Week in Review – 29 July 2012

Hullo. Another week, this one not quite as interesting as past ones. Unless you consider swim lessons, our usual trivia night, trips to the pool, and all that other boring summer stuff to be ‘exciting’. Scott did randomly have the week off work (funny aside: we decided a million years ago that we would take the last week of July off and travel to Wisconsin to visit family, hit up Madison, and check out the EAA Airventure. Welp, there goes that little vacation idea…). So anyway, the guys spent a good chunk of their week goofing around in their PJs.  Rough life.

I also booked our hotel in Chicago – we decided we’d take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend and drive down to Chicago, which frankly is about an hour less of driving than getting to Door County. Anyhoo, I’ve been watching the hotel room rates on Expedia and the like for weeks, to get the best deal. We are kinda picky in that we like to be in the middle of the fun, and wanted to stay in the Mag Mile area. We stayed there on our last visit and really enjoyed it, more than we did when we’ve stayed in the Loop. And yeah yeah yeah, we should save some money and stay in the ‘burbs, but what fun is that?

Besides, I found one I loved with a nice rooftop pool. So I watched, and watched, and actually watched the prices go up the past few weeks so I clearly missed my window. Was a little bummed. Then this Wednesday, after plugging in “Magnificent Mile Chicago” into the Kayak.com search as I always do, lo and behold: the hotel was 60 bucks cheaper per night.  Like, cheaper than I’ve ever seen it. SCORE. So I typed in my credit card info as fast as I could and booked that sucker. And then realized about an hour later that it was the Crowne Plaza on Madison St., not the one on the Mag Mile. Suuuuuuuuuuck. And you know the online booking sites, you pay upfront and can’t cancel. So I guess we’ll be hitting the El and hoofing it from Greektown. Sniff. No rooftop pool for us, no short walk to the water taxis and last-minute lunch at XOCO or sneaking off to AllSaints while Pete naps.

**Shaking Fist At Personal Stupidity**

Anyway, where was I. Oh, yeah – the weekend. The most important part of our weekend was heading to Governor Nelson State Park for Will’s birthday party. Will and Pete are in daycare together, and Becky and I (Will’s mom) also work for the same awesome company. Also we are all in trivia together, well actually Becky and her husband Steve play volleyball but also hit up our trivia table (at the same bar) while the rest of us on the trivia team simultaneously keep an eye on all the wee ones, Pete and Will and his sisters Ana (aged 7) and Sophie the Baby. Baby Sophie is also the famous baby that inspired our trivia team’s name (We Stole This Baby).

Confused yet? Anyhoo, it’s a tangled web of connection and needless to say, as short as our time here has been, we know the family well. Which is how we found ourselves at Will’s 5th birthday party.

When we first started playing trivia, Sophie was at one of those lovely Stranger-Danger phases and cried pitifully while the members of our trivia team took turns desperately bouncing her on a hip and/or shoveling food in her mouth. Hence the team name We Stole This Baby. However she is now well past this stage and is all smiles and jabbering and hugs. Um, yeah. Our team name isn’t as funny but that’s okay, I like this version of Sophie just as much 🙂


Will is a volleyball phenom in the making, mark my words.

And that was the highlight of our weekend. We decided to stay close to home, because the inevitable has arrived – this boy, he has GOT to get potty-trained. Scott started late in the week while home with him, brave soul, and then we continued through the weekend. Every 20 minutes, no longer, than hustling Pete off to the bathroom to sit. We had accidents on Saturday morning, when I tried to make those lengths more like 30-40 minutes. Ugh. Is it always this AWFUL? So anyway I am not sure how successful it is, but we’re doing it. It’s frustrating to me because he has no problems/fears of the toilet, and digs the whole underpants thing, he just seems… well, lazy about it. GAH.

We do have one last-ditch effort going, which seems to help a bit: we bought that much-desired Thor helmet and hammer, and have them hanging from a towel rack out of reach. He can see it, and knows he gets it when he finally is doing this pottying stuff All On His Own, so it’s an incentive that he can see every time he hits the bathroom. I guess. We shall see if it is ultimately effective or not – when I freaked out about potty training and Pete’s pediatrician gave me the side-eye (because yes, I know, “they are ready when they are ready and don’t sweat it” but easier said than done…) he suggested this sort of thing as incentive to possibly speed things up. I am in denial though and feel like we’ll be in potty-training hell forever, so am not getting my hopes up.

Stubborn thing. He’s lucky we find him cute, that’s all I’m saying.

Staying close to home did have a benefit – we caught a lot of the Olympics. Scott and I watched the Opening Ceremony (am the only one who liked it? It was kinda bizarre and about as British as things get, but come on: there was no topping Bejing, so what the hell: enjoy yourself. It was rather endearing, to be honest). Pete loves the swimming and diving, he watched it in rapture and cried when that looooong stretch of volleyball started on Sunday. Sorry, Doots man.

One thing worthy of noting: we finally broke down and joined the Oakbridge Pool and Tennis Club. AKA: the neighborhood pool (the official name is so much fancier, though). They gave us a decent pro-rated price and it’s an insanely hot Wisconsin summer, so it’s money well spent. Plus: it is a mere block from our townhouse. We’ve been down there every single day since joining. The other perk is that there appears to be very few in the neighborhood that took adantage of the membership this year, there are maybe 2 other people there when we go, so we pretty much have the pool to ourselves. Can’t beat that.

On Sunday Scott smoked some chicken, potatoes, and corn. And picked up some of the smoked pilsner from Vintage Brewing to enjoy while he spent his afternoon manning the smoker. Ahhhh, summer.

And that’s about all that is fit to print. I will end with a photo of Pete’s luscious summer curls. Every time I look at them I become insanely jealous. Why did the curly hair gene skip me, like really though: why? Jeez.

Have a great week, y’all.


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