Week in Review 8 July 2012

Hot.  Hot hot hot.  I try not to complain too much about the weather, because helloooo that’s annoying to anyone who has to deal with the wrath of my annoying vents on the subject, but I AM SORRY THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.  Wisconsin summers are a dream compared to Kansas summers, mild and cool at night yet sunny and you can actually do stuff outside without worrying about having sunscreen SPF150 and gallon-jugs of water and still hoping you don’t die of heatstroke (and that’s when you’re outside for just a few hours…).  Anyway.  I was looking forward to finally enjoying a summer for the first time in several years, and oh guess what: massive drought and heatwave.  We’ve broken heat records every single day this week.  Also, according to the news it has not hit 100 in Madison in almost 20 years.  We just got done with 5 straight days in the 100s.  Yeah.  So anyway, I am pretty bitter about the weather here, and if you are smart and you run into me it’s best to not bring up this insane heat or I will go ballistic.

Just a friendly warning.

Anyway!  This week was fun, despite the disgusting nasty heat.  We headed to Appleton for the Fourth of July with Coco and Steve and fam.  It was lovely – we got to see all the cool updates they have made to the interior and also spent some quality time splashing in the pool.  Well, the guys got in the pool, I mostly just took pictures and retreated to the lovely cool AC indoors 😉

One of the rooms Coco had redone was the master bath, and the shower in there is insane.  It’s one of those fancy shmancy ‘full shower experience’ numbers with the custom mood lighting options and radio/ iPod playlists and a million customizable jets and whatever, just LOOK at that thing.  I told Coco I was taking a nice long shower every time we came over and I wasn’t lying…

Also I made the traditional flag cake to bring over – yummmm.  I almost spelled out ‘Beah’ just for old time’s sake, but chickened out at the last minute for fear of looking like a crazy lady.  Honestly I wish I had done it…

Pete was spoiled rotten.  He still talks wistfully of how Coco had chocolate milk and juice boxes.  She sent him home with a bag-ful of Bunny crackers and he ate them on the way home as he reminisced about how awesome it was at Coco’s.  I am tempted to drive him back over there and just leave him if he loves it so much 😉

Friday was, oh, about 102 and humid and not a cloud in the sky…  I got off work early as usual, but could not face the park.  Not happening.  Instead Pete and I went to the mall by our house (the beauty of urban living: this mall is 3 blocks from our home).  We got shakes and walked around and played in the arcade and spent about an hour in Toys R Us, mostly playing Thor.  With a lightsaber (yeah whatever I don’t get it either).

Yep, sorry about the crappy camera phone image.  I pretty much jacked up the camera on my phone as soon as I bought the thing and that’s about the best you’ll ever get…

Then we went home and watched Thor on Netflix and waited for Scott to get off of work, so we could get some fish fry.  This week we headed to the Old Fashioned, which was packed – we got a late start out, which was kinda dumb, because it meant we waited 45 minutes for a table.  Thankfully my Old Fashioned went down nicely and helped to bide the time…  Their fish fry was really good so we’ll definitely be back.  Yummmmmm.

Saturday we started a new farmer’s market tradition – one in which Scott gets up super-early and heads out without us.  Yep.  The past few trips I have spent half my time playing with Pete on the lawn (to keep him from getting lost/trampled in the massive crowds out there now that it’s dead of summer) and the other half of my time freaking out because I lost sight of Scott and therefore Pete and I dance around the outside of the crowds trying to find him…  So he went it alone and got all the goodies we could ever need and also had a chef Tory sighting while there.  He left early, and I layed in bed and enjoyed the cool dark bedroom and thought about how it will be so nice to sleep in.  Then I heard the soft padding of Doots footsteps on carpeting, and received a friendly head-bonking while he chirped out that it was TIME TO WAKE UP MOMMY NOW LET’S GET SOME MILK AND WATCH CARTOONS IN BED!  So much for sleeping in.

Saturday I had no desire to leave the house.  We cleaned and spent some quality time in the kitchen.  I was on a mission to restock the freezer this week, which meant freezer jam and pizza dough and two kinds of cookies – aaaaaand I just realized I forgot to slice/freeze the pepperoni log we got as part of our meat CSA.  Oops, there’s a project for tomorrow.

Anyway: I attempted the rosemary shortbreads again, and this time it was a much better turnout than last time.  I think the key is good butter.  Will probably blog more on that later.

We also made the Pioneer Woman chocolate chip cookies.  I froze most of the dough from both for future baking.

Pete took a break and called Muzzy on the banana phone and told her he wanted to go to the pool.

Since a big bowl of dough was rising on the counter, we just used that to make pizza for dinner on Saturday.  I’ve been using a mixture of half whole-wheat flour lately, and it (surprisingly) makes a much-yummier dough.  Healthier + Yummier, score!

Saturdays are now official Movie Night, so we watched Hop and made some popcorn.  This time I fried some bacon, crumbled it, and used the grease to pop the popcorn.  Then tossed the popped corn with bacon and some cheddar.  YUM.

Because we did nothing exciting on Saturday, we thought Sunday we should get out and do some exploring.  We ended up at Little Amerricka, which is basically a little-kid amusement park.  The ‘toddler rides’ wristband was only ten bucks and they have a train, so hello.  Sold.  We brought along a lunch and ended up spending several hours there.

Okay and I’m warning you now – because I basically use this blog as a family scrapbook, you’re about to see several photos of Pete riding rides.  Sorry in advance (cruise through quick if you get bored).

Um we rode this ‘mono rail’ thing, which was basically an elevated 4-seater car that ran on a rickety old rail waaaaaay above the park.  It was bumpy and I was glad I painted my toes, in case that old-ass thing broke and we plummeted and I had to go the hospital.  At least I had cute toes.

The helicopter ride was awesome – if the kids pulled on the bar in front, it raised the copter really high.  If they pushed on it, it lowered it.  Pete had a death-grip and pulled with all his might.  And never let go.  The guy running the ride and to pull down his copter at the end because Pete wouldn’t lower it when it stopped.  Hee.

Oh, the train.  We rode it several times.  Pete chatted up the conductor and when they found out he was quite the train enthusiast, the conductor personally escorted Pete to the front to check out the steam engine -the engineer even opened the little door so we could see where the coal burned.

That about covers things – after we got home Pete passed out on the couch, and I ran out to get some errands done. And when I was getting a gift certificate at the Sundance theaters and realized that Moonrise Kingdom started in a mere 5 minutes, I made the executive decision to take a break from errands and watch it.  By myself.  It was glorious (and the movie was adorable, I think it’s up there with Royal Tenenbaums; Wes Anderson is back in full form).  Anyway.  Pretty much the best ending to the weekend, don’t you agree?  Next weekend my parents are visiting (YAY!) and I have to leave for a work trip (BOO!) so busy busy busy.  Until then…


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