about the pottytraining, right?  AmIright?  Yeah?  Yeah, no.  Anyway, you are going to hear about it: it’s going fine.  Great, even.  He’s a rockstar at daycare, never having an accident and mock-humbly accepting his M&Ms like they are gold medals.  At home he’s been doing smashingly as well.  I mean, I say all that and Wednesday was Ugly, he wet in his pants a lot, but I chalk that up to a little back-pedaling because since then, he’s been golden.  Here’s to hoping he stays potty trained from here on out.  Because for some weird reason, I can’t believe he actually did it.
  • Sorry for not believing in you, son.  But really.  You are lovely but kind of attached to diapers.

  • Like most of the country, we’ve been in extreme drought. Corn is King around here and the corn, it isn’t doing as hot as it should. Gulp. We’ve still snapped up what we can at the Farmer’s Market and have blanched/be-kerneled/frozen what we don’t eat right away, but yeah. Not a good year.
  • Anyhoo: we have gotten a break this week, finally. Lots of rain and thunderstorms, usually overnight or early morning. Whatever, we’ll take it. With it also came a cool front. I will try not to talk about it too terribly much, as I know lots of loved ones are still in extreme heat, but can I just say? Opening the windows and daytime highs in the 70s, I love you. For reals.

  • We’ve also spent quality time at the pool. Still our favorite evening activity. Thank god for that pool.

  • Saturday morning we headed to Black Earth, WI, first thing, to hit up their local butcher. This town is TINY (think: Halstead sized) but has the best butcher in the region, they sell a lot from local farmers and the Amish and anyway: good stuff. They also have a CSA and I am trying to talk my dear husband into joining up. ANYWAY: we bought a lot of goodies, picked up some pamphlets on their CSA, then headed back to Madison. I should point out at this point: we headed there, and hit the town of Cross Plains first. But thought we were in Black Earth, because we had no idea there was another teeny town on the way. We drove around downtown Cross Plains for about 15 minutes, cursing our maps, until we realized we were in the wrong teeny town. Um, whoops.
  • PS: Cross Plains is ADORABLE. And beautiful, surrounded by gorgeous high hills and lakes. I could totally live there.
  • After dropping off our purchases at home, we headed out and hit up the National Mustard Day festival in Middleton. Honestly, people: I love talking like we are all urban up in here, but in reality: we are pretty much in Middleton. As in, you go about 6 blocks north and you are in the little quaint town of Middleton. Yeah. Which is vaguely embarrassing (I know it is one of the best small towns in the country to live, but still: Not Madison) but it does mean we can head to trivia night and stuff like this without driving on the highway for half an hour. Which ain’t so bad. Plus there is good beer and food there.
  • Anyhoo! Mustard Fest! Totally adorable, the streets are closed down and they have several carnival-type games to play (mustard is usually your prize, although Pete won a mustard-themed puzzle at his fishing game) plus face painting, picture painting with mustard, several mustard vendors there with samples, a Duchesse de Mustarde as well as several mascots walking around (French’s mustard plus the Miller Park Sausages), and free hot dogs. Well, free if you ate them with mustard, there was a ten dollar charge to have ketchup 😉

  • And weinermobile. Weinermobile! Fond memories from childhood seeing the Weinermobile, dudes. We saw the weinermobile while on the beltline on Friday, we wanted to chase it down but instead sadly took our exit when commuting home. Thankfully we got to see it at Mustard-fest.

  • Culvers made a special mustard custard. It had caramel ribbons and sea salt and as much as I wanted to enjoy it, admittedly it was pretty gross. Pete did not mind and snarfed it down.

  • We left right before a big rainstorm, then had a nice nap (even I accidentally napped! Glorious!). Later, when still rainy, we headed to the mall and hung out for a bit. I loaded up on goodies at Bath and Bodyworks (hello, our household was low on candles and hand soap and they just got in all their fall scents) and Sephora. Because I’ve been dying to get the YSL violet mascara for brown-eyed gals. And then we headed home, made dinner, and chilled. The End.
  • Sunday was different, a little busy. I wanted to work some more on stocking the deep freezer – um, if you read this even semi-regularly you know I am obsessed with this. But we are still trying to get it back up to Normal after moving, plus I am kinda anal about keeping the thing full. So anyway, we’ve been dipping into it a lot lately and I was hell-bent on adding more to it. I made a double batch of Lasagna Soup, we added lots of blanched veggies to the deep freeze this week, and I made burritos. Everything (like, EVERYTHING) except for the rice was from local farmer’s markets. So these are Insanely Delicious Locavore Frozen Burritos. I made them from a recommended recipe from my buddy Julie, with a few added spices added as per Annie’s recipes, so I think they will be pretty yummy.

  • In the afternoon we headed to Wingra Park. I have been meaning to hit up this park for awhile, but we haven’t made it quite yet. It’s in the Midvale/Monroe neighborhoods and we are actually hoping to settle there at some point. We pass by it all the time, just never stop. So anyway, we went. I would have loved to have rented a kayak or pedal boat, but I don’t think Pete was quite up to it, so we just walked around, checked it all out. I hate to break it to my dear husband, but: I am pretty sure we’ll get the swans when we eventually rent a boat and hit the lake. Sorry dude, but Pete and I both want one and majority rules.

  • There was a hiking trail in the park (they all seem to have them around here), so we walked around until we hit a point where downed trees thoroughly blocked our path, then we turned around.

  • We played at the playground for awhile too, until Pete fell off this spiral-y thing and whacked his head on the steel thingie and anyway, it meant some comfort-time with daddy.

  • Have a good week, y’all. Will see you again soon.


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