Week in Review – 15 July 2012

Hi, all.  Doing this from a hotel room in Phoenix so will try to be quick, not a lot of photos this go around.  We stuck near to home most of the week, I was busy getting ready for this meeting and besides, it’s been so hot it really isn’t much fun being outside.  Right now we just want some rain, it’s been several weeks since we’ve seen anything and we are officially in Severe Drought – a few storms rumbled in this week, making everyone hopeful, and we even had a 60% chance of rain yesterday, but: not a drop of anything.  Phooey.  Pete has perfected a rain dance but it doesn’t seem to work very well.

The biggest news of the week is that my parents visited – Friday we met up for Fish Fry.  Now, they weren’t scheduled to hit town until 5:30-6pm, and most restaurants on Fridays start to get swamped well before then, so we went ahead and got to the Old Fashioned at 5pm to put our names in (at that point: 40 minute wait).  By the time my parents got there it was a little bit after 6pm, because we basically sent them on a wild goose chase to find the place: downtown Madison is tricky on a quiet day, but add the fact that it was a Friday night PLUS several streets were shut down in preparation for Art Fair on the Square this weekend, and well: it was a nightmare getting anywhere.  Sorry, Muzzy and Dad. But they made it at a respectable time nonetheless, and their timing was perfect as our table was ready about 5 minutes after they got to the restaurant.  Huzzah.

So we had a fish fry, discussed my dad’s comically giant thumb (he kinda had a saw accident and cut down to the bone but no worries: it looks like he’s going to make it.  His thumb does look like this which means he can give mighty good thumbs up these days), and all in all had a good time.  Scott and Pete headed home from the restaurant ahead of us, as Pete was a little spazzy (yaaaaay, no nap yet again) and he was out like a light before they got home.  Which means he missed the rest of our time with Muzzy and Dad.  Sad face.  He was rather happy to wake up to a nice pile of presents they left for him, a few from them and his stash from Beah.  It was like Christmas in July.

New cars are always welcome.

Beah also sent him this rubber chicken that emits an egg when you squeeze it.  It’s pretty gross and of course Pete adores it.  OF COURSE.  He tortures me with it constantly.  Thanks, Beah and Mahni, for this lovely gift.  I will think of you every time Pete squashes the yolky weirdness in my face 😉

What started a few weeks ago as an interest of his has now become a full-blown obsession.  I am a little bummed, and hoped he would stick to trains and firetrucks, but I guess this was inevitable.  He discovered superheroes.

More specifically, my kid got sucked into the Marvel Comics universe.  The Avengers seem to hold a special place in his heart, I am embarrassed to say we have watched the Thor and Iron Man and Hulk cartoons so many times that we have now graduated to the films.  Pete loves them all.  He seems to like Thor the most, carrying his little wooden hammers around and pumping them up in the air at random moments, although occasionally he will put his green Adidas on his hands and become the Hulk, too.

The Avengers love goes with us everywhere.  Later on Saturday we headed to Menards to grab a few things.  Pete found some plastic plumbing fittings, stuck them on his fingers, and proclaimed he was Iron Man.  Then dashed off down the aisle.  Poof, gone.  Took us 5 minutes and a friendly shopper to finally locate him.  Methinks Pete’s trips with us to big stores will happen less frequently for a bit…

Saturday Pete also went napless.  It is becoming harder and harder to reign that kid in when he refuses to nap.  We were going to head to Bluephies for dinner but didn’t want to chance it with a wild child, so ordered in instead.  It’s been awhile since we have gotten Chinese delivery and it sure hit the spot.  So a nice long dinner at home, some Iron Man, and packing + painting nails + downloading reading material for my flights.  That about sums up our Saturday night.

Sunday before my flight, we had lunch at Pat O’Malley’s.  It’s a hidden gem at the Wisconsin Aviation building of the airport, butted up to the runways for the smaller planes, a diner where you can watch all the planes taking off and landing while you eat.  The food is cheap and good and boy oh boy, but did Pete love the planes.

After lunch we went to watch the planes from the lobby, and were asked if we wanted to walk out and see ‘the bomber’.  Turns out there was a B-17 there on display, courtesy of the EAA.  We were escorted to the plane and checked it all out.  Pretty cool!  Makes me excited for later in the month when the EAA airshow is in full swing…

That’s about it for this week.  I’m now in Phoenix and need to get some work done in my room before hitting the hay.  Have a great week, my friends.  And if you run into my little chum give him extra big hugs for me.  I kinda miss that goofy face already.


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